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is swallowing really good?

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

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Started by #244184 [Ignore] 01,Apr,12 05:14
I see lot of guys talking about swallowing cum after giving a blowjob, do you really mean it? or it's just naughty thing to say, and do you actually like the taste?

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By #644817 20,Dec,21 12:19
No fuss now mess just swallow it all right right down

By oldfartwatching [Ignore] 20,Dec,21 10:40 other posts 
I enjoy swallowing as much as i can. Dont want to wast any. Always best from the tap but have eat my own

By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 15,Dec,21 09:40 other posts 
Tecsan never misses a drop! I heard he sucked some load of the sheets after it was soaked in. Like some kind of cock sucker Dyson vacuum!

By Dev01 [Ignore] 15,Dec,21 21:20 other posts 
By tecsan [Ignore] 18,Dec,21 01:33 other posts 
By tecsan [Ignore] 18,Dec,21 01:31 other posts 
Damn it is funny how you and piss ass freddy the snitch bitch deflect you defiant behavior onto me...Tell me did you enjoy it...Who the fuck would think of that unless they did it gay faggot...
By Dev01 [Ignore] 18,Dec,21 16:29 other posts 
Love ya pool that third pics indicates you have aids so forget then. Little cocksucking cowboy
By tecsan [Ignore] 19,Dec,21 02:09 other posts 
Really coward...You post here but I challenge anyone to find a post from me on this blocking COWARD BITCHES page...
By Dev01 [Ignore] 19,Dec,21 02:57 other posts 
Cocksucking faggot, you don't even know how to get to it fryer boy
By tecsan [Ignore] 19,Dec,21 02:16 other posts 
Really coward...You post here but I challenge anyone to find a post from me on this blocking COWARD BITCHES page...YOU KNOW YOU ARE A COCKSUCKER BITCH...
By tecsan [Ignore] 19,Dec,21 02:17 other posts 
Really coward...You post here but I challenge anyone to find a post from me on this blocking COWARD BITCHES page...YOU KNOW YOU ARE A COCKSUCKER BITCH...Use **** to hide it right bitch...
By Dev01 [Ignore] 18,Dec,21 16:35 other posts 
Defiant behaviour. We all know what your like idiot. Just stay on ya knees to please


Can't hide forever idiot. Give the kids their pool back to their
By tecsan [Ignore] 19,Dec,21 02:11 other posts 
What a cowardly little cocksucker you are bitch...Go do sis...
By tecsan [Ignore] 19,Dec,21 02:14 other posts 
Oh, learn to spell coward bitch...Not "behaviour" more like behavior... Also fuck the queen before you bring it up cowardly little bitch...Please get some from sis and hush bitch...
By Dev01 [Ignore] 19,Dec,21 02:53 other posts 
I'm quater pounder ya chicken nugget. Don't get your nickers in a not. Just get on ya knees to please
By tecsan [Ignore] 19,Dec,21 04:00 other posts 
Just go let piss ass freddy the snitch bitch or shittles please you bitch...They both would love to suck your cock...I will be happy to take sis off your hands though...
By Dev01 [Ignore] 19,Dec,21 04:41 other posts 
Why you love panties and the
Dick. And you would need a dick not a pumped clit
By tecsan [Ignore] 20,Dec,21 03:57 other posts 
Fuck off cowardly cocksucker...
By Dev01 [Ignore] 20,Dec,21 03:59 other posts 
Don't be like that princess

By LGA6969 [Ignore] 16,Dec,21 17:22 other posts 
I never miss a drop

By Hrnyboy90 [Ignore] 15,Dec,21 10:17 other posts 

By 78chevy [Ignore] 13,Dec,21 23:16 other posts 
I remember last year me and my Asian friend where messing around in the morning both of us naked and sucking each other's dicks so i wanted him to cum in my mouth when i was sucking up i wanted it so bad and when he told me he was gonna cum i was ready so he let it out and ever since then i love the taste of it and i just sucked off one of my buddy's 19 yr sons dick and he cummed in my mouth i loved his load too yummy

By #463848 06,Sep,19 08:34
It may be sexy but be careful and its not only STDs.

By #551147 06,Sep,19 03:41
Oh yeah!

It's the reward for a job well done. 😉 😋 That being said, depending on a person's diet, some are a little more difficult to swallow depending on the flavor. Fortunately, most guys I've tasted have been sweet tasting, kinda like a salty caramel. 😁

By SluttySarah069 [Ignore] 05,Sep,19 19:18 other posts 
I've always swallowed cum when I've sucked a guy off -it's my reward for doing a good jb - and they love it when I do and leave a bit to dribble down my face.

By cumonme1 [Ignore] 05,Sep,19 19:09 other posts 
When I sucked my first cock I swallowed all the cum he filled my mouth with, it is your reward for doing a great job

By #598484 03,Sep,19 10:02
My stepdad always told me it's milk and I believed him and swallowed.

By centexwill [Ignore] 03,Sep,19 01:23 other posts 
I'll swallow if I get enough warning about the orgasm, so can control it entering my mouth. It's the guys that have hard spurts that I'm not into, but a guy that is a slow flower is nice to enjoy.

By #463848 06,Mar,19 06:26
Depends what you mean by good. If you have swallowed rice pudding and liked it then it will be OK. However, it is risky and can cause health problems.

By #535695 18,Feb,19 14:07
I just swallowed two loads in the last hour. One regular got a hold of me just as another had left.

By bil47 [Ignore] 17,Nov,17 07:13 other posts 
The only cum that I *like* the taste of is my own. Swallowing another man's cum is more of a dominance/submission thing for me. (I really get off being submissive to a dominant man with a hard cock!)
By #535695 18,Feb,19 13:01
(I really get off being submissive to a dominant man with a hard cock!)......Me too.

By #535695 18,Feb,19 12:59
I love taking a mans load in my mouth and swallowing, I wish the loads were twice as large. I usually let it linger in my mouth a bit to fully get the taste. Yom

By #522126 18,Feb,19 03:41
I like the taste of cum,my Wife has had seven guys spunk in her mouth on one occasion,held it all in mouth before swallowing the lot in one go!Rubbed her clit and came almost instantly she was so turned on by it.

By knewbi [Ignore] 15,Feb,19 13:34 other posts 
Yes it is cool. I know that when I cum in a guys mouth it is a much kinkier experience when the guy swallows. So if the guy I am sucking off wants that I will show him what he has given me and them swallow while looking him in the eyes.

By #578259 13,Feb,19 16:04
Swallowing Cum is the Best Thing ever! I have never given a Male Head and not swallowed. The only thing I require from any Male I Suck Off is that they are going to shoot their Cum Load in my mouth! I do enjoy the guys that will shoot some of their Cum on my face. I like to see the reactions of regular member of the city when they realize I have dried or drying Cum on my face

By #566722 15,Sep,18 07:38
For me it is most rewarding thing after giving a blowjob and I mean it.Most of the times I enjoy the taste of warm cum and I try not to spit it out.

By #240413 01,Apr,12 11:43
Usually you tend to tell the swallower just before you're going to cum and then its a game of wait and see if he/she keeps their mouth in range or not...i'm not offended if they don't swallow, its not for everyone.
By #244184 01,Apr,12 11:44
swallowing itself sound very hot, but the taste is usually might be a problem
By spermkiss [Ignore] 03,Apr,12 14:06 other posts 
Bad taste is rarely a problem. See my previous comment above.
By #505462 15,Nov,17 16:59
I would agree with that. I have not sucked off nearly as many cocks as spermkiss, but out of all those that I have sucked, I have never once tasted sperm I didn't like.
By #550728 18,Feb,18 11:12
agree. taste is terrible but ... its cum, so have to swallow

By #549726 17,Feb,18 18:31
I am a cock whore of course I swallow mens loads of cum I love cum

By leopoldij [Ignore] 17,Nov,17 18:00 other posts 
This woman drinks her friend's cum every morning in order to have good health.

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By #101339 17,Nov,17 16:51
I like to swallow semen. usually it just feels like a lovely thing to do and tastes ok but in all honestly...once in a while it's gross.

By foreskinlover52 [Ignore] 17,Nov,17 02:17 other posts 
I love the taste of a mans cum load..So warm ans smooth and the texture is perfect..Alway hold back swallowing so his sperm can swim around in my mouth..I love precum also because it has a sweet taste and is sticky to the touch..I have always swallowed and will always! I eat my own cum everytime and love it! If he shoots his load elsewhere I am always there to lick up every drop! Great feeling to have his sperm hitting the back of my mouth and I always lick clean his soft gland at the end!

By leopoldij [Ignore] 15,Nov,17 22:58 other posts 
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By Rob00 [Ignore] 15,Nov,17 18:33 other posts 
I just love to swallow a nice creamy warm load,its the best gift a guy can reward you with,i swallow every load I can,i love the smooth taste its creamy texture,which makes it so nice to gulp down.Most sperm taste similar,So Nice,,I have only sucked of two guys who were smokers,their cum was strong in taste,but I held my breath and downed it,I never spit cum out

By yellowman [Ignore] 01,Apr,12 10:31 other posts 
What a bizarre question!!! Of course guys swallow cum when giving a blow job. I'd be very offended indeed if I came in a guy's mouth and then he spat it out. As for the taste, if the guy is cumming in the back of your mouth you don't have much time to actually taste it unless you then lick the remaining cum from the head of his cock. As I said, a bizarre question.
By #244184 01,Apr,12 11:43
thanks for the answer, but my real question was, that I always fantasize about swallowing cum, but it might taste bad and I would be in an awkward situation. "like puking" so the right way to do it as you said is probably to let him shoot it deep in your throat so you won't feel the taste much. thanks again!
By spermkiss [Ignore] 01,Apr,12 15:33 other posts 
As a cocksucker who always (ALWAYS!) swallows may I put in my two cents worth?

I've given perhaps eight or ten thousand blow jobs to two or three thousand different men and I have never, ever, spit out a man's sperm. Not even the first time I took a guy to climax. The thought that went thru my mind as he was shooting into my mouth was that cocksuckers have been swallowing sperm for tens of thousands of years so I guess I can too.

Now to address your question about flavor, sperm almost never tastes bad. Out of eight or ten thousand loads I've taken, I could count on the fingers of one hand the number of times it had a strong unpleasant flavor, and even those times it wasn't awful. So I swallowed. What does it taste like? Well, it can range from almost flavorless to slightly to moderately salty or slightly to moderately bitter or a combination of the two. The flavor varies from man to man and even with the same man depending on the food and beverages he's recently consumed and other factors.

So if swallowing is your fantasy, go for it. You'll be glad you did. And if you're worried about retching, keep this in mind. He is giving you a thank you gift for a job well done. And it's a really nice gift, it's part of himself. His sperm will go down into your gut, be digested and turn into muscle tissue in your body. Part of him will become part of you.
By #105042 05,Apr,12 18:26
Lucky man. I did not blow the half and have got HIV.

NO, blowing and swallowing is absolutely safe. Everyone told me like you do. Now I need four pills a day to survive at all. Pretty good reason to suck and swallow, donīt you think so???

Iīm just glad about research and medical treatment, otherwise I would be dead for years. I am really sick of hearing the things you are telling again and again. False information doesnīt get true by repeating it.

Everyone following you is welcome to share my fate. Fuck you!
By #105042 07,Apr,12 14:34
Sorry, I shouldnīt say fuck you and apologize for that.But not for the rest. You might have been sucking and swallowing sperm of hundreds or thousands of men as you say. And you havenīt got ANY STD through that?

Hard to believe. And even if you did you have been lucky for such a long time and you should not make a rule out of that for anybody else. HIV is transmitted by sperm and NO other way else. You give an impression that risk is low and anybody could suck and swallow like you. And I say: wether youīre not telling all of your life or you are telling fairy tales.

The way you have sucked so many cocks and the way I did as well and many other man do is mostly anonymous. In parking places, public toilets, wherever. Youīll never know of anyone if heīs "healthy" or not. Every one who does is taking a BIG risk.

See I donīt think I could prevent anyone of doing what he likes to to. I just want to clearly say: itīs a big risk.

I have learned this. Theres a kind of agreement in the gay world to first speak about wether playing safe or not and about to shoot in someones mouth or not. But not in the anonymous world of parking places, cinemas or wherever. Itīs not the gays playing unsafe, itīs mostly the bisexual ones.
By spermkiss [Ignore] 07,Apr,12 16:37 other posts 
The man asked a question about flavor and swallowing and I gave him an answer. I did not say it was totally free of risk and I'm not advocating what anyone else does or should do. Each man will have to do his own risk/reward analysis concerning sex and concerning any other aspect of life. By your own admission you've lead a rather risky life and now you feel you're paying the price. You sound more than a little bitter.
By #105042 07,Apr,12 18:22
I tried to avoid any risk the best I could. And I just think that if I have not managed to succeed playing "safe" for more than 30 years maybe no no else does. I am not bitter, I just try to be realistic and get upset if someone like you is trying to tease in the way you do and thatīs why I speak honestly about myself and what happened to me.

You said you have given eight to tenthousands of blowjobs - I just repeat your words. And now you really want to tell ME I have lived a risky life??

At least I am telling my honest opinion AND also have the balls to show myself off. What about you?
By Gntlmn [Ignore] 20,Dec,12 15:22 other posts 
BRAVO, Paul D!.....You da'MAN
By #275407 04,Nov,17 19:47
Hey, I'm very sorry to hear your prognosis, but keep looking up, you can live a long life with the new drugs on the market, I have a cousin that is the director of the aids foundation in the Bronx n.y, u.s.a. And you are absolutely correct on your analysis. If you feel your paying too much for your medication,mi might be able to help you. Feel free to p.m. Me and I can give you an ans. To cheap medication. We just had this discussion a week ago because his boyfriend has hiv and it's working great for him as well as being very very inexpensive.
By #281008 04,Nov,17 21:36
""I've given perhaps eight or ten thousand blow jobs to two or three thousand different men """"Out of eight or ten thousand loads I've taken""...How old r u now
By spermkiss [Ignore] 06,Nov,17 12:42 other posts 
I'm 75.
By #281008 14,Nov,17 22:45
by that number of blowjobs u must b a lot lot older
By spermkiss [Ignore] 15,Nov,17 11:41 other posts 
Nope. Do the math. I'm 75 and have been giving blow jobs since I was 22, that's 53 years. Even if we take the high side of my estimate, 10,000, that's 188+ per year (10,000 divided by 53 equals 188.69) or a bit over three and a half a week (188 divided by 52 equals 3.62). Have I given three+ blow jobs a week? Of course I have. There are times when I gave twelve in one evening.

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