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Global Warming... What do you Believe?

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Started by licksipsuckit [Ignore] 15,Dec,20 18:50  other posts
Fact or Fiction.... is it really happening???
what do you think contributes to it and what is
being done to stop it?

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By Emerald [Ignore] 17,Dec,20 18:40 other posts 
I don't usually do this, but I'll take the bait for once.

Asking whether people believe in global warming makes it sound like some sort of religion. Science is humanity's best attempt at finding the facts. I would like to point out that your car, phone, computer, everything that surrounds you works because of science, so it has proven to be pretty reliable. You wouldn't be reading this if science wasn't trustworthy.

Scientists overwhelmingly agree that global warming is happening, and humanity's contribution is shifting the natural cycle to a degree that, over time (a long time, mind you), threatens our survival as a species. We (meaning humanity) are so sure of this that there is no longer any point in debating the question. Our attention needs to shift to what we can do about it.
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I don't know if I can post a link here, but XKCD illustrates pretty well why you should be worried about the ongoing climate changes, even though the earth's climate does change in natural cycles, and we have had both warm and cold periods before.

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Now, to take my own advice, what you should do about it is:

1) Avoid flying airplanes, except in emergencies. A vacation is not an emergency.
2) Drive an electric car, if you can afford one. They're better than petrol cars in most respects, anyway.
3) If your country's electricity mix is coal or oil based, install solar or wind power if possible.
4) Eat vegetables and fish or, if you have to have meat, chicken or pork. Avoid beef and lamb, as they generate methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.
5) Vote for green policies, if you have a chance. The world will eventually move away from fossil fuels in any case (it's profitable), but it will happen much faster if we provide incentives.
--------------------------------------- added after 14 minutes

And with that, I'll get back to looking for people who appreciate a nice, long foreskin...
--------------------------------------- added after 91 minutes

Except for 6) Buy second hand, whenever possible. I forgot that one...
By oldbugle [Ignore] 18,Dec,20 04:37 other posts 
Excellent overview!

......It's worth remembering however, that while science itself can generally be trusted the same does NOT apply to many scientists (not to mention politicians)
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 18,Dec,20 06:29 other posts 
Exactly, some 'scientists' are funded by oil companies with the mission to spread misinformation about global warming, so the executives and share holders can keep raking in the money from a lucrative business, that is unfortunately having devastating side effects, in the long run.
By TWOWARMTTS3 [Ignore] 18,Dec,20 08:47 other posts 
That's exactly why God gave you a brain
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 20,Dec,20 03:57 other posts 
The evidence is pretty strong that brains are not a product of God, but of evolution.
By TWOWARMTTS3 [Ignore] 23,Dec,20 00:15 other posts 
The development of the brain is evolution but you cant evolve an empty cranium. I think God had something to do with it.
--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

However, as you are being carried towards the sea after a sunami ; I dont think youll care if the local priest gives you absolution
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 05,Feb,21 14:06 other posts 
True, empty craniums are not the result of evolution. They are the result of watching too much Fox News.
By Strongmember# [Ignore] 18,Dec,20 04:37 other posts 
I agree that asking the question this way gives way too much validation to the very small percentage of experts still disagreeing with man-made climate change theory. This small percentage is often associated with well-funded beneficiaries of maintaining doubt in the mind of the public. If this doubt was not created with a decades long calculated misinformation campaign, then their industry interests would be more likely to suffer because more regulation would be enacted or shifts in consumer behavior.
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] 20,Dec,20 16:56 other posts 
its great to see someone with their own personal plan and I hope you take all your own advice, Id add growing a few vegies, shopping local for local produce and being aware of your responsibility as an educated human being to do all the small things every day, that all add up over a life time.. funny how everyone thought that getting rid of single use bags wouldn't work, well as humans, we learned to adapt and bring our own .. and my biggest pet peeve, would have to be WASTE, food waste, and especially when it comes to meat, seeing someone buy and throw out a piece of uneaten meat to me is just wrong... if an animal dies, give it the respect of at least eating it... how dare you take a life and throw it in the bin... if you cant eat it, then take it home and heat it up and finish it.. *Lix*
By Emerald [Ignore] 21,Dec,20 04:41 other posts 
Yes! I agree with everything you said! I could have made the list longer, but I figured my wall of text was already intimidating enough. We have adopted all of the measures I listed, except for installing solar - and that's because we live in a frozen wasteland where the sun is barely above the horizon for six months in winter, and the electricity mix is 98% hydroelectric in any case. None of the changes required have been particularly painful, so it's definitely possible.
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] 21,Dec,20 05:09 other posts 
we have solar panels, not sure if they make much difference to the power bill, the energy companies here sell them and tell you one thing, they don't send you a bill for 12 months, close the company and than send you a bill for the previous 12 months stating that they take my power and give me 3 cents a Kw, and sell it back to me for 30 cents a Kw,??? and when you try to find the mob that installs them, they conveniently don't exist and no one is liable for the lies... so you never really own the power you generate. but give it to the grid for someone else to sell and make a profit from... its a bloody scam here.. *Lix*
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 21,Dec,20 07:08 other posts 
We have bought our solar panels in February. The price was about 5250 and we got an 1100 tax return. The panels should produce about 3400 KWh, but they have produced 2650 KWh so far. Of course the projected production is an estimation for good circumstances. The spring was good for solar energy, but the summer was way too hot (which impacts the efficiency) and the autumn was dark and wet.
We use about half our produced power ourselves and the other half is 1 on 1 deducted from the power we use from the grid.
Early 2021, I can calculate exactly how much money we saved with our panels.
By phart [Ignore] 21,Dec,20 13:21 other posts 
I bought some batterys last week and the fellow sells alot of them for off grid power. And he told me something I didn't know.Solar panels have a 10 to 20 year life span depending on the type and then they are about impossiable to recycle and you actually have to pay a hazardous waste fee to dispose of them.
Also,unlike the AGM lead acid batterys i buy from him that can be sold for recycle,Lithum cost him 80 cent a pound to get rid of!

Going green,looks good in the short term,but getting rid of the stuff later is exspensive
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 21,Dec,20 17:34 other posts 
In the Netherlands, private individuals can dispose of their discarded solar panel for free in the brown and white goods container in the recycling center.
Our panels have a 10 year manufacturers warranty, 10 year warranty for 90% power output and a 25 year warranty for 80% power output. I trust that they've got the recycling figured out by then.

What do you charge your batteries with? If you live in a windy area, you could make a cheap wind turbine yourself. If you're completely off grid, that's handy.
By up-for-it [Ignore] 05,Feb,21 11:49 other posts 
Great answer, thank you !

Climate change has been happening since the world began (how that began is another debate) but we are speeding up the proces with what we have been doing thus not giving nature and us the time to adjust to the change.

Your tips will help to reduce the impact;

One tip from me; if you can grow your own vegetables: no transport needed and it tastes better; and that is personal experience.

By bustyman44dd [Ignore] 04,Feb,21 05:39 other posts 
We are still in the process of leaving our last ice age which on geological time happened almost yesterday, so we are warming. As to our climate effect i think the industrial revolution would have been more disastrous to the climate than our effect now. i mean everyone burnt wood or coal, all people and all factories. London was thick with smog!
Are we saying that had no effect and suddenly now our cleaner lives are?
If the climate was getting colder i think it would be more of a worry!
We live on the Earth, it doesn't live to sustain us....
If a scientist wants money for a project he has to add climate change or go begging. (cynical i know)!
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 05,Feb,21 07:35 other posts 
"If a scientist wants money for a project he has to add climate change or go begging"

Do you think climate scientists are STUPID or DISHONEST?
Why would anyone give money to scientists to invent nonsense and then spread lies
for eighty years? And how do they continuously acquiring more evidence and make predictions that turn out to be very accurate decades later?
Don't you think scientists would like to do something more USEFUL, if it wasn't true?
Wouldn't you? Do you distrust people that much?

Do you think only that 1% of climate scientists HIRED BY OIL COMPANIES are right?

Oil and coal have been the most lucrative business in history. The whole economy ran or still runs on it. Why would they want to change that? It was even scientists employed by the oil companies who raised the alarm on the climate first. Not a smart strategy to say your employer is destroying the world, if you want to KEEP YOUR JOB!

Would they lie for the money? The average wage of climate scientist is $63,817.
Well educated people can make a whole lot more than that. A pharmaceutical scientist makes $91,206 on average. If they want to make money, they should work for the oil industry and make at least $100,000. Or if they just like lying and think science is too difficult, they could become a lobbyist and make on average $128,438.

The industrial revolution caused a lot of lung disease in the people of London. It even caused moths to change their color to black. Still, global CO2 emissions at that time were a tiny fraction of what it is now. That is because now 89% people in the world have electricity, industry has developed all over the world and not in just a few big cities. Humanity has grown to 7.7 billion people now, which was 1 billion around 1800.
And even if the modern world has switched to oil for the most part, there are still cities thick with smog: only registered users can see external links
By TWOWARMTTS3 [Ignore] 05,Feb,21 08:34 other posts 
It'S not the quality. It's the quantity. World population was much smaller. Factories were smaller and in lesser quantities. What's more, while we, the USA and certain European countries have cleaner manufacturing, places like India and China are still using unscrubbed coal burning for power.
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 05,Feb,21 08:47 other posts 
Yes exactly.

And I will add something else; bustyman44d says: "We are still in the process of leaving our last ice age". How do you know? Because of SCIENTISTS!!!!

The same scientists who tell you climate change is real and it is caused by our unprecedented CO2 emissions.

Don't you think they know about ice ages?
By TWOWARMTTS3 [Ignore] 05,Feb,21 09:29 other posts 
Heck, even fiction writers like Jean M Amuel writes about it. They even know how far the glacial ice reached into what is now the world's tropical areas.
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 05,Feb,21 11:40 other posts 
Sure, sometime earlier than 650 million years ago the earth's surface became entirely or nearly entirely frozen. However that took millions of years to start and recover.
We are indeed at the end of the last ice age, that lasted until about 11,700 years ago. However the last 2000 years was pretty stable, although there was a 'medieval warm period' (of about +0.5C) and after that the 'Little ice age' (of about -0.2C). Those took several hundreds of years. Now (2017) we have shot up to +1C in about a hundred years. It's almost certain we will not reach the Paris Climate Agreement goal of max. +1.5C and will need to do a lot to limit the increase to max. +2C.

So is it hotter now than it ever was? No, it was hotter in the 'Cretaceous Hot Greenhouse', roughly 92 million years ago. That was probably caused by widespread volcanic activity that boosted atmospheric carbon dioxide.
The last spike in temperature, although a bit less extreme, was the 'Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum' (PETM), about 55-56 million years ago. That has been attributed to a massive methane (CH4) release from marine gas hydrate reservoirs.

So why are scientists concerned? Because those previous hot periods either happened very slowly or were set off by a natural disaster, that set in motion a chain reaction. Humanity IS the natural disaster now, because we have increased CO2 levels to unprecedented levels. That way we can set off another chain reaction.
This happens when forests die, when permafrost thaws and rots (-> CH4) or when marine gas hydrate reservoirs are released. We are adding to the problem with our man made deforestation.

But, life survived back then, so why not now?
Sure, life survived, but many species didn't. Also huge areas of land were
under water, because the sea level was at least 45 m higher than today.
That would be a problem, because most big cities are on the coasts.

only registered users can see external links

By Zorilla [Ignore] 03,Feb,21 19:26 other posts 
Fiction, liberal lie

By bannon [Ignore] 20,Dec,20 19:13 other posts 
If you prefer to believe NASA and all the worlds top scientists that have based their opinion on decades of research, information and fact - YES

If you prefer to believe someone with no exeperience or qualifications or relevant study, that is generally lazy and cant be bothered throwing their own garbage in a bin - NO

Vote - oil industry lobby $$$$ - you know they care

Do you trust NASA to get people to Mars - Yes
Do you trust NASA to identify climate change - No, its a communist conspiracy to get fat useless people out of their cars so that when they invade we wont be able to get home to get our guns.
By Strongmember# [Ignore] 20,Dec,20 20:35 other posts 
But I saw on Facebook that climate change is a hoax.. so.. some say it is real.. and now i hear hoax.. in my mind I can only evaluate 2 opposing realities as equal and opposite so.. I'll just say that the science is still out.. the jury is still out..
By phart [Ignore] 20,Dec,20 21:54 other posts 
It used to be global cooling when I was in about the 4th grade,then it was global warming,and now it is climate change. Do you not see the irony of all the changes to the name of the general idea the climate is "changeing"?
Every so often enough evidence would come up to debunk the name so they just changed it and moved along.
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 21,Dec,20 17:53 other posts 
In my youth the crisis was about the ozone layer. We solved that one, without to much trouble.

Solving climate change is a bit more difficult, but just changing the source of power for our houses and industry to renewable energy would be enough to make a big improvement. Does that really sound so problematic?

If the US puts their head in the sand, turns away from science and progress and lets the rest of the world figure it out, than you will loose your significance in the world, you will fall behind more and more, other powers will take over as leaders of the world, everyone will drop the dollar to do business in, you will be isolated politically and see your your jobs shipped overseas even more.
Is this America first or will you just be the biggest losers in the world?
By bannon [Ignore] 23,Dec,20 00:10 other posts 
NASA know nothing. scooter riding comic book reader knows better
By phart [Ignore] 23,Dec,20 10:30 other posts 
Who rides a scooter?
Nasa knows what they are paid to know.
Government funded.
By tecsan [Ignore] 21,Jan,21 22:22 other posts 
I agree, they always change the name to suit their needs for the present situation...
By TWOWARMTTS3 [Ignore] 23,Dec,20 00:13 other posts 
strongmember# we are already seeing the effects of climate change. Just listen to the weather man
--------------------------------------- added after 730 hours

And while at it......FACEBOOK? Never heard of that scientific publication.
I you get out of your car and ride a bike more, you might develop enough stamina to put up a fight, when the commies invade.
By bannon [Ignore] 22,Dec,20 23:52 other posts 
Trump has already encouraged his mate Putin to invade US defence agency software systems. Thats why he was inviting him for dinner along with Mike Flynn and all the other good o'l boys communist collaborators. Just because they were only working with Putin to get trump elected, doesnt mean they arent collaborators.
Then they gain access to US systems on the back of it.
Why not have them roll up at DC?
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 23,Dec,20 03:48 other posts 
You're afraid Trump will cooperate with the Russians to make your country a communist vassal state?
By bannon [Ignore] 14,Jan,21 19:38 other posts 
Putin is pissing himself laughing. What a cunt trump is.AMerica has become a luaging stock. Uganda is taking teh piss out of us
By Ananas2xLekker [Ignore] 15,Jan,21 15:06 other posts 
Trump was awesome for Putin in Russia. I saw a comment of a Russian girl on YouTube, saying that she will really miss the daily Trump show on their news.
They have ridiculed him relentlessly over there. In China too, the communist party
is showing Trump as their best example that democracy is an inferior system.

By zzick [Ignore] 17,Jan,21 13:49 other posts 
Was 2 or 3, sorry for the spelling

By zzick [Ignore] 17,Jan,21 13:48 other posts 
For sure it is, always has.
There wadv2 or 3 mass extinctions before the big one 75 million years ago, or so, that finished off the dinosaurs.

The world and the universe does what it wants.

The question is, are we to blame,
I dont think so.

By zzick [Ignore] 15,Jan,21 11:01 other posts 
You misspelt Wyoming, you're welcome.

By sexyken [Ignore] 24,Dec,20 15:11 other posts 
Everything you have learned and i mean everything learn about ancient Sumerians everything no just main stream documentary's what all sides then come to ur conclusion because this the base of what happening on earth

By sexyken [Ignore] 17,Dec,20 16:42 other posts 
We are being lied to by our governments 20 thousand years ago there was 20% more Cardon in the atmosphere than today so they talk shit but the earth is changing though its cycle as do winter summer and spring there is no difference but we humans haven't been known this and because of we didn't know and we haven't bothered to research this our governments have seen this and are using global warming as excuse to tax us and there was global warming it would be due to the ones who control the world and they expect us to pay for there mistakes which call crimes against humanity which is the most deeply evil that you can go even the bad the bad e.ts are not as bad as the illuminati that run this slave planet until we remember who we are and why we came to be on earth. Then we can take our place among the stars
By Strongmember# [Ignore] 18,Dec,20 04:55 other posts 
Interesting thoughts. Curious as to how you learned all this and put the pieces together.
By sexyken [Ignore] 24,Dec,20 14:59 other posts 
Everything I telling you you can research its how far do you want to go down the rabbit hole
Your message brings more questions than answers, and the only data that is in it is wrong; The last time CO2 levels were as high as todays was about 3 million years ago.
only registered users can see external links
Where did you get your data?

Do you have some proof for your conspiracy theories?
- The governments lie to us? The governments were the last to recognize global warming. It is science and all the data is available for everyone to learn about it.
- The Illuminati that run this slave planet? Where are they? How are they doing it? To who are you or am I a slave?

So, who are we and why did we come to be on earth?
And if we know that, how can we take our place among the stars?
By sexyken [Ignore] 19,Dec,20 01:32 other posts 
Open ur mind go online core samples of ice 20 thousand years ago had more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere than today that is a fact and regardless what you think it is what you know do dnt talk to me when you can't be bothered to do yours research its in font of ur eyes your to involved in your bullshit I need to be told or I read that you twat fucking wake up I call u lot droneys your brainwashed and your with them u are a cunt you fucking lot and u think ur a GD person your feeding the devil if ur a bible basher and if ur not your worse because you believe in science get out house and watch the sky on a Stary night
By Strongmember# [Ignore] 19,Dec,20 05:48 other posts 
This is only one piece of the puzzle. To explain the entirety here would take up too much space. I recommend the Nasa website only registered users can see external links
My mind is open to DATA. The core samples show, the last 800.000 years CO2 levels have never been above 300 ppm, until now.
only registered users can see external links
CO2 levels are above 400 ppm now. That's a fact: only registered users can see external links
So, I've done my research and have given 2 reliable references.
Where's your data?

You got one thing right, I am an atheist. Still, I don't bash the bible a lot, because I like the character of Jesus. However, if you want to understand current events, science is a better source than a book written 3400 until 1700 years ago. If you want to know about the stars, you're better off looking at telescope pictures (SCIENCE) than looking at the sky with your naked eyes.

The acceptance of science is not a belief, because science is the collective knowledge of our species. It is based on observation, experimentation, data gathering, constant debate and reasoning, testing hypotheses and predictions, until the evidence is very well supported and it is called a theory. If science makes a claim, I can check the data, the sources and peer studies and I can make up my mind if the evidence stacks up enough to accept the truth of the claim. If a claim is revised in any way, because of new data, I have no problem revising my opinion on the subject. Apologists often point this out, as science can change their opinion on anything, when new evidence is found, but that only shows ignorance about science. This only happens on topics when the science is not complete yet. The science of climate change is by now irrefutable.
only registered users can see external links
By TWOWARMTTS3 [Ignore] 18,Dec,20 08:52 other posts 
Oh, brother. Quick, turn on the lights and they'll run back into the walls.

The Illuminati?

By stardragon [Ignore] 17,Dec,20 11:29 other posts 
I think like the late George Carlin said: "when the world is done with us it'll shake us off like a bad case of fleas!"
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] 20,Dec,20 17:21 other posts 
that's very profound and very true. *lix*

By Rob00 [Ignore] 15,Dec,20 19:56 other posts 
Fiction,lets start with cleaning up the rivers,oceans,and the waste thrown out onto the roadside,we need to start there first
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] 15,Dec,20 20:38 other posts 
Aussieman and I are always picking up trash, every where we go, you can find some mindless human has left a trail of garbage behind them.. these are the things that are in every ones control, yet we don't put any enthuses on it in schools or advertising to remind people that this is basic stuff .. seeing rubbish flying out the window of car infuriates me ... not even having the patience to wait till you stop and put it in a bin is just lousy.. and it teaches the youngsters to do the same if they see their parents doing it *lix*
By phart [Ignore] 15,Dec,20 20:52 other posts 
Well,next trip the US makes to the moon,some scientist want to retreive the "garbage" we left up there,over 60 pounds worth.SOme if not most,is human shit and urine.They wanted to take home rocks and samples and had to leave excess weight behind.
Scientist want to study the stuff to see how it has changed in the low gravity,no oxygen enviroment.The poop and wiz should have had organisms in it that would either change,die or be fossilized.
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] 15,Dec,20 20:55 other posts 
wow, didn't realise they left that much up there, I would have thought they just left a flag and their footprints in the sand... I did once read one of the astronauts left a photo of family on the moon.. and it would be great to see them clean it up too.. before china gets there and claims it as theirs *lix*
By phart [Ignore] 15,Dec,20 20:58 other posts 
There is a battery powered Moon Rover up there to!I want it brought back!
1 of the original prototypes was found in a back yard in florida in 2018 and scrapped before anyone knew what it was.What a moon buggy!
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] 15,Dec,20 21:07 other posts 
bummer, people don't care about history .. shame the pickers didn't find it and pass on its story.. I seen a little model on the pickers of a landing craft and they knew it was important just having a model from the time *lix*
By Rob00 [Ignore] 16,Dec,20 03:31 other posts 
Yes *lix* lets start cleaning up our own country first,look what clean up Australia Day collects on just One day,our Thanks to Ian Keirnan we need more like him
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] 16,Dec,20 14:15 other posts 
yes we do need more hands .. I walk down the street every morning and every day, I can pick up something .. if every one just didn't drop it in the first place, would make it a far better place.. I cringe when I go down the coast. every gutter has rubbish in it.. the front of the shopping centre is a disgrace.. More Ians and better council management supplying bins and emptying them more often in busy places.. seems local government doesn't care much either *lix*
By Strongmember# [Ignore] 18,Dec,20 04:39 other posts 
@Rob00 tackling garbage, especially plastic waste ending up in rivers and oceans is definitely a great cause that should be tackled in addition to man-made climate change
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] 20,Dec,20 17:03 other posts 
as individuals, I think we a feel pretty helpless to do anything to stop climate change, but we can pick up trash, we can see an instant result from a cleaner area and I hope others see people like us picking it up and realise that they can do their part too, to have some pride in your 'nest', as the whole world is your nest, not just the house you live in... *lix*

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