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The 5-6 inchers club

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #80851 [Ignore] 28,Jun,10 16:33
Post here if your johnson is between 5 and 6 inches!

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By Slpaho [Ignore] 24,Jun,11 10:17 other posts 
Here 5 1/4 inch

By #150803 24,Jun,11 06:26
This is me at 6 inches - "Mr Average" I think; what do you think?

By #144821 01,May,11 10:51
I'd love to see more 5" dicks like mine. Feel free to message me and show me.
By #144821 21,Jun,11 00:34
Any new guys?

By #96269 13,Apr,11 11:03
I'll add my 5 to the group.

By #32440 08,Apr,11 17:58
here I am... I guess Im in the small boys club

By ink69 [Ignore] 08,Apr,11 09:12 other posts 
im in im right at 5

By #144821 07,Apr,11 14:49
I'm 5" X 5" when hard. Hit me up if you are similar.

By #144821 06,Apr,11 16:52
Sign me up!

By JUSTTOPLAY75 [Ignore] 05,Apr,11 20:21 other posts 

By #63810 09,Jan,11 15:08
[deleted image]
By #7435 02,Apr,11 01:24

By #143100 30,Mar,11 22:09
Right in the middle @ 5.5". I may not be able to reach the bottom but I can bang the hell out of the sides!

By Slpaho [Ignore] 20,Feb,11 14:29 other posts 
Im 5.5 in just average

By badass [Ignore] 12,Jan,11 08:16 other posts 
heres mine its 5.5 X5.5

By mack [Ignore] 03,Jul,10 06:37 other posts 
im in
By mack [Ignore] 11,Jan,11 02:34 other posts 
i need some where to put this.....
By mack [Ignore] 11,Jan,11 02:34 other posts 

By skinb [Ignore] 10,Jan,11 12:22 other posts 

By #32440 09,Jan,11 03:42
6.5 on a great day

By mn751 [Ignore] 13,Dec,10 17:23 other posts 
6 inches here - both in length and girth.

By Vita [Ignore] 07,Dec,10 12:00 other posts 

It?s okay ??

By #122836 06,Dec,10 15:01
5.0, 5.5 in a good day but men i feel so good

heres mine

[deleted image]

By #91508 04,Dec,10 19:12
Mine is a little past the 6 inch mark when hard

By #82832 16,Nov,10 04:42
can you tell me how much an inch is in cm.
i'm about 18 cm
By cupar [Ignore] 16,Nov,10 05:17 other posts 
that's 7in so you are oversized

By #1047 07,Nov,10 23:54
i am right at 5.5"

By #87759 08,Jul,10 14:08
[deleted image] what do you think of it?
By Newforeskin [Ignore] 30,Oct,10 15:19 other posts 
Sweet Brazilian cock. Nice size

By liketoedge [Ignore] 19,Jul,10 15:50 other posts 
According to a friend who is a urologist. Around 70% of men are 6 inches and under if measured properly and the average is 5.23. I always thought it was bigger

By #45601 19,Jul,10 15:44
5 Inches and proud of it

By Olddude [Ignore] 18,Jul,10 18:18 other posts 
That would be me!!!!!!!!!!!!

By #88012 14,Jul,10 17:54
Sign me up. 6
[deleted image]

By #60507 06,Jul,10 01:03
I'm a bit over 6, can you give me chance in your club?

By MoeJoe [Ignore] 30,Jun,10 04:43 other posts 
I'm a member and here's my member at 5.5 inches

[deleted image]
By #46165 04,Jul,10 06:00
thats an awesome looking cock!

By Olddude [Ignore] 03,Jul,10 18:21 other posts 
Sign me up too!

By liketoedge [Ignore] 30,Jun,10 13:12 other posts 
6 inches here.....I would say 70% of men fit into this size range. Most guys I have seen in real life are around my size or smaller.

By #82616 30,Jun,10 04:43

By #46165 30,Jun,10 02:03
im 5 on a good day

By cupar [Ignore] 29,Jun,10 08:23 other posts 
5in, thats me, fame at last

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