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Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #24286 [Ignore] 09,Feb,10 17:35
I see most members are either from the U.K. or North America where it is, in general, illegal. I am fortunate enough to travel to mainland Europe and South America through my work where a much more open minded approach exists. My best experiences were in Brazil, much more relaxed and unhurried. I have only been ripped off twice, both times when i went with two girls. What are membars views on this?

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By #497672 24,Oct,15 11:35
One concern I have about the sex industry is about the ease given to sex traffickers to use sex slave workers. I have no problem with accepting legalized prostitution and the massive benefits the workers provide for society and their customers, from helping people to overcome their embarrassments about sex and learn to enjoy the activity. Overcome an urge for sex either if single or within a less than sexy marriage, provide comfort or relieve frustration.

Sex workers should be in the industry voluntary and of a satisfactory legal age. In a centre sex trafficking can be avoided and the workers can be protected and monitored for mental and physical health, avoid sexual infections and be treated as well as help with **** issues.

The industry is so important for society due to the benefits it offers, surely efforts can be made to make it safe for the workers and increase their status,
By leopoldij [Ignore] 09,Dec,15 17:48 other posts 
Do you realize how much misery there is in any industry you or I are supporting? From clothes, to toys, to anything. Even the most innocent looking industry may have a lot of suffering hidden behind.

So, the problem should be addressed at large, but, of course, it won't.
By #497672 11,Dec,15 12:36
It is always the case. Even global warming precautions result in unemployment or unfairness in production for less advanced countries.

By #289712 27,Oct,15 14:52
Been to a few, it being legal here I'm Australia. Had some great sex with most of them. One was to dare one of the greatest hours of totally hardcore fucking in my life. She was amazing. Probably the best blowjob I've had. She sucked and licked my dick and balls like no other. If I could only go back and get her lip's around it again..
--------------------------------------- added after 7 minutes

Also it was ina brothel I first time I got to put my dick in a chick's ass. She was hot and I fucked her butt hard and came in about a minute!

By #495558 17,Oct,15 18:48
Ask Lamar Odom for a comment
By #358797 17,Oct,15 19:01

By #12853 23,Mar,10 21:08
In the United States, prostitution is legal in several counties in the state of Nevada, but only in tightly regulated brothels. In Canada (at least in the province of Ontario) out-call escort services and massage parlors providing hand jobs are legal. My feeling is that safe, regulated brothels should be legalized everywhere. I also believe that escort services that provide sex should be legalized. It's high time for all ridiculous, archaic, and Victorian vice laws to be abolished.

Two consenting adults should be able to have sex under whatever terms they so choose without fear of being harassed by the government. Whatever happened to "my body, my choice?" Are those words of universal truth for all sovereign human beings, or are they nothing more than a catchy slogan for pro-choice, pro-abortion activists?

The government needs to get the fuck out of everyone's pants once and for all. The prohibitionist mentality that keeps anti-prostitution laws alive may make the soccer-moms of America feel holy, righteous and really good about themselves, but it doesn't work for me and whole lot of other people who also have rights.

If nothing else, the United States government and law enforcement agencies have learned far too little from the failed experiment of alcohol prohibition dating back to the early 20th century. When you try to criminalize activities such as prostitution, alcohol and drug consumption, you only drive the commerce underground wherein it becomes the domain of organized crime. Duh!!!!! Governments and law enforcement will never eradicate these activities. (It ain't call "the oldest profession in the world" for nothin'!) They will simply continue to waste billions and billions of our tax dollars on programs and activities that only make matters worse.

How about legalizing, regulating and taxing these activities..... like boozing and cigarette smoking???? We could balance our budgets and give our retarded elected officials something better to do with their time.... all at once! It would be a win-win situation! Golly-gee!

That's my take. Glad you asked.
By spermkiss [Ignore] 24,Mar,10 02:25 other posts 
Very well put and I wholeheartedly agree.
By #497672 11,Oct,15 10:00
I agree too
By 2pierced [Ignore] 12,Oct,15 09:15 other posts 
I whole heartily agree! Regulated prostitution would reduce disease and make things much safer for everyone!!!

By #1995 09,Feb,10 18:26
I lost my virginity to a prostitute when I was 18 and living in Germany. She realised it was my first time and was really understanding. I have never forgotten that moment.
By #497672 11,Oct,15 09:58
This sounds like my experience of the kindness I experienced.

By Mrfrisky [Ignore] 08,Oct,15 22:18 other posts 
I was in Sydney once where legal brothels exist. I tried one and got an Australian girl who was fun, had a sexy accent, but had limits. It was a good time but I wouldn't repeat. At the end of the trip I tried another and got a Thai girl who fucked the crap out of me. She was incredibly hot, had few boundaries and demonstrated that voluntarily. If I had met her at the beginning of my trip then I would have emptied my bank account and fucked her every day as many times as I could.

By #455846 08,Oct,15 15:00
I m surprised this has come up as a topic. No word play intended and excuse it. However it is a good topic and I whole heartedly agree with most points I ve glanced through.

As the old saying goes, its one of the oldest trades in history. Yet it never stops and how will it ever BE stopped? So why not improve the conditions for those that provided the service and those that use the services. I think what we also need to do is bare in mind that it involves male and female in both respects also, Im sure we can agree on that.

By #497672 08,Oct,15 11:31
I can only speak kindly of the sex workers I have had the pleasure to meet. In my mid twenties I had sex with quite a few girls. All were kind and gentle too. They helped me considerably to learn about sex and enjoy it. On one occasion I even had a cup of tea. I have nothing bad to say about sex workers and think controlled centers should be available for men to have access to the services the girls offer. Here they would be safer and have easy access to medical treatment if needed. Surely this would be a better way for men to combat loneliness, shyness and lots of other sexual problems and could even be a way of making all girls safer on the streets.

By spermkiss [Ignore] 23,Mar,10 15:12 other posts 
Two years ago I had an overnight in Amsterdam enroute to Africa, so in the evening I just had to visit the legendary red light district to satisfy my curiosity. There were the ladies in very brief attire behind floor to ceiling windows luring clients in. But what surprised me most was how wholesome the neighborhood was. Everything was very clean and I felt very safe. There were, of course, single men, but also couples of all ages on dates and even families with children. It could have been Disneyland with whores.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 07,Oct,15 20:03 other posts 
Wherever prostitution, dr.ugs, alcohol, etc., are legal AND controlled, problems are orders of magnitude fewer than where there is prohibition. The real reason for prohibition is because someone profits politically or is making money from it. In Sweden, prostitution is ill_egal. Yet the king of sweden fucked an und*erage prostitute. Alcohol is restricted and extremely taxed. And so there are millions of alcoholics. Dr.ugs are all totally banned. And yet there are many deaths and suicides because of Dr.ugs.

By #23212 23,Mar,10 21:02
I believe, 'NORTHERNSHAVED', that you are somewhat misinformed re "... or North America where it is, in general, illegal." In the USA, there is an entire state, except for a couple of counties, Nevada, where it IS in general, legal. In Canada, a larger country than the USA, it is also generally legal. Perhaps one or more of our Mexican friends can tell us about how it is there. Thank you all for the interesting comments and experiences shared.
By spermkiss [Ignore] 24,Mar,10 02:26 other posts 
It's legal in Mexico.

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