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Men are better at sucking dick

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by mpmforce [Ignore] 04,Dec,18 15:27  other posts
Women seem to have a tougher time knowing how to suck a dick. Men seem much more passionate and know exactly what they need to do.

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By Lvphose [Ignore] 04,Jan,22 21:32 other posts 
Is my other post notes that J usually starts out using a Pantyhose/ nyloned feet to get me hot before moving on to giving head and then stroking and combo head & stroke. Here’s an example of how she can use her pantyhose/ nylon feet to get me going!

By Lvphose [Ignore] 04,Jan,22 21:23 other posts 
I can say from experience that J can really work my cock, with great moves, mouth, toungue, lips, even face ( she’ll take my cock and slap it on her cheeks & lips), plus others. She’s a great stroker after she gets me hotter, she may use her pantyhose/ nylon feet first, suck and knows when to switch gears to combo suck & stroke! Here’s a bit of her pleasuring ability!

By thebeewolf [Ignore] 26,Dec,21 13:06 other posts 
For some men, sucking dick is THE thing they want most to do sexually. It's the whole game, just sucking cock. When that is your number one desire, you're going to do it well. You're going to suck like you're addicted to sperm and will do anything to swallow some. That kind of enthusiasm makes for a very passionate blowjob. And after, it's fucking awesome for a guy to THANK ME for letting him suck me off. Like I'm doing him a favor.

I have known exactly ZERO women who fall into this category.
By bil47 [Ignore] 26,Dec,21 15:49 other posts 
I love to worship a hard cock with my mouth, like it's a religious experience.
By thebeewolf [Ignore] 31,Dec,21 11:42 other posts 
Ready to receive communion?
By bil47 [Ignore] 31,Dec,21 14:16 other posts 
First I'll confess my sexual sins!
By thebeewolf [Ignore] 31,Dec,21 16:13 other posts 
you will only find atonement when you swallow a big mouthful of my hot seed.
By bil47 [Ignore] 02,Jan,22 06:37 other posts 
... or from the priest's hard cock.

By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 31,Dec,21 15:35 other posts 
According to site analytics here... Lady Tecsan is the top sucker here... Soooooooo much practice!

By tecsan [Ignore] 02,Jan,22 04:44 other posts 
Same goes for shittles...The site bully here...

By #64328 31,Dec,21 16:57
I might have to agree with only a few exceptions. Definitely better at handjobs

By nekekal [Ignore] 31,Dec,21 13:58 other posts 
I think that is true. Men suck cock much better than women. Women could learn, but generally don't really want to. They will suck if they don't really want to fuck, but wants the guy to cum and go to sleep, but I have had very few who said "let me suck your cock, I really want your cum in my mouth".

There are always exceptions. I did meet one woman who sucked my cock for hours. She loved it. But most of them thought my cock was to big to fuck so they decided to suck it and go home. No one returned and only a few swallowed my cum.

But guys who suck cock love it. They know that there will be cum and they like it. If you love something you will strive to be good at it. If you hate something, you get just good enough at it to get by.

By bil47 [Ignore] 25,Dec,21 10:53 other posts 
I've never been with a girl or woman who enjoyed sucking cock and/or was a competent cocksucker. My male partners on the other hand all enjoyed sucking, and most were good at it.
By lawrenceo [Ignore] 27,Dec,21 04:06 other posts 
My gf was quite good and allowed me to fuck her mouth. However, she didn't like me cumming there, so had to pull out and finish with a wank or fuck.

By #626775 26,Dec,21 18:09
Sooooh true

By Italian8 [Ignore] 26,Dec,21 18:03 other posts 
I have never had a women who could suck all of my cock. I occasionally go live on Chaturbate ( free ) and many guys say they would love to suck it for me. I am straight and have never let a guy near it, but the more I keep reading the more I am open to letting one try.

By earthy [Ignore] 26,Dec,21 13:47 other posts 
The best BJ's I've had were from guys. They know what we want/need. I love sucking a guys dick. Probably why I'm good at it.

By #562152 05,Dec,18 15:44
I don't know how many women have given you, all, a BJ. Many women find it yucky. Mostly because sex "is dirty". But it's funny that one of the first things you guys ask in my chats is for a BJ. I think your argument cums from: If I have one i know how to suck better
Neither a man or a woman knows naturally. You have to practice just like a man has to learn how to lick clit correctly, and being BI, I can tell you my sisters and I had to learn that too.
By mpmforce [Ignore] 09,Dec,18 17:22 other posts 
umm, can I have a BJ?
By #562152 09,Dec,18 19:05
HAHAHA. I'd love to give you one
By #655976 26,Dec,21 10:00
Would love to give you a blowjob

By LGA6969 [Ignore] 26,Dec,21 08:35 other posts 
Men are better cocksuckers
By #655976 26,Dec,21 09:59
Would love to suck that nice big cock of yours

By #655976 26,Dec,21 09:59
I love sucking strangers cocks in public restrooms, I can get them to shoot a load in 3 minutes or less, a young married guy comes to me for a blowjob because I suck better then his wife , and he likes the way I lick his asshole , he also likes fucking me on all fours

By #275407 25,Dec,21 00:25
That's because most women don't want to suck dick, their almost forced to do that, on the other hand, most guys get off at sucking dick because they want to.
By dgraff [Ignore] 25,Dec,21 08:00 other posts 
I would love to show you my skills Cody I bet I can make your eyes roll up in your head
By admin [Ignore] 25,Dec,21 09:21 other posts 
Doubtful statement. I've encountered many women who did like sucking dick, but not all of them knew how to do it properly. On the other hand, some did not like sucking, but still knew how to do it very well.

By #652979 24,Dec,21 18:00
My girl knows exactly what to do how to to drive me nuts. She can get her reward in 30 seconds if she wants, but also go on for 30 minutes. And she loves it when she hears my groans and moans. She has swallowed almost 3500 loads in her life, she knows how to do it.

By #657748 24,Dec,21 15:43
It true I am a dick sucking cock slut I a have suck a tot of married men's dick and the have told me I am the best meet this married man named Jack on and have been suck his dick for about tow year 3 to 4 a week most of the time in his car sniffing poppers and deep throat his dick

By #547532 20,Dec,18 15:47
It really all depends whether the person loves to suck cock or not. Some women hate to give a blowjob, others do so occasional because they think they should please their man but aren't really into, & then there are those women that love sucking cock. The women that love to do it are every bit as good as any man. Now men that suck cock love to suck cock. I find that sucking off another man is a very pleasurable & sensual experience. Now I could be wrong, but if you are getting a blowjob and the person stops sucking you to jerk you off, instead of finishing the job with their mouth, then they probably aren't really lovers of going down on the cream pole.
By mpmforce [Ignore] 21,Dec,18 18:22 other posts 
That would probably explain why every guy that suCked me swallowed. I always say when I'm getting close but if they keep going I just unload.
By MM_DD [Ignore] 21,Dec,18 18:28 other posts 
I honestly cannot imagine not swallowing my man's load. Heck, that's what I'm down there for in the first place. It's my reward for doing a good job.
By #541363 27,Dec,18 12:19
same what my girls want: the reward! and not only the cum but also my groans, they love it.
By MM_DD [Ignore] 30,Dec,18 14:09 other posts 
Oh yes, definitely! Love those wonderful groans and moans my man makes when he's cumming...also when he's getting close. The sounds of his pleasure turn me on as much as the thrill of sucking him and feeling him unload in my mouth.
By #541363 30,Dec,18 19:51
and when both girls are busy with my cock and balls....

By knewbi [Ignore] 27,Dec,18 12:04 other posts 
I find that both suck cock nicely. But given the choice of a guy or girl sucking mine I would pick the guy but only because I know that he has a cock that I get to suck...

By #510483 04,Dec,18 22:32
Well, most men Can please a cock better, but that's more of a home field advantage than anything. With enough practice/enthusiasm I'm sure anyone can suck dick like a champ though.
By cruz69696969 [Ignore] 23,Dec,18 17:21 other posts 
Well said

By #573046 13,Dec,18 17:18
Yes you are right.Men suck dick just the way they want to be sucked.They know all the sensitive areas of the dick.Know where to lick more or less.
By #573687 13,Dec,18 20:06
I agree with You! A man knows how a cock feels.

By mpmforce [Ignore] 09,Dec,18 17:29 other posts 
I recently ate out this woman from Singapore and her body was shaking when I did it just right. Hearing her moan and breath heavy was so much fun. Knowing she was having a great time made me happy.

By #557060 05,Dec,18 16:31
Out of personal experience, i've had women that knew exactly how to pleasure my meat, the majority however, didn't knew or simply didn't wanted to.

I assume it comes with the territory that men, would know how to please other men better due to the sensory similarity, but i think i'd be disgusted by looking at a "Macho Man" putting his head between my thighs or feeling chin stubble rubbing my ballsack.
By mpmforce [Ignore] 09,Dec,18 17:27 other posts 
Feeling a guy's stubble is a little weird but I eventually ignore it and imagine a woman doing it. If you close your eyes and focus on how good it feels, its easy to ignore the fact that it's a guy. I get what you're saying about the sensory similarity because I know what drives me crazy and when I do that to a guy, he starts moaning like crazy.

By cardinal [Ignore] 04,Dec,18 22:45 other posts 
Can't see why anyone would say that women are much more sexier to look at while geting a bj which will make up for anything also if the woman is in love with you then you know you got it good.

By mpmforce [Ignore] 04,Dec,18 21:53 other posts 
Guys also love swallowing, girls don't seem as eager

By Allalexallday [Ignore] 04,Dec,18 21:35 other posts 
I've nvr had a girl deep throat me but ever guy that has sucked my dick does and loves it

By #460385 04,Dec,18 15:34
I think the same can be said for licking pussy. Woman can do it better then a man.
By mpmforce [Ignore] 04,Dec,18 20:30 other posts 
That make's sense, I wish I ate the pussy better than I suck a dick. I'm going to get as much practice as I can.

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