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sleeping with family

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Started by #10614 [Ignore] 04,May,09 12:37
i swear i have some members in my family who want to have sex with me... or at least see me naked, would i be sick if i fallowed through with it?

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By knewbi [Ignore] 27,Jan,22 12:09 other posts 
It all depends... I was married to my second wife and fucked my mother-in-law before dating her daughter. Then as the marriage started to fall apart I returned to fucking the in-law. Never regretted it. But had it been a blood relative it might have been another story.

By spermkiss [Ignore] 25,Aug,15 12:10 other posts 
This is a very delicate subject, but I'm inclined to think that we gay men should get some kind of dispensation here. After all, with two men there is zero chance of an unplanned pregnancy. And that's the main reason for the **** taboo.
By JustWill [Ignore] 25,Aug,15 12:30 other posts 
The inbreeding issue is the main reason for this taboo, spermkiss, but there are other social and psychological issues which tie into it, too. Relationships within a family can be very complicated WITHOUT adding a sexual element. For a number of years, I worked as a counselor in a group home for delinquent/dependent youths. Many of the k*ds there were participants in familial sexual behavior (both willing and unwilling). In many cases, the inc*st was generational and traditional within the family structure. It was never a pretty picture, and the emotional/psychological damage which manifested in these k*ds was often quite extreme.
By spermkiss [Ignore] 25,Aug,15 15:17 other posts 
Of course your points are well taken. And I fully agree about the serious damage that intergenerational I-n-c-e-s-t can do. But what about within the same generation? B-r-o-t-h-e-r/s-I-s-t-e-r has gotta be wrong. Between two b-r-o-t-h-e-r-s is more in the grey area, though probably also wrong. But I'm sure it happens. A LOT.

Then there is my case. When I was in my t-e-e-n years I did a significant amount of sexual experimenting with my same sex first cousin. I don't think this damaged either of us.
--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

And for what it's worth marriage between opposite sex first cousins is legal in many states.
By routemaster [Ignore] 26,Aug,15 05:45 other posts 
In case anyone is interested, the Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg (1843-1907) was married to his first cousin Nina Hagerup (1845-1935), a soprano so she had musical talents of her own. The marriage lasted 40 years from their wedding in 1867 to Edvard's death and they had a b a b y together but it sadly died in early c h i l d h o od.
By #23212 28,Aug,15 02:41
From your brief description here, 'TheUnicorn', of those youths, it appears to me that you are making the common 'correlation = causation' erroneous assumption. Yes, youths from those kinds of families are typically quite 'a mess' psychologically, and yes those kinds of families often have inc*est, but it is not necessarily at all, that the "familial sexual behavior" is what caused, or even mostly caused, their "emotional/psychological damage".
By bigone21 [Ignore] 29,Aug,15 19:14 other posts 
very intelligent reply!
By JustWill [Ignore] 29,Aug,15 20:50 other posts 
So, you're suggesting that a boy or girl who, from a very young age, was used by various family members for sexual gratification and shows signs of chronic depression, displays inappropriate sexual behavior, develops trust/boundary issues, manifests little self-worth and low-self-esteem and acts-out physically and sexually is most likely doing so because of other issues which are not inc*st related?
By bigone21 [Ignore] 30,Aug,15 13:53 other posts 
@TheUnicorn: no, i'm NOT suggesting that! i said that sinanff47 had a "very intelligent reply".

are you suggesting that ANY consented sexual contact between family-members will lead to:

"signs of chronic depression, displays inappropriate sexual behavior, develops trust/boundary issues, manifests little self-worth and low-self-esteem and acts-out physically and sexually"

is THAT what comparing size and a jerk/suck off with your b r o t h e r or a nephew will lead to?
By JustWill [Ignore] 30,Aug,15 14:15 other posts 
Yeah, see, if you look closely, the "signs of chronic depression..." question was posted to sinanff47's which we were discussing the ramifications of inter-generational inc*st on the psyche of young people...not on your "very intelligent reply".

What I AM suggesting (as I mentioned in my original reply) is that relationships with family members can be extremely complicated WITHOUT throwing sex into the mix. The added sexual element has the potential to do way more harm than good.
By lawrenceo [Ignore] 27,Jan,22 05:09 other posts 
Apart from any possibility of an unwanted pregnancy (Children don't ask to be born but they have to live their life when they are) there is the fact that early sexual experience for children (especially before puberty) can cause psychological harm and bring on a too early sexual development)
By #455846 22,Oct,15 12:41
well that s a good point, Spermkiss. I think you re taking things in the right direction also. I must also bring up the point that I had a 'great Auntie' who we took home one night late after a family wedding, well I guess she was single and found me 'cute' or something because she kept wanting to like kiss me on the back seat of my dads car while my dad was driving. Only thing is she wanted to use 'the tounghe' like. I found this , well scary and confusing at the time and obviously embarresing, as I was only about 5 or 6 yo. I never saw her again. (I think she s dead now) But I wonder if she had the chance what more she would have wanted to do. I think it would have got to a lot more and this isnt wishfull thinking. But these things happen in many ways, and I beleive in some countries or maybe MOST it is legal for two 'cousins' to marry.

By #659439 24,Jan,22 16:05
I fucked mY older sister once. We were in our 20ís

By wycowboy [Ignore] 13,Jun,19 09:33 other posts 
I had masturbation sessions with my little s i s a few times and she watched me fuck her friend one night and I have a few cousins I would love to fuck but thats it.

By #591464 12,Jun,19 22:37
In a large family of cousins, aunts and uncles there were 5 boys. I was the one who would be picked to wank the other boys, or get roughed up. The thing is they and I knew I loved it. I'm just a queer at heart.

By Maxream [Ignore] 29,May,19 21:07 other posts 
I have had sex with 2 female cousins. It was great! We're not going to have kids or get married. At least in my experience there have been no problems. I don't regret it or feel weird about it at all. Everyone is different and there is always the chance that it ends up badly.

By liketoedge [Ignore] 29,May,19 15:47 other posts 
Does show and tell or masturbating growing up count?

By #590041 29,May,19 00:01
So then, what is your take on GSA? (Genetic Sexual Attraction)
I know someone who is dealing with that it is a real thing.
If he and his sister are attracted to each other, and as consenting adults, decide to have a sexual relationship, is that so wrong?

By #584883 21,May,19 02:01
I have sex with a 19 yr old niece and its hot! Shes into older hairy bears like me, her uncle!

By #518018 22,Aug,16 23:18
Ich habe immer noch Sex mit meinem šlteren br**** ... heimlich

By #147052 22,Oct,15 11:14
If you are going to enter into these relationships, then why ask the forum? You should know in advance that there will be folks here that will attack and heartily disapprove. Feeling Guilty?????
By #432211 25,Oct,15 16:59
Nope not guilty, we're pretty open about it
By bella! [Ignore] 25,Oct,15 17:56 other posts 
You don't feel guilty, guilty about what?
By #457775 26,Oct,15 11:56

By Gntlmn [Ignore] 02,Oct,15 11:15 other posts 
Good banter!

By #491909 01,Oct,15 18:33
and this sick thread is not in the dumpster because why??

By #316057 02,Oct,15 06:35
May be a trap..
By JustWill [Ignore] 02,Oct,15 09:58 other posts 
Have you actually read the discussions on this page? Instead of turning into the typical "share your sibling boinking story" crap that the original poster might have wished, it became a serious discussion about the repercussions of familial sex.
No one here is actually encouraging/promoting inc*st. We engaged in an intellectual exploration of the topic.
How is that wrong?

By #9210 08,Jun,09 12:46
Where are people's morals?, it is so WRONG and so SICK, not to mention DESPERATE!
By bigone21 [Ignore] 29,Aug,15 19:24 other posts 
so worrying about morals you came to showyourdick/cunt to tell us about what is WRONG, SICK and DESPERATE??
By JustWill [Ignore] 30,Aug,15 09:19 other posts 
So, you are voting in favor of inc*st?
By bella! [Ignore] 30,Aug,15 10:48 other posts 
To TheUnicorn, I'm not trying to deflect from your question, HOWEVER.....

In all your abundance of reading and studies, are you able to explain why the majority of chi1d predators are men? Yes, you will hear about the occasional female teacher that becomes infatuated with the raging hormones of her teenage students but again, the majority of the chi1d predators are men.
By admin [Ignore] 30,Aug,15 11:05 other posts 
First, sexual relationships within a family does not necessarily mean that chi1dren are involved. It can be among grown up adults. Let's separate one from another because they are really very different issues.

Now, to your question. Men normally take active role in sex while women take passive. So it's really no-brainer why they are predators much more often than women. It's almost the same as to ask why so few men marry older women and so many women marry older men. Or to ask why so many men are killed in battle-lines and so few women are.
By bella! [Ignore] 30,Aug,15 14:25 other posts 
Okay, I understand that, generally speaking, men take a more active roll in sex but are their minds "wired" so differently that they will take whatever they want, from whoever they want, whenever they want just because they are men?

You will hear about this from time to time on the evening news, that men were caught taking pictures of young b0ys or teen males while in the locker rooms of schools, that hidden cameras are installed in apartments to watch young women, that grown men use the Internet to search and arrange meetings with young b0ys or gir1s and of course, r@pe. How does your response that men take a more active role in sex account for the sexual depravity that is exhibited in these instances?

I'm sure that there must be women involved in these heinous acts as well but nowhere to the degree of men.
By admin [Ignore] 30,Aug,15 15:03 other posts 
I'm not sure what is your question now. Men are wired differently than women, that's pretty much it.
By bella! [Ignore] 30,Aug,15 15:16 other posts 
So by virtue of men being men, because they are genetically wired differently and because they take a more active role in sex, that would account for why more men happen to be chi1d predators? I apologize for being so thick headed, it does not make sense to me.
By admin [Ignore] 30,Aug,15 15:37 other posts 
Does it make sense to you that according to US stats, violent crime is committed 7 times more often by men than by women?

Does it make sense that a woman will absorb about 30% more alcohol into her bloodstream than a man of the same weight who has consumed an equal amount?

Does it make sense that women do not play football against men? Or for that matter they don't play sports one against another at all. Not even chess.

Does it make sense that on this very site ratio of women to men is about 1 to 15 (and this is without correction for many female profiles actually being male fakes)?

I really don't know what's confusing you.
By JustWill [Ignore] 30,Aug,15 15:40 other posts 
Female predators DO exist, but that old "double standard" tends to make a difference. An older woman having sexual contact with a young boy is often viewed as an "initiation into manhood" and condoned, overlooked, or not reported.
By bella! [Ignore] 30,Aug,15 16:09 other posts 
I recognize that and I accounted for that in my initial post, it seems to be situations where the adult female will take advantage of a teenaged male. There may be situations that I'm not familiar with but how often do women accost and abuse young chi1dren OR are you saying that it happens more often then thought, we just don't hear about it? I'm not saying that women don't kill their b@bies, leave them locked in the hot car when they're getting their hair and nails done or physically abuse them, women do but there seems to be more male chi1d sexual predators versus female chi1d sexual predators. Based on your reading or studies, I had wondered if you knew the reason or does it just come down to testosterone?
By admin [Ignore] 30,Aug,15 16:13 other posts 
You should start with a thing that women almost have no use for chi1dren sexually, unlike men. They can and do abuse chi1dren in other, non-sexual ways though.
By JustWill [Ignore] 30,Aug,15 17:21 other posts 
It does happen more than is reported/discovered. One of the main reasons is that boys can't get pregnant, so there isn't the possibility of that giving things away.
In familial sexual ab*se settings, the women tend to be ENABLERS if they are not actively involved in the ab*se. There is also a slight tendency for female predators to be more sadistic than their average male counterpart.
It's important to note, though, that sexual predation isn't necessarily about the sexual act. In many cases, it is about exerting POWER over a helpless victim. Guys tend to "express" power through sexual acting-out more than women do.
By admin [Ignore] 30,Aug,15 16:09 other posts 
That being correct I still think it's at least 1 to 10 ratio. I mean that women tend to do those things at least 10 times less than men.
By JustWill [Ignore] 30,Aug,15 17:14 other posts 
From my experience, this is correct (though I would say the ratio is more 2 to 10). Many cases are not about the woman actually DOING the ab*se, but of ALLOWING or ENCOURAGING it to happen.
By bella! [Ignore] 30,Aug,15 17:23 other posts 
Ahhh.... something like Jaycee Dugard, the young girl who was abducted and sexually @bused for years. Although it was the man who @bused her, his wife remained silent.
By bigone21 [Ignore] 30,Aug,15 18:07 other posts 
no, the women take their role in looking away...

they see or sense what is happening, and yet they shut up and look away...

By bella! [Ignore] 30,Aug,15 22:28 other posts 
Yes, "guilt by association" but it might be that the woman fears the man.
By bigone21 [Ignore] 31,Aug,15 15:55 other posts 
might be... might not be...

women are no saints, not by defenition
By bigone21 [Ignore] 30,Aug,15 13:39 other posts 
i'm not voting FOR or AGAINST, two (or more) grownups can decide that for themselves! and hey, as a little boy, i played doctor too...
don't try to put everything (or me) into a frame of black/white and good/bad.
By JustWill [Ignore] 30,Aug,15 14:20 other posts 
Yet, your response to the question: "Where are people's morals?" implies that you believe sexuality = amorality.
You take the poster to task for his question because it is asked on a site where people display their genitals and talk openly about sex.
There is a BIG difference between looking at a picture of a dick and fucking a goat, no?
By bigone21 [Ignore] 30,Aug,15 17:43 other posts 
again, you want to put words in my mouth, frame what i say in a way i do not mean, and in general bend and distort until you have it your way... THAT IS NOT WHAT I SAID!!

what i DO say now is:

what's wrong with fucking a goat? ...or a unicorn????



oh, and by the way. since you brought this up mr. UC, FUCK religion!! ALL of them!! morality can do without it!
By JustWill [Ignore] 30,Aug,15 18:20 other posts 
But I haven't put words in your mouth or twisted them in any way. (You accuse me of doing this all the time, but it isn't true. I read what you post and then respond based on what you have actually written. I can't be held accountable if the thought you had in your head isn't reflected in the words you print.)

You said: "so worrying about morals you came to showyourdick/cunt to tell us about what is WRONG, SICK and DESPERATE??" in answer to the guy asking "Where are people's morals?"

The words you wrote imply that you feel a person who visits this site should not be concerned with morals.

At least that's how it looks in ENGLISH.

If you intended something different, you should have "framed" it a different way.

I agree with you on the religion issue but, sadly, there is no escaping its influence in the world we live in.

Also, though fucking a goat is wrong, I know a certain Unicorn that has no objection whatsoever to fucking...
By bigone21 [Ignore] 30,Aug,15 19:38 other posts 
first: yes you do, you have a rhetoric talent to bend, distort and/or put things in different light to take someone's words out of perspective. you shouldn't feel bad about it though, it's just the language-barrier that is in your advantage. should we speak dutch, i could eat you alive most of the times! but hey, you don't, so i have to talk with you always knowing i can not ever keep up with you in the english language. but that's my problem, not of your concern.
second: i do NOT in any way NOT care about morals! you understand? NOT! i care about morals. you sensed right that i got cynic when the priest with his hard dick out his pants came to scream: WRONG, SICK, DESPERATE!
but leave it there please! don't follow me down with: you said this, so you mean that, so what you say is, if that is so, you want to, or you don't mind, etc. etc. etc.

(als we in het nederlands verder kunnen praten, prima! ik fileer je!)
By JustWill [Ignore] 30,Aug,15 23:07 other posts 
Don't be so sure about the "fillet" part. Language/words are my THING. If I spoke Dutch (one of my true regrets is that I am NOT multilingual), I would make sure that I studied it completely enough to use the language to my advantage!
I DO understand your point about the language barrier (I have told you many times that I respect your use of English and that it is often much better than that of NATIVE speakers, no?).
Look at it this way: when I challenge you, it only inspires you to improve your English so that you can try to verbally kick my ass.
By bigone21 [Ignore] 31,Aug,15 15:59 other posts 
thanks will
By JustWill [Ignore] 31,Aug,15 18:04 other posts 
By leopoldij [Ignore] 31,Aug,15 13:49 other posts 
What do you mean by "morality cannot do without [religions]"?
Isn't that obvious?
It's like saying don't deposit your money in Al Capone's bank.
Religion has nothing to do with morality. Obvious!
So, I agree with you, but I suggest you don't stress the obviously obvious!
By leopoldij [Ignore] 30,Aug,15 10:29 other posts 
I find it funny too that, of all does, there are people who will talk about morals here. And some will even talk about religion!
--------------------------------------- added after 10 hours

Correction: I find it funny too that, of all SIES, there are people who will talk about morals here. And some will even talk about religion!
--------------------------------------- added after 10 hours

I find it funny too that, of all SITES, there are people who will talk about morals here. And some will even talk about religion!
By JustWill [Ignore] 30,Aug,15 17:30 other posts 
Why do you find it funny? Do you honestly believe that sexuality means lack of morals? Are there no lines that you wouldn't cross in order to get your rocks off?
As to the religious aspect:
There isn't a religion in the world that doesn't have something to say about human sexuality and sexual practices. As a result, the religions of many people have an influence (usually negative) on how they view sex. Why is it unreasonable for members of a site where sex is discussed openly to express how their faith colors their views on sexuality?
By leopoldij [Ignore] 30,Aug,15 21:13 other posts 
Nah, you don't understand what I said. For most people, morals means (includes) restriction of sexuality.
In any case, I prefer to talk about sex and how to get it rather than restrictions, morals, and so on. As for religions, as far as I understand, they're incompatible with sex.
I don't understand what you mean by "faith".
By admin [Ignore] 30,Aug,15 21:35 other posts 
You mean modern religions I presume? Because many ancient religions were quite fine with sex and some were even build on it. Generally, every fertility cult, and they existed in all agricultural societies in one form or another, praised mother-earth and often contained some sexual rituals.

See this page for example, these are photos of sculptures on some Hindu temple only registered users can see external links
By JustWill [Ignore] 30,Aug,15 22:57 other posts 
True, but my statement was that all religions touch on human sexuality. This includes those that incorporate sex into their faith/practices. Even those rituals had rules about how/when/where/why the sex was done.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 31,Aug,15 01:26 other posts 
Yes. I mean the religions that people practice. Not the extinct ones
By #485312 30,Aug,15 21:39
nonsense isn't worth understanding leo, you'd be better off to stick with porn, sex and lust with the deranged, deviate horny people *lix*
By bella! [Ignore] 30,Aug,15 22:59 other posts 
@ leo, your statement about "For most people, morals means (includes) restriction of sexuality.", I do not agree with that. Simply put, morals is the ability to be able to distinguish the difference between right and wrong behavior. Yes, factor in YOUR beliefs, whether they were instilled in you when you were growing up and/or if they are based on faith.

Yes, maybe heavy topics of conversations are not for you and your friend.
By JustWill [Ignore] 30,Aug,15 23:19 other posts 
Thinking makes some people's head-meats all hurty.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 31,Aug,15 01:40 other posts 
I fully agree on that. I'm not on this site to think but to look at pussies
By JustWill [Ignore] 31,Aug,15 09:51 other posts 
That's just fine, Leo. There are hundreds of other threads that would be more to your liking elsewhere in the Forum. Why post here if people discussing issues other than pussy doesn't work for you?
By leopoldij [Ignore] 31,Aug,15 13:45 other posts 
Cool, but it is you who intervened. I was simply replying to the statement of purple1. To this point, he hasn't said anything but you suddenly appeared and replied to my comment. Therefore, I replied.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 31,Aug,15 01:31 other posts 
I'm not American or Saudi, so the phrase "instilled in me" doesn't apply. In particular, I don't have to go to the church or a mohamedan temple or carry a bible.

True, heavy topics are not for me. I prefer sex.

--------------------------------------- added after 19 minutes

Besides, who decides right or wrong? Usually, it's the one with weapons. Nothing to do with morals and, certainly, nothing to do with religion.
--------------------------------------- added after 20 minutes

P.S. My friend? Who is my friend?
By bigone21 [Ignore] 31,Aug,15 16:04 other posts 
@bella! and again: an intelligent answer!
By #496814 02,Oct,15 07:42
One can have many morals, ideals, standards. I for one have many. If it comes to sex though, I have but one: mutual and equal consent.

I don't care if two siblings love to f*ck eachother, or whether two ten y/o experimenting with eachother. Or a woman and man are together finely with an age difference of many years, or whether one likes the same gender more than the other. Or to get paid for sex.

If it's wise to have sex with a familymember, that's a whole different story, mostly because of genetics.

The only thing that matters to me if there's been an equal consent reached to get to the act.
By JustWill [Ignore] 30,Aug,15 23:01 other posts 
"Faith" is a belief system (and the practices thereof) which is based purely on the mystical, without regard to logic or tangible proof.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 31,Aug,15 01:38 other posts 
What the fuck is the "mystical"? I looked it up on the dictionary and burst into laughter. Mystical? Why would anyone talk about "mystical"? Voodoo bullshit, miracles, rituals, etc? Maybe I should fetch the witch doctor or the priest? Oh please!

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