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I love small Dicks!!!

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #47703 [Ignore] 11,Mar,11 21:36
Hi my name is Stephan and i love to have a really small Penis!

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By #323075 01,Mar,13 01:37
Mine is sometimes very small when soft(grower), but I think it Looks then very horny!

By ink69 [Ignore] 12,Mar,11 08:21 other posts 
small cocks rule
By Slpaho [Ignore] 12,Mar,11 09:38 other posts 
Hell yea
By #201311 01,Jan,12 07:25
awesome bro

By #188764 30,Dec,11 07:44
I'm fine with my own small cock, and I LOVE playing with other small-hung guys. (I much prefer to suck a small cock than a large one!)

[deleted image]

By #65952 30,Dec,11 04:07
i **** having a small cock, its a constant source of embarrassment

By #194437 30,Dec,11 01:07
[deleted image]

i like my tiny

By #145750 24,Jun,11 23:34
i love my cock when it is smallest.

By #128035 24,Jun,11 21:46
small as they come, but wouldn't have it any other way

By #145750 24,Jun,11 16:15
Look at mine, 4.5"

By winnie [Ignore] 26,Mar,11 06:43 other posts 

small dick like mine you mean

By #46165 21,Mar,11 18:41
Well, have I got a dick for you....

By #42017 12,Mar,11 17:53
I get to play with a small dick anytime I like SO I WANT BIG DICKS
By slipper [Ignore] 14,Mar,11 03:12 other posts 
Ya know I'd help ya out, if I could shrimpy!!!

wir stehen zu unseren kleinen pimmeln!

By slipper [Ignore] 12,Mar,11 17:48 other posts 
Small, uncut softies are my FAVES!!! ...and, a nice one you have, btw--just looked after posting this.

By #12897 12,Mar,11 09:44

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