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Gun **** in America

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Started by #495558 [Ignore] 01,Oct,15 18:01
First of all, I love guns. I own several and love to go shooting. For me, gun control is a nice tight pattern on the target. Or, my right index finger. I have always respected guns and never in a million years thought of turning one on an unarmed civilian population. I think that is the very definition of cowardice.

I am however interested in hearing everyone's opinion on the matter. Specifically, as it pertains to these mass shootings that keep happening. I don't see gun control or background checks stopping these from happening. It may help to some degree but that is not the end all solve.

In my opinion, and this is not meant to make light of the situation at all, is we have a country full of pussies. To make that sound more professional, I think this country is full of entitled people who think they deserve everything and don't want to work for anything. It is full of politically correct bullshit and kids who don't get graded in school and everyone gets a trophy. Well, that is not how the real world works. We all know this to be true, good bad or indifferent. It just isn't real.

These kids attend college etc and live in this bubble. When they enter the real world the smallest of offenses or setbacks sends them off on a rampage. We have failed to set boundaries and realistic expectations.

Again, just my opinion. You can post anything you want here.

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By leopoldij [Ignore] 08,Jun,21 09:48 other posts 
I read that two children stole some guns and started shooting the police. The police shot one of them, 12 year old, and that made the other, 14 year old surrrender.

only registered users can see external links

The children didn't own or have training with assault weapons. This is irresponsibility from family, the state, etc. They all failed because they should have taught the children, from early age on, how to shoot guns, assault weapons, bazookas, etc. And also provide them with state-sponsored guns so that they have with them at all times. Familiarising and equipping them with guns would have prevented their anger. The children were clearly angry with society because everyone has guns except them. I think that the authorities there should act more responsibly and teach children, as soon as possible after birth, how to deal with essentials like guns.
By phart [Ignore] 08,Jun,21 12:23 other posts 
I know you are being sarcastic but at the same time the kids are being taught use of weapons, they should also be taught respect for human life. All life for that matter. That would do alot to curb the problems at hand.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 08,Jun,21 13:04 other posts 
I'm not being sarcastic.
That's what I would try to
convince politicians to do
if I lived in any dangerous
country like US or Azerbaijan.
I know someone whose friend's son
(17 years old) shot him in Baku.
He was lucky. He survived.

By SrCums [Ignore] 27,May,21 22:09 other posts 
I'm from Polk County Florida. First of all Florida is the free-est state in the union.. The Polk county sheriff said that he heard that Antifa was coming to trash Lakeland and Orlando.."LET ME GET SOMETHING VERY CLEAR.. IN FLORIDA WE HAVE GUNS and REDNECKS... If you even try to trash our businesses and break into our houses the it is coming from me with the warning that in the state of Florida it is legal to protect our property to BLOW YOUR FUCKING HEADS CLEAM OFF YOU HAVE TO ASK SOMETHING,, DO I FEEL LUCKY? LETS SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!!....THEY WILL HAVE THEIR GUNS AND SO WILL I... When that happens I'm going out for coffee and that is it !! Well no Antifa...
By ANGEL1227! [Ignore] 01,Jun,21 08:23 other posts 
Florida should be split into South Florida and North Florida. South Florida supports the rest of the state. Our taxes support the red necks of North Florida. The dividing line should be from north of Palm Beach to south of Tampa.
By cody8789 [Ignore] 01,Jun,21 11:30 other posts 
There's a difference between north fl and s. Fl. Southern part of fl. Has a mixture of all kinds of people like any large city and is a very stressful place to live because of the amount of people that live here, where n.fl is more country and more farm land. Quite place to live where everyone is more laid back. Of course the exception is the large cities where the population is greater. I would prefer to live in the country away from other people or up in the mnts. I will one day in the near future be moving to the mnts where the stress level is low and the people are nice. Where I can go trout fishing and hiking with dgraff
By ANGEL1227! [Ignore] 01,Jun,21 14:19 other posts 
Well, fishing and hiking with or without Dgraff is always fun (keep behind him)
By phart [Ignore] 01,Jun,21 18:48 other posts 
I thought florida was full of yankee's and cubans and loose chickens?
By ANGEL1227! [Ignore] 01,Jun,21 20:00 other posts 
You are describing South Florida. From a line stretching from Ft Myers to Jupiter Beach north, itís all yahoo country. The men all want to be the Marlboro man. They are always missing teeth, drive 10 yr old pickups with rifle supports on the back window. They are all Trump supporters and have the same education as Trump. They all conceal and carry. They all work at. McDonalds.

By leopoldij [Ignore] 30,May,21 10:25 other posts 
There's a real war going on in the US. I understand why people need to be armed to teeth to defend themselves from law-abiding citizens who flip out and, suddenly, turn into non-law-abiding and kill others (killing is against the law).

The killer in San Jose a few days ago had 25 thousand rounds of ammunition and many many weapons: only registered users can see external links

And yesterday,
someone else in Florida killed, but not too many, just a
people, and injured 20 others: only registered users can see external links

More people are killed by killers on the streets than soldiers in battles. The prime must have guns. Maybe the president can take some arms from the soldiers, who don't need them too much, and give them to citizens in urban areas where the real killings happen. It's a difficult problem that, without guns, cannot be solved.
--------------------------------------- added after 54 minutes

I'm sorry, it wasn't a single person in Florida, it was three:

Three people climbed out of a white car with assault rifles and handguns and started firing indiscriminately into the crowd.

Well, then people should have guns and always be ready to form mini armies so that, as soon as a mini army of three or more killers shows, people should organise themselves on groups and fire back immediately. It's a war, but the war cannot be won without further guns for law-abiding, god-fearing, hard-working people.
By phart [Ignore] 31,May,21 20:37 other posts 
Well for the sake of discussion.
Had you been in the crowd in florida, what would YOU do?
Crawl under a table? Run and hide? stand and draw fire away from children? If a person beside you pulled a 45 and started to fire back protecting themselves and you, would you stop them?
To make any positive improvements in either direction,we need to understand the way people across the board think.
You could not just stand up and walk over to those folks and offer them a Coke and a moon pie and say, "hey chill dude bullets are expensive". You would probably die.
Singing Kumbaya and drinking wine would be nice but it won't happen until you fix those peoples brains that want to harm and kill.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 01,Jun,21 04:37 other posts 
Had I been in Florida in the first place, I would have arranged to go to gun training first. I wouldn't go live in Florida, or any other of those dangerous places in the US, full of non-law-abiding people. Since I've never touched a gun in my life, I would need some kind of training. Having done that, I'd go to Florida with guns that I'd carry with me at all times and be ready to protect myself and my family. Of course I wouldn't sit there and sing kumbaya if I saw these non-law-abiding villains get out of the car and start shooting. I'd pull my guns and start shooting them too. I'd have to injure or kill them before they kill me and my family. I would not offer them coke or talk to them, you're joking, right? I'd shoot them immediately.
By ANGEL1227! [Ignore] 01,Jun,21 08:12 other posts 
Leo, I was born and raised in Florida. Miami to be exact. I live in Miami-Dade County (Miami) now. In my 69 years of my life, I have never had to confront anyone holding a gun pointing in my general direction. The population count of the county is 2.7 million people. If you add to that the number of tourists ( 15M to 23M) youíll see that we have a plethora of people. We have gun violence and we all wish it wouldnít happen, we are no worse and a lot better than other areas of the country (Ex: Chicago).
NEVER-THE-LESS GUN SHOULD BE OUTLAWED. I know Phart and like minded people think you need them for PROTECTION. That is a fallacy.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 01,Jun,21 10:31 other posts 
I hear you. But there are millions of scared people in the US. They need their guns and their bibles. You can't change their minds.
By cody8789 [Ignore] 01,Jun,21 11:18 other posts 
Florida is not a bad place, you go to any hoodlum area and the crime is 300% more, all you hear is about the crime in the low income areas. Like any low income area in the u.s.a. You don't need a gun unless your going there to buy drugs or shoot someone for taking your parking space. Don't say how bad Florida is when your not a resident because you don't know what a really nice place it is to live, theirs three million people living here in broward and dade county, so crime is more then the farm area you live in where all that's happening are kids throwing rocks at cars. So Leo, if you can't handle living in the city without a gun, stay on the farm with your chickens and cows. I own about thirty guns and they never leave my bedroom. Only the aggressive person starts any trouble here, 95% of Florida is a good place to raise a family. I live in a community in s. Fl. Where the police sleep half the day because there's so little crime.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 01,Jun,21 12:03 other posts 
I didn't say anything about Florida. The guy above said it's bad and I replied that, if it is so, then you need guns. After all the wars that are going on in the US every day, I said that I'd never go there without dozens of guns. And, seeing how dangerous the US is, I agree with them and you that everyone there should be armed to teeth, as you are. That's good. You need to do that, it's necessary in a violent country. People live in fear, that's why they have guns. Good luck to you and others.
By cody8789 [Ignore] 01,Jun,21 12:06 other posts 
Yes you did, reread your posts how you said you would never live in Florida. How you would go get a gun and take lessens, remember,
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

People like you are the people we don't need in fl.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 01,Jun,21 12:08 other posts 
One needs guns in the US. I get it.
By cody8789 [Ignore] 01,Jun,21 12:11 other posts 
Most people don't need guns in fl, only if your looking for trouble
By leopoldij [Ignore] 01,Jun,21 12:11 other posts 
I would never go to a country as dangerous as Syria, South Africa, the US, or as intolerant as Saudi Arabia. Horrible.

By phart [Ignore] 31,May,21 20:34 other posts 
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By leopoldij [Ignore] 26,May,21 12:51 other posts 
only registered users can see external links

Sad. But if people there had more guns and if they were ready to shoot this wouldn't have happened. It appears that, in the US, is not enough to have guns. You must be constantly ready to shoot otherwise how can you prevent someone who has planned the killings? I think that people should buy more guns. In fact, the government should give them to people for free.
By ANGEL1227! [Ignore] 26,May,21 22:12 other posts 
What I donít understand is the argument that having a gun will protect you. In the US anyone that has a clean record can own a gun and carry it, yet, we never hear, or almost never hear, that a bunch of possible victims took out their guns and killed the perpetrator. Why?
By phart [Ignore] 26,May,21 23:38 other posts 
It does happen.BUT the media does not cover those type storys because it does not go along with the liberal agenda.
There was a man in Texas I think that shot a man trying to kill people in a church a year or so ago but it was just a blurb. Not long after the church shooting in Charleston, the church my dad attends designated 2 people to be armed with concealed weapons during church services and 1 is usually walking the parking lot during the preaching.NO my dad is not 1 of the designated 1's. BUT it also helps that the preacher is also the police chief for a local town. So I feel sure he is the 3rd man.
The few storys that make it to limited media coverage are cases of home self defense.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 27,May,21 00:54 other posts 
It's really so sad to live in a dangerous country and to have to have guns even in churches! I do understand you need to be armed up to the teeth, but that's so nerve breaking.
By phart [Ignore] 27,May,21 09:24 other posts 
YOu are correct, it is a very state to be in when you can't walk into a house of worship with out that thought in the back of your mind, "what if".
Those poor people in Charleston let the guy into the church,and then he pulls a gun and kills numerous people.And the only thing the fucking media could focus on was the confederate flag on his coat I think it was.
No focus on church security,no laws passed for stiffer penalty's for house of worship incidents, nothing.
Pulling the flag down from capital grounds was thought to be the solution.

Just yesterday i spoke to a neighbor and he drives a dump truck hauling construction debris.He was in town near the hospital when a lunitic came running out of a office door,nurse chaseing him, right into the road,right in front of his fully loaded Peterbuilt weighing about 60,000 pounds. Thankfully well maintained so he had good brakes, barely got stopped before hitting the lunatic. He ran on accross the road, causing other vehicals to run off the road into the grass to miss him.
This same type of person, when they display issues,is taken to a doctor, given some "magic" pills ,allowed back on the street, only to come up with some diabolical scheme to harm others.
Lock up the lunatics' instead of medicating them,and the shooting would slow way down.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 27,May,21 09:34 other posts 
I get it now, I just hadn't realized how bad it is up to now. I was biased since (a) I never go to religious institutions (very few people here care about fiction, but that's not the case in the US) and (b) it's not dangerous here, insofar as gun violence is concerned it's practically absent (occasionally, we have hunter accidents).

Then, you've been right all along. If I were in the US I'd have to have guns. But since I can't use or stand having them, (I'm really scared of touching them even, I get panic attack if I see them, I switch off the TV when I see people shooting), I won't be coming to the US.

Well, good luck to you and stay safe as much as you can. When did you learn to handle guns? How come you're not afraid? Are you an army person by any chance?
By phart [Ignore] 27,May,21 12:28 other posts 
No military training.
I do have a friend who retired from the air force that has offered to teach me some since 1 of his jobs was teaching small arms while in the military.
Believe it or not,8 th grade in school we had Hunter safety training courses. they taught us how to carry a gun,and so forth.No actual guns in the was lecture and films but still,training in school at a age where it was of value.
In high school,it was common for the folks that hunted and what not to have thier rifles in the back windows of their trucks ,pistols under the seats and on. Nothing was ever thought of it. Treated No different than a fishing pole

I do not own what is considered a assault weapon. They are not very accurate because the recoil after about the second shot causes the gun to rise up and before you know it you are bird hunting.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 27,May,21 22:01 other posts 
Different world and language. I don't even know what "recoil" means...
I've seen guns only in movies.
--------------------------------------- added after 31 seconds

And in museums

By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 17,May,21 05:58 other posts 
About 'Stand your ground' laws.
If you don't want to see all 19m17s, start watching from 10m39s for a good example.
only registered users can see external links
By phart [Ignore] 17,May,21 07:12 other posts 
And the problem is?
A good neighbor,wow,rare.
People that don't agree with that fellows actions are the reason insurance is so damn high.And prison systems fail and are over crowded with rotating doors.Just another liberal that thinks everyone else but you is deserving of your hard earned property and life.

As I have ask here a 100 times, how are you supposed to protect yourself and property without a gun or other instrument?
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 18,May,21 04:15 other posts 
Shooting some burglars in the back with a shotgun is a problem.
He was not protecting himself and he was not protecting his own property.
He is just a guy who really wanted to kill people.

Do you understand that an idiot like that can even mistake family helping his neighbors to move for burglars?

Stealing does not warrant a death sentence.

Do you see now that you're not pro-life?
And how can you still say "all lives matter"?
By phart [Ignore] 18,May,21 08:57 other posts 
What you don't seem to understand is the burglar made a lifestyle choice in stealing instead of working. Thus,showing the WORLD,he did not even value HIS OWN life.

What are neighbors for if you don't look out for each other?

IF you don't mind, tell us your response to seeing your neighbor's home being broken into and their hard earned stuff being carried out by a non deserving ,non working thief?

Would you run and hide in your safe place? Would you say, "Excuse me,that is not the latest model ,here take mine,it only cost a 100 bucks more and works so much better".

I might get some sort of answer from you,because sometimes you will take the time to answer,but when others are cornered,they seem to just turn silent,thus not bringing anything to the table as far as alternatives.
By TWOWARMTTS3 [Ignore] 18,May,21 09:24 other posts 
Phart how about calling the cops? No one has the right to be a vigilante. Cost of insurance is high because the burglar steals $100 worth of cash and valuables and the homeowner claims $10,000.
By phart [Ignore] 26,May,21 16:54 other posts 
Well case in point as a example.
A power line shorted coming into the house,sent 220 volts thru the 120 volt outlets.My computer,the microwave and 1 other thing,were ruined.I was actually woke up by the smoke boiling out of my desktop computer.When I bought the computer,it was 1300 bucks. it was 8 years old or so,worked great,I was happy.But it went up in smoke by fault of the power company not maintianing the trees near the power lines. The microwave,to replace it with a equal model to the 1 we had was well over 400 bucks.
The power company,in their exact words,as a courtesy,gave us a check for 125 bucks. Because the equipment was old and devalued in their eyes.Didn't matter that it was working and we were happy as clams before it went up in smoke with no intentions of replacing it until it failed beyond repair.So who had to absorb the loss? ME. WHY?
Same with a theif. What ever is here in this house right now is up to par with my needs. If it were stolen,I would have to replace it. Insurance ,again,would only give me a small penance of what it was worth.Again,why should anyone absorb the cost of a thugs lifestyle choice,other than the thug?

That is 1 reason why you need to read the fine print of your personal homeowners insurance or what not,because if it does not cover REPLACEMENT cost,then it is hardly worth the money
By TWOWARMTTS3 [Ignore] 26,May,21 18:11 other posts 
Maybe your power company is different than FPL. When lightning hit the pole supplying my house, it took the stove oven control, the living room smart TV and my old Dell computer. They told me to call for service and get an estimate for the repairs and for replacement. The opted for the three items to have full replacement. They gave me a check and we went out and bought new range, TV and computer.
On the last hurricane, to hit full blown, was Andrew. My house sustained over $30000 worth of damage. Most of it was paid by the insurance. After that insurance companies donít include wind damage in their policies.
Is being a burglar a lifestyle choice? Maybe in social democratic countries, where we have a reasonable safety net.
What you don't understand is that life shits on people more in your country.
You suffered yourself, but you don't understand the system in your country increased your risk for suffering and made your suffering worse. You didn't resort to crime, but some people will. We don't put those people in the same circumstances, so we have less people resorting to crime. They are just assholes with a job or assholes on unemployment here. They are causing less harm.

In your country people are left to solve their own problems. There are so many people in trouble and some do make the choice to be a burglar when life shits on them.
So actually in your country you can blame them less for making that choice, than the ones doing that in my country. But, we don't kill them. We call the cops and they don't kill them either. And still, we have less crime, less murders and less people in jail.

Being more tough on crime has never helped and will never help. You can try your way for ever, but you will only create more misery. You need guns to protect yourself and we don't. You then also suffer the consequence of many innocent people being killed.
By phart [Ignore] 19,May,21 09:02 other posts 
Your "way" does not work either or you folks would not have crime.
YES being a burglar is a lifestyle choice. NO one forces you to steal. YOU can choose to walk past a home,or stop and break in the door and take something that is not yours.
That is a choice that should be easy to make.Simply respect other peoples property and home.
IF people make the right choices,they can get along just fine.Yes,life took a shit on me,and no I don't go around stealing. I also had a choice of being a 400 pound dope head watching Jerry Springer all day but I didn't choose to eat all the high powered pain medicine being shoved in my face either. I chose to do the limited things I could do with knowledge I gained from high school and college and help my neighbors save a small fortune on labor for repair bills and parts.
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 19,May,21 11:31 other posts 
Even though we have a reasonable safety net, it is also lacking a lot. People get the bare minimum to stay alive. They have no reason to resort to crime, but there will always be ignorant, angry, lazy and greedy people.
People who like to shoot those people lower themselves to their level.
Humanity should be able to first educate people to not become ignorant, angry, lazy or greedy and secondly minimize the damage of ignorant, angry, lazy and greedy people that are left, without killing them or filling up prisons.

Social democracy does a better job on that and manages to produce much less crime, murder, people in prison, prostitution, substance abuse, child abuse, unwanted pregnancies, abortions, and children growing up unguided.
In general we just live more fulfilling, happier lives.
Your form of late stage capitalism lets only a few people take ridiculous wealth, while the rest is struggling. And then you are surprised that some people don't give a fuck about anything anymore and just start taking whatever they can, however they can.
By TWOWARMTTS3 [Ignore] 26,May,21 18:14 other posts 
I commend you for taking the high road after your accident. Most people give up.
By phart [Ignore] 26,May,21 20:14 other posts 
I try,but sometimes it is depressing to watch others not try and still get by.
I recently met a fellow that got hurt on his job, workers comp denied his claim,can't work,has issues of all sorts with his back. He is good at sharping chainsaws,something for whatever reason I can't do.So he did 3 chainsaws for me. I had some old machines that I was going to repair for resale,haven't had the time,needed the space,loaded them on his truck this evening.A bit of tinkering that will be about 500 bucks he can rake in. If you try to do right by others,you may not have everything you want,but you won't lack for what you need.
By ANGEL1227! [Ignore] 26,May,21 22:08 other posts 
Again, commendable but what does that have to do with guns? I also donít believe ďthe wrong life choices ď have anything to do with gun ownership
By phart [Ignore] 26,May,21 22:54 other posts 
NOthing really,just explaining a point.
But as far as life choices and guns, DUH< if you own a gun,you are able to choose to use it for protection or for wrong doing.The gun is not going to jump out of the drawer and go kill someone while you are asleep.You have to chose to pick up that gun and use it for the wrong reasons.and that is a lifestyle choice,the choice to be a murderer or a thief or a thug. OR you can choose to learn how to properly use the gun,how to carry the gun properly,how to legally use it for your protection and that of your family and freinds.Again, a lifestyle choice to be a responsible citizen
By ANGEL1227! [Ignore] 26,May,21 23:21 other posts 
If you own a gun. Ok, then explain why most people donít own a gun.
By phart [Ignore] 26,May,21 23:36 other posts 
They made a lifestyle choice to be defenseless and dependent on others for their safety and well being.BUT no 1 taught them at a early age,when seconds count,the cops are only MINUTES away.You are free to choose here in the US to own a gun or not.

as for why I own a gun,self defense.I am not able to jump up and run,I am not able to physically beat the shit out of a robber,although it would feel good to vent the frustration!.
By ANGEL1227! [Ignore] 27,May,21 08:14 other posts 
It must be horrible to be in constant fear that you canít run away from danger.
By phart [Ignore] 27,May,21 09:21 other posts 
Just as having a hospital nearby or having a second pair of underware handy in case of a non trustworthy fart,a gun can provide that feeling of added security.
By ANGEL1227! [Ignore] 27,May,21 13:30 other posts 
I........... I donít know...

By leopoldij [Ignore] 20,May,21 17:17 other posts 
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By leopoldij [Ignore] 20,May,21 17:14 other posts 
Some people have so many guns that they have to store them in their ass. Loaded.

Man sentenced after police find loaded gun in his buttocks during strip search.

only registered users can see external links

By Chauncey_Street [Ignore] 17,May,21 18:15 other posts 
TWOWARM would you PLEASE watch this video, and watch it all?
And guess what...this happened in Florida, too.
How did the woman this hideous brute was after, even manage to survive?
She survived and won because she had a gun and she knew how to use it.

only registered users can see external links
By phart [Ignore] 17,May,21 20:52 other posts 
HAhAhAhAhAHAHAAAA Well 1 things for sure, he was CURED of his anger issues!
By Chauncey_Street [Ignore] 18,May,21 01:29 other posts 
When the courts force to you take anger management classes, they make you pay for the classes out of your own pocket. I'm willing to bet that was one of the things that was pissing him off...that he had to pay up.
By TWOWARMTTS3 [Ignore] 18,May,21 09:37 other posts 
Chauncey_Street before I comment on this video, I would like more information. How did this man pick this house to break into. Why did he want to cause bodily harm to this woman? If a gun is needed for protection, why didnít HE have a gun? I know you and Phart are laying a trap for me, so, I will walk into it and then Iíll make a comment.
It was fortunate for the woman to have a gun and had knowledge on how to use it. In her situation with the same options, I,too, would have killed the man. Hope that makes you happy..
NOW, TWO THINGS. First, I still believe guns kill many more people than they protect and they should be outlawed. Second, I think the woman should face manslaughter charges just as I believe I should too.
By phart [Ignore] 18,May,21 21:45 other posts 
Best i could tell he was a former husband or father to a kid inside from what I could hear of the news mans talking.
The woman was his children's mother, according to that video, so...he didn't pick a random house. I don't know why he was so angry. Obviously she likely would've ended up dead or stabbed and slashed-up but still breathing...maybe just barely breathing. Could you please tell me what she should have done in the situation, if she didn't own a gun?
Why should she go to prison for fighting for her life?
He had no business busting into her house. It's not like his heart was in the right place and he smelled smoke or heard screaming from within so he had good reason to do it. I don't know the answer to "Why didn't HE have a gun?".
I'd especially like to know what you think she should have done.
By phart [Ignore] 19,May,21 09:07 other posts 
Yes Please 2 warm,give us your input. A honest straight answer to questions like this presented to you and other liberal minded folks would go along way towards giving some credence to your ideas.You can't just throw away the only option,without offering others.
Had this guy had a gun, he could have just shot thru the windows and not even broke down the door. She knew her rights,and actually gave him several chances,count the kicks to the door,each 1 a chance to think,"this isn't working,I am late for class". and still be alive to day. He made a lifestyle choice to be a thug,and got his just reward.What if he had hurt a child? Is there any excuse for the mother not to be able to protect her young?
By TWOWARMTTS3 [Ignore] 19,May,21 12:56 other posts 
You also did not read my post. Iím reposting this section.

It was fortunate for the woman to have a gun and had knowledge on how to use it. In her situation with the same options, I,too, would have killed the man. Hope that makes you happy..

By phart [Ignore] 19,May,21 14:35 other posts 
I don't know that there is many consequences of defending 1's self as long as the evidence is this clear.
This particular video has caused me to consider getting a video security system.As the fact that he can be clearly seen breaking in the door,that clears the person in that dwelling of wrong doing in defending themselves..
By TWOWARMTTS3 [Ignore] 19,May,21 12:50 other posts 
Chauncey_StreetYou asked and Iíll tell you. Itís good to protect yourself but you should know the consequences. Let me ask you a very difficult question. What if she had lifted her child in front of her to protect herself. Suppose the child died? She was protecting herself. If you were the District Attorney, what would you do?
By phart [Ignore] 19,May,21 14:35 other posts 
I would hope she was not that stupid. But if she held up a k1d to save herself,then I would say manslaughter or similar
By TWOWARMTTS3 [Ignore] 19,May,21 17:36 other posts 
Why is that different Phart? Sheís defending herself?
By phart [Ignore] 19,May,21 17:50 other posts 
A mother has a moral obligation to care for her children
By TWOWARMTTS3 [Ignore] 19,May,21 17:58 other posts 
Moral obligation? Whatís that?change his diaper?
By phart [Ignore] 19,May,21 23:28 other posts 
You are a mother of 3 I think you said,and you have to ask that question to maintain the dumb blonde look? That could be the only reason.As most any mother would do what it takes to protect their children Including you.
By TWOWARMTTS3 [Ignore] 20,May,21 07:34 other posts 
Phart yes. I would give my life willingly to protect my children. You take everything too literally. This was a way to show you that the killing of her ex is not necessarily something that should be accepted by the law. You said it was necessary and no questions should be asked. My point is that questions should be asked. My example, while extremely unlikely, made you think. Hereís two other examples. This is a true story documented by the Germans during WWII. In a concentration camp a mother was strapped to a chair wired to shock her at different levels. In another room her daughter age 15 could see her mom. She also was strapped to a similar chair. The daughter had the control of the electric current in her momís chair. She was told to shock her mother. The daughter refused. The daughter got shocked until finally she shocked her mother. Each time she was ordered to increase the current. To make it short, she k.i.lled her mother. The other example is when your life long partner is of cancer and in great pain. The opium no longer works. He begs to be put out of his/her misery. You take his li.fe. You get arrested for murder. You say, ďIt doesnít matter anymore what happens to me. My baby is in a better place. Iíd do it again.Ē
In other words, do what you have to do but expect to account for it.

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