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Favourite Wank Fantasy.

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by fancyabit [Ignore] 05,Jul,21 10:50  other posts
What is your Wank Fantasy that you keep going back to?

My wank fantasy is that 4 young masked intruders come into my house and have me tied up and force me to watch my wife being raped, force fucking her tight pussy with their 8-9 inch cocks while filming it with their mobile phones and sending it all over the internet.

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By Bottimmy [Ignore] 14,Jul,21 15:10 other posts 
Having my husband tie me to the bed naked and blindfolding me. Then inviting a stranger to come in the room and make me suck his dick and fuck me. Then leave without knowing who it was.
By Straightin109 [Ignore] 17,Jul,21 19:45 other posts 
The thought of that gets me excited. The thought of my wife letting me tie her up and inviting a guy with a thick cock into our bed and having him take my wife, then leaving her asking who he was.
By mick66 [Ignore] 23,Jul,21 17:33 other posts 
my wife has always wanted to do that.

By thebeewolf [Ignore] 15,Jul,21 18:38 other posts 
How about this. I chat up a young guy online. He's a submissive gay kid who's into sucking cock. He thinks older straight guys are hot AF. So I say maybe you should come over sometime. He says yes he should. We chat over the course of the week and finally on Friday after work we arrange for him to come over. I give him my address and he goes silent. What's wrong I ask? There's a knock on my door. Turns out he's the kid who just moved in across the hall from me
By Ksguy961 [Ignore] 16,Jul,21 10:59 other posts 
Thatís so hot
By thebeewolf [Ignore] 16,Jul,21 19:45 other posts 
Yeah, you just know there would be a lot of dick sucking in my future. Like every boner I ever get I'd just text him "hungry?" and then just lay back and wait.
By fancyabit [Ignore] 18,Jul,21 20:00 other posts 
Youíre a very lucky man! Do you suck him off too, and will you in the future ask him if he would like to fuck your woman?
By thebeewolf [Ignore] 22,Jul,21 18:26 other posts 
No, sucking dick does nothing for me at all. I have no patience for women anymore. Married twice, lots of GFs. I like NOT having a life partner. But I still need to get off, ya know? It's just lucky for me that there are guys out there who love to suck and want nothing in return.

By cadi [Ignore] 21,Jul,21 14:41 other posts 
My Wank Fantasy is being spank, torture my nipples, put a dildo into my ass.

By #646957 18,Jul,21 09:53
My fantasy isnít that exciting. having a couple watch me Jack off, whilst they also play with each other. All ends in a messy cum drenched conclusion.
By fancyabit [Ignore] 20,Jul,21 05:40 other posts 
Yeah I like to fantasise strangers watching me wank, kinda one day event, all takes turn in playing with themselves in front of a group of 7-8. Makes me hard just thinking of it. 💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦

By leopoldij [Ignore] 15,Jul,21 04:54 other posts 
Have you ever experienced watching your wife being fucked by others?
By Straightin109 [Ignore] 17,Jul,21 01:57 other posts 
No, have you? I think it all the time though.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 17,Jul,21 03:53 other posts 
No, never.
Does your wife think about it too? Or is it just your fantasy only?
By Straightin109 [Ignore] 17,Jul,21 05:27 other posts 
Fantasy only. She says she is not intrested.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 17,Jul,21 08:53 other posts 
Too bad. I was about to volunteer. I'd fuck her as hard or as smoothly as she like, in front of you. Alternatively, I could just sit there and watch you fuck he while I was exposing my dick and masturbating.
By Straightin109 [Ignore] 17,Jul,21 14:55 other posts 
Gets blood pumping just thinking of it. It would be exciting to see
If she changes her mind I'll let you know
By leopoldij [Ignore] 17,Jul,21 17:53 other posts 
I love her nipples. They're amazing!
By leopoldij [Ignore] 17,Jul,21 17:54 other posts 
Wouldn't it be great if we lived in a society where exchanging partners was more of the norm?
I love variety. I've been to swingers clubs a few times.
By Straightin109 [Ignore] 17,Jul,21 18:09 other posts 
I have never been to a club, but have always wanted to go. My wife has, in the past, sais she would do a threesome MFF but I want MMF.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 17,Jul,21 19:41 other posts 
She's been to a summer's club by herself?
By Straightin109 [Ignore] 17,Jul,21 19:51 other posts 
No, she has said she would do a threesome with FMF.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 17,Jul,21 20:49 other posts 
But you said that your wife has visited a singer's club....
By Straightin109 [Ignore] 17,Jul,21 21:56 other posts 
My apology for how I said it.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 18,Jul,21 05:10 other posts 
If your wife is willing to do a MFF then you should be happy. Do it. Repeat it. And then insert another M. Do it'll be MMFF. She won't object.
By Straightin109 [Ignore] 18,Jul,21 05:50 other posts 
I suppose that could be possible. I'll try it and see.
By Straightin109 [Ignore] 18,Jul,21 05:47 other posts 
No I have not
Have you?
By leopoldij [Ignore] 18,Jul,21 07:54 other posts 
Only in exchange with the other's wife. I fucked his, he fucked mine
By Straightin109 [Ignore] 18,Jul,21 11:26 other posts 
Wow, That would be so hot. how was it? your wife is hot.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 18,Jul,21 11:30 other posts 
I doubt it you know which of the girls on my page is my wife.
By Straightin109 [Ignore] 19,Jul,21 14:27 other posts 
No I dont know, tell me. Which one is.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 19,Jul,21 19:13 other posts 
This, for example /u6lcl6zbz11lpic.html
By Straightin109 [Ignore] 19,Jul,21 21:59 other posts 
If that's your wife, your a lucky man! She looks hot! That vid was so hot!

By curvy8 [Ignore] 18,Jul,21 08:01 other posts 
Some dude is letting me fuck his wife. We agreed that everything is OK, I just can't cum inside. When the moment comes, he just can't stop us (she wants it as much as I do) and he witnesses me dump my load into is wife's pussy.

By leilana [Ignore] 17,Jul,21 22:16 other posts 
My favorite is anyone where my husband is cheating. Donít know why I get so horny picturing him licking and fucking another woman, as I would have dumped him if he actually did

By knewbi [Ignore] 05,Jul,21 17:33 other posts 
Mine revolves around whoever I am looking at in some porn site or a site like this. Many times I start out figuring to jerk off to some babe but after see all of the sweet stiff cocks here i almost always end up fantasizing about the cocks I find here and elsewhere...
By fancyabit [Ignore] 09,Jul,21 19:15 other posts 
Yes I too fantasise about cocks while wanking especially those that are long thick and with a red raw top part of their shaft which I know is so sensitive. I can suck the milk out and make the guy moan with pleasure.
By knewbi [Ignore] 16,Jul,21 10:56 other posts 
Oh hell yes!!! We think alike!!

By Lvphose [Ignore] 15,Jul,21 01:13 other posts 
Yours would work for me fancy!

By routemaster [Ignore] 09,Jul,21 04:12 other posts 
Fucking Peter North and being fucked by him when he was doing gay porn as Matt Ramsey!
By fancyabit [Ignore] 09,Jul,21 19:04 other posts 
Didnít realise Peter North did gay porn. I watch him lots back in the late 90ís and early to mid 2000ís. Always thought he had a beautiful cockÖnow thatís what Iíd like to see inside my wife. 💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦💦
By routemaster [Ignore] 09,Jul,21 23:14 other posts 
He was in lots of gay porn as Matt Ramsey before he re-invented himself as hetero Peter North. Quite adept at taking cock up his spectacular arsehole, especially Rick Donovan's humungous tool in the infamous 1984 gay film "The Bigger the Better". I'd LOVE to be on the receiving end of one of Matt's/Peter's spectacular cumshots too!

By Blade [Ignore] 09,Jul,21 00:19 other posts 
New new fav is TimeStop themed. I imagine just stopping time I mouth fucking someone's mouth in public.

By SluttySarah069 [Ignore] 08,Jul,21 11:08 other posts 
Me favourite is that I'm dressed as a slutty cumwhore and have a queue of guys there to fuck me and for me to suck their cocks as well and taking g loads of spunk in my face and down my throat.

By submissivemartyn [Ignore] 08,Jul,21 04:36 other posts 
My fantasy was similar to yours fancyabit except my now ex wife/Mistress was not forced.We had done some MFm and FFm with Masters and Mistresses from a bdsm site we used to chat and cam on.Some of them had their subs with them also.
I used to fantasize about her being fucked,whilst humiliating me by telling me how much bigger and better than me they were,by half a dozen big black guys in her pussy and ass.Then me having to clean her pussy and ass out with my tongue and clean the guys cocks too.Then the guys would spit roast me whilst I was still tied to a table by my wrists and ankles.Some would cum in my ass and others would force me to swallow their cum whilst my Mistress watched.She would laugh at me and humiliate me by calling me a sissy and a faggot whilst mastubating with a dildo saying that the dildo was even better than me.

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