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Guys, which hand do you use to wank. and what is your favourite grip

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Started by #200582 [Ignore] 21,Jan,12 06:15
Personally, i change hands frequently when wanking and my favourite grip is perhaps a right hand full hand, with my thumb closed over my forsking so that it slides back and forth over the glans. It's invariably the grip i'm using as I come off.

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By LGA6969 [Ignore] 11,Aug,22 15:10 other posts 
I am a lefty

By lawrenceo [Ignore] 11,Aug,22 10:55 other posts 
I use my right hand with occasional change for a minute or two. My left hand often feels like somebody else's. For the first time recently, whilst using my left hand, I felt that if I continued I would cum! Strange that it should happen after all these years. I didn't let it happen and resumed with my right hand, cumming quickly.

By Francesco [Ignore] 11,Aug,22 04:37 other posts 
usually right handed, but on long "working sessions" I could swap hands for a while

By Dev01 [Ignore] 11,Aug,22 03:03 other posts 
Fuck sake I have two, Sitting on one gives me the feeling of somebody else's hand. But having a wife eliminates all that

By XJacker [Ignore] 11,Aug,22 02:58 other posts 
Normally I use my right hand with my whole fist round my cock but in the final moments just use my thumb and forefinger across my corona ridge. But hereís one of me using my left hand for a change,

By leopoldij [Ignore] 24,May,22 18:32 other posts 
I use someone else's hand.
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[deleted image]

By XJacker [Ignore] 23,May,22 16:50 other posts 
My right hand. Mostly with my thumb and forefinger in a ring round my shaft catching the corona ridge of my cock head on the up stroke and my other fingers brushing the underside of my shaft. I use my left hand to tickle my balls or arse as I wank.

By knewbi [Ignore] 23,May,22 12:07 other posts 
Right hand and I love swapping from conventional grip to reverse grip making sure that the head gets loads of attention. Especially once I am lubed up properly.

By doedeldi [Ignore] 23,May,22 10:33 other posts 
Two finger on the underside and thumb on top. Right hand.

By #667453 23,May,22 09:03
Left 75%, right 25%

By Greek18cm [Ignore] 14,Aug,20 20:23 other posts 
The left one is holding the base and used as a cock ring if necessary and the right one is rubbing the cockhead and the rest of the shaft (but mainly the head).
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And the foreskin is always pulled back (the last to years, before I was doing it like you,with the fireskin on)
By #631189 05,May,21 17:32
Exactly the same here

By MikeSpect [Ignore] 05,May,21 17:30 other posts 
Left hand

By #631189 05,May,21 17:30
Iíve changed my technique over the last ten years. I used to wank with my foreskin forward using my left hand, a bit dull but still got to the good bit eventually. Now I wank with my right hand and pull my skin back with my left hand holding it tight at the base. I then jerk my exposed glans with my thumb and forefinger, and wow, that does feel good

By weewilly [Ignore] 14,Aug,20 20:35 other posts 
Usually 2 fingers of my left hand so you can see
By #631189 05,May,21 17:27
That picture is amazing

By #641797 05,May,21 14:40
I use my left hand, and prefer a reverse grip.

[deleted image]

By #64328 17,Aug,20 11:31
Two or three finger on the underside and thumb on top. As a boy I started as a right hand jacker but now I'm a left hand guy. I figured it was because computer mouse is easier to that way

By lawrenceo [Ignore] 17,Aug,20 08:58 other posts 
Right handed wanker. Occasionally do it with left for a while but it is not as good as my right one. Sometimes the left feels like someone else's hand - so that is a bit nice. However, I can't remember getting to orgasm with my left hand.

By CAT [Ignore] 15,Aug,20 08:39 other posts 
I don't have your equipment but I use my right one to get my husband and boyfriend off.

By #589692 12,Aug,20 22:11
I can never seam to change up how I grip my cock I always go back usual grip

By #608810 11,Aug,20 11:58
I love wanking left hand facing backwards.

By SluttySarah069 [Ignore] 09,Aug,20 11:43 other posts 
99 change hands

By LGA6969 [Ignore] 09,Aug,20 09:36 other posts 
I am a left full wrap around grip

By qhaos [Ignore] 09,Aug,20 02:16 other posts 
Iím able to wank with both hands but usually i use the left one and i love a soft grip, the most with only three fingers on my cock
By #621517 09,Aug,20 02:44
I like a soft grip too. It feels much more like a womanís vagina.

By tecsan [Ignore] 09,Aug,20 02:13 other posts 
WTF...Who cares...༼☯﹏☯༽

By #515316 09,Aug,20 01:23
Both hands and legs open

By #621517 07,Aug,20 18:40
My right hand with my thumb and forefinger in a ring round my shaft catching the base of my knob when I stroke, and my other fingers stroking my shaft. Sometimes use my whole fist round my shaft. Sometimes just use my thumb and forefinger and tug up and down across the base ridge of my knob. I like HJs that way too.

By lovetolickyou [Ignore] 23,Feb,20 02:15 other posts 
I use my right hand. When I first started jacking myself off, I discovered that the way it felt the best was to have my fingers and my thumb cupping around the bottom side of my cock. I had enough length for it to work well and I found I loved the feeling of my thumb stretching the bottom side of my foreskin over my frenulum

By applehead [Ignore] 22,Feb,20 11:49 other posts 
Left and use a full grip maybe lube but dry for edging

By leopoldij [Ignore] 22,Feb,20 07:50 other posts 
I usually use a female hand, and I don't mind if it's left or right.
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The latest one has been the right hand:
[deleted image]

By cruz69696969 [Ignore] 22,Feb,20 06:00 other posts 
I usually do it right handed but once in a while I step out and cheat on it with my left hand

By tom272 [Ignore] 21,Feb,20 23:15 other posts 
Always left

By LGA6969 [Ignore] 21,Feb,20 17:44 other posts 
I am leftty but once in awhile I like using my right hand to switch It up

By Wbs1978 [Ignore] 31,Dec,19 09:18 other posts 

By #606106 30,Dec,19 20:07
Usually I use my left but I've been switching it up and using both

By LGA6969 [Ignore] 30,Dec,19 19:53 other posts 
My favorite grip is my left hand , but I change it up and use my right hand. Feels different

By DeepThroatThis [Ignore] 10,Dec,19 11:36 other posts 
usually right but when I want to think of someone else doing it I use my left hand.

By #518391 10,Dec,19 05:25
Like this...forgot to attach the pic[deleted image]

By #518391 10,Dec,19 03:29
I've trained myself to use my left hand so that my right is free to work the mouse

By Rudeboy1977 [Ignore] 09,Dec,19 06:47 other posts 
Left hand, so my right can work the mouse and type, with my fingers along the bottom and my first knuckle rubbing the head.

By boc [Ignore] 25,Oct,19 03:45 other posts 

By #64328 24,Oct,19 21:21
Thumb and fingertips over the fist method jacking the skin on the shaft back and forth

By yoursecretagent [Ignore] 22,Oct,19 00:51 other posts 
My favorite way is the head in the palm of my hand, the thumb on the topside and the fingers running along underneath. Basically the tips of my fingers run up and down the main vein, working precum out into my palm. And I tend to precum a lot.

By nekekal [Ignore] 21,Oct,19 13:20 other posts 
Right hand. Firm grip around the middle of my cock. Gives me a lot of motion from my balls to just at the rim of the head. I love it, jerking off never gets old.

By Wbs1978 [Ignore] 21,Oct,19 09:57 other posts 
My grip

By centexwill [Ignore] 19,Oct,19 16:10 other posts 
Left hand, using thumb, index and middle fingers to slide the skin back and forth over the head and with a slight rotation of the action.

By new2day [Ignore] 19,Oct,19 16:05 other posts 
Used to use my right hand, as I'm right handed. These days I use right on the mouse if I'm stroking while on the computer

By #599692 19,Oct,19 13:22
right hand, with the left I hold the base of my cock

By #565685 19,Oct,19 11:36
Always my right hand I usually wrap my fist around my cut mushroom and gently and slowly stroke back and forth usually always dry because I love the friction

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