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By bil47 27,Apr,23 07:26
I discovered sex at age 13 with several similar-age boys in the neighborhood. It only lasted a couple months, and I didn't have gay sex again until I was around 50 and my wife had lost interest in sex. In the 20+ years since, I've had oral sex with numerous men.

By bil47 17,Apr,23 07:08
Sitting at my desk, jacking off to porn.

By bil47 14,Apr,23 15:53
When my wife went asexual, I explored the other part of my bisexuality. Got with men of all ages and races. Didn't have "a relationship" with any of them.

By bil47 12,Apr,23 16:59
Smaller cock? No. But sometimes I think it would be fun to have a cunt.

By bil47 02,Apr,23 21:37
Not me, but sexy.

By bil47 02,Apr,23 10:45
Nice! Perfect for sucking.

By bil47 01,Apr,23 16:44

By bil47 27,Mar,23 14:54

By bil47 26,Mar,23 22:39

By bil47 25,Mar,23 19:41
Played it at age 13, with several similar-age boys. When a player became naked, the other players would fondle his erect penis.

By bil47 25,Mar,23 11:06
I love being sexually submissive with a dominant man or woman... mostly in my porn-fueled fantasies.

By bil47 24,Mar,23 11:43
I'm usually just trimmed, but shaved is nice.

By bil47 24,Mar,23 08:55
That sounds hot! I'd teach my young self how to suck cock.

By bil47 23,Mar,23 10:02
I get turned on at the the thought of being (very!) submissive to a (very!) dominant woman... but for some reason the cage doesn't appeal to me.

By bil47 23,Mar,23 09:56
Seems to depend on the taste of a partner's cum. Sometimes I have no problem (just like eating my own) but sometimes I retch. I prefer that I'm able to swallow.

By bil47 26,Feb,23 22:48
Many women don't enjoy giving blowjobs, but do it for their partner anyway. Almost all men who give blowjobs enjoy it (I would think).

Same works for cunnilingus. A lot of men don't enjoy it but do it anyway. Women who give oral sex to women are more likely to enjoy it... I think.

By bil47 19,Feb,23 13:18
Tough choice, but I would go with giving a blowjob.

By bil47 18,Feb,23 07:32
I love to go to "sex parties"! (Just all-men so far.)

By bil47 16,Feb,23 11:36
She won't have sex anymore, so I have no guilt about jacking to gay porn and kinky straight porn.

By bil47 06,Feb,23 17:07

By bil47 03,Feb,23 15:23
Me too, but my 'active' years were in my 40s to 60s. I'm guessing I sucked about 100.

By bil47 31,Jan,23 17:11
Holding a stiff cock reminds me of my boyhood "feel-up" sessions with friends, all of us around 13

By bil47 23,Jan,23 09:54
I was 13, discovering sex with three similar-age boys in the neighborhood.

By bil47 18,Jan,23 10:46
Not "total", but... I prefer being fucked by a dominant man rather than me being a top. I prefer sucking cock rather than being sucked. I love to role-play being a faggot sex slave to a dominant man.

By bil47 14,Jan,23 10:15
Did it with a boy. We were both 13. He introduced me to dominant/submissive play and we were playing "master and slave". I was the slave and we were in the woods. He commanded me to strip naked and suck his cock. I loved it. He didn't cum that time, but did numerous times on later occasions.

By bil47 03,Jan,23 14:53
Plenty of times with my wife, mostly after she went asexual several years ago. A few times, she's agreed to "talk dirty" while she watches me masturbate. She knows I'm bi and teases me about my gay porn preferences, calling me a faggot and a cocksucker.

By bil47 02,Jan,23 07:46
Smaller to suck; bigger to stroke in a handjob.

By bil47 31,Dec,22 11:36

By bil47 30,Dec,22 10:37

By bil47 16,Dec,22 19:21
My wife plenty of times. Three boys when I was 13. A lot of men in my 40s through 60s and going to occasional gay orgies.

By bil47 15,Dec,22 10:51
Depends on the type of sex you and your partner(s) are into. If just oral, small-ish might be more desirable than large. If fucking (gay or straight), then not ideal. Handjobs somewhere in between.

By bil47 11,Dec,22 07:48
"Strip dice". I love it!

By bil47 02,Dec,22 23:21
It's partially a Dom/Sub (dominance and submission) thing. A fair number of men get aroused about being sexually submissive to a dominant partner, or being sexually humiliated. Lots of guys on this site post pictures on these themes. I've never done the cuckolding thing in real life, but I do love to fantasize.

By bil47 01,Dec,22 07:35
I'd love this too! Masturbating while my wife gets fucked by a big-cock escort.

By bil47 30,Nov,22 11:14
Did you ever lose on purpose?

By bil47 22,Nov,22 14:44
I was 13 and was shy and naive about sex. Then I was invited to join a Sex Club consisting of three other similar-age boys in the neighborhood. We did a lot of "feel-ups", sword-fights, hand jobs, JO while others watched, and brief sucking.

By bil47 21,Nov,22 08:15
Here's mine:

By bil47 16,Nov,22 08:51
Here's mine.

By bil47 12,Nov,22 12:16
There's no shortage of married Bi men (like me) who suck cocks for DECADES without the wife knowing.

By bil47 02,Nov,22 09:31
Wow! An early start! I was around that age when several older neighborhood boys held me down and pulled down my pants and underwear. I don't remember getting an erection.

By bil47 31,Oct,22 12:46
Me too! Discovering sex with other boys was a highlight of my youth.

By bil47 29,Oct,22 08:09
I lost on purpose too. I was always the first to be naked when we played strip poker.

By bil47 10,Oct,22 18:41
I was 13 and mostly naive about sex. Some friends were talking about masturbation (while we compared boners in the woods), but didn't demonstrate. When I got home, I locked myself in the bathroom and stripped. I was already super erect and started stroking. I had a firm grip in my penis... too firm for my cut dick. After a couple minutes of ecstasy I was spraying droplets of semen on the tile wall. My penis got a little swollen from the rough treatment, but I was at it again the next day.

By bil47 07,Oct,22 09:49
I was 13 and hairless. So was he.

By bil47 06,Oct,22 10:37
I had my first experience with dom/sub roleplay at age 13, being submissive to a very dominant 14-year-old boy in my neighborhood. The source of many fantasies.

By bil47 22,Aug,22 10:41
Me too! I love to fantasize being a sex-slave for a dominant man or multiple men.

By bil47 08,Aug,22 08:33
Here's mine.

By bil47 31,Jul,22 11:16
I was 19, and I think she was too. We met at a mixer in college and she invited me up to her dorm room. She was sexually aggressive, which was a new experience for me. I'd been smoking marijuana and couldn't get an erection, so she asked me to go down on her. She came hard, and then she returned the favor, sucking me erect and giving me an awesome orgasm.

By bil47 27,Jul,22 13:19
A couple weeks ago my wife walked in on me jacking to gay porn. She said "Anything you want to tell me?" I replied "No", but wish I had added "... but maybe I wouldn't be looking at blowjob porn if we had sex more than once a year."

By bil47 25,Jul,22 09:53
I prefer the 'bottom' role too.