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What constitutes "World-Famous"?

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #100487 [Ignore] 18,Sep,10 18:02
My wife (Maints-Perfect) has fans of her pics here from all corners of the globe!
So the way I see it....I'm married to a "World-Famous" porn-star
Does (or can) this site and it's global audience (in your opinion) count as "Fame"?
One of her porn pics[deleted image]for reference

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By #579759 13,Feb,19 00:56
Can you and your wife please advise us on how to gain a worldwide audience?

By BushPilot [Ignore] 18,Sep,10 19:29 other posts 
Miriam Webster Dictionary defines "fame" as"

a : public estimation (aka: Esteem) : reputation
b : popular acclaim : renown

Applying this definition, since Mantis-Perfect is certainly renown across the breadth and depth of this web site and as far as I'm concerned, she has a good reputation with her public so, it would seem within the scope of SYC/SYD, MP is certainly famous.

But then, so are you Maint-Man.

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