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What do you find attractive in a cock?

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Started by #467057 [Ignore] 08,Aug,14 00:56
People say mines too veiny or head too big, but some people call it a gladiator or Goliath cock, what is your interest when you see a cock or what makes it attractive to you?

[deleted image]

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By Ablaze [Ignore] 23,Dec,21 06:16 other posts 
I'm attracted by massive thick veiny dark skin cocks since a child. When I see cock like that I just wanna suck it and get fucked.
By #652979 24,Dec,21 12:03
Veins give it a sort of power. Also it shows it is rock hard!

By #654420 24,Dec,21 02:14
I love dark skin cocks, but I'm mostly attracted to the balls, that's a huge turn on for me, i love when they have dark big balls

By #652979 22,Dec,21 13:39
I love veiny cocks. Very muscular like cocks.

By routemaster [Ignore] 22,Dec,21 03:06 other posts 
Foreskins down, foreskins peeled back, glistening knobheads, soft dicks, semi-hard dicks, fully-hard dicks and all complimented by nice big cum-filled balls.

By cumcouplessa [Ignore] 21,Dec,21 22:05 other posts 
Hubby here. Myself and wifey have similar taste. We love ALL cock. They are all special in one way or another, but would have to say our favourite is not too thick, hard with an upward curve, nice big mushroom head and the more cum, the better. She likes both cut and uncut equally, I like a nice long foreskin. All said and done though we realy aren't fussy and have learnt to take what we can get. Cock is SOooooooo hard to come by nowadays

By Egyptian101 [Ignore] 09,Nov,21 01:26 other posts 
I like to check circumcision scars and compare them to mine ( although i wish i was uncut), the shape of the cock when erect, the size and shape of the head... every aspect in a cock basically... i'm a bit of a cock analyzer 🤷🏻‍♂️
By #539214 21,Dec,21 15:16
I wish I was uncut too. I remember comparing with my cousin and seeing him pull the skin back. You know it has to feel amazing when that skin glides back and forth!
By Egyptian101 [Ignore] 21,Dec,21 20:50 other posts 
Yeah. I envy those who are intact!

By lawrenceo [Ignore] 20,Dec,21 05:23 other posts 
It being available for me to masturbate it.

By yoursINmine [Ignore] 23,Nov,21 12:25 other posts 
The smell as you first take down the underwear--musk and sweat and precum.

I love watching it get hard as I gently lick, kiss and suck it. Love the initial twitches and spasms. The sharp intake of breath and then the sigh as I put it in my mouth and feel it get fully hard. Love watching it expand slightly when it slowly comes out of a tight hole.

And I love the final twitches and how it pulsates, the feeling of warmth and the sweet and salty taste it give me. I love watching cum shoot out and the final spasms. And the aftertaste of cum and cock in my mouth that lingers long after and makes me just want to do it all over again.

By Dick60 [Ignore] 08,Nov,21 06:33 other posts 
I like adr size sicks
By liketoedge [Ignore] 23,Nov,21 11:56 other posts 
What is adr?

By #553818 22,Nov,21 15:31
Big purple heads are gorgeous (as long as it isn't just a case of the cock being skinny making it look big).

By Dick60 [Ignore] 21,Nov,21 23:52 other posts 
I really don't know but itakese horny sending my dick pitcherd

By PSerect [Ignore] 18,Nov,21 03:22 other posts 
I love a smoth skined cock, but whats more important and makes them more important is that I like the life support system for that cock. You can have the hottest loking cock in the world, but if you're jerk, it totally turns me off

By bay232668 [Ignore] 11,Nov,21 15:48 other posts 
Oh so many things. I like the size and thickness of big ones, the way they stand erect. So many details to explore. They feel amazing to touch, always warmer than I expect them to be. Smooth heads are awesome to suck on. And of course, playing with a pair of big balls are fun, especially and as a tight scrotum is one of the most unique things I've touched. I love letting my face sink in between a guy's testicles while his erection throbs against my forehead...

By JustWill [Ignore] 28,Oct,21 17:44 other posts 
I find a cock's cockness to be the most attractive thing in a cock.

By lawrenceo [Ignore] 26,Oct,21 08:07 other posts 
Size (average) shape (thick) seeing it cumming

By #631189 21,Oct,21 02:02
Smooth or clippered pubes, small to medium size (4-5.5), short / average foreskin or neatly circumcised, large flared glans. Especially if its attached to a large / chunky guy

By Dick60 [Ignore] 20,Oct,21 17:47 other posts 
Shaved ones

By liketoedge [Ignore] 21,Aug,21 12:20 other posts 
Average size and circumsized are usually the nicest looking in my opinion

By LumpyStump [Ignore] 20,Aug,21 21:34 other posts 
As long as it doesn't smell like a mixture of sour milk, feet, and goat. Next, it can't be attached to a Wooley Mammoth. Nor can it be attached to an asshole. Finally, it must be groomed.

I just love dead threads.

By PSerect [Ignore] 20,Aug,21 20:09 other posts 
Uncut shaved cock with silky smooth skin and just enough veins showing through to make it sexy. Semi hard draped over large shaved balls with the foreskin covering everything except the tip of the head. size doesnt matter, big or small but must be smooth. Thats what makes a beautiful cock to me. And if all of that winds up in my mouth, ass, or both in front of a full length mirror, I would find that very attractive

By tcputts [Ignore] 10,Aug,21 07:44 other posts 
Uncut with a nice foreskin, size isn't that important, I think them small ones looks just as good as the average or big cocks. Usually shaved smooth and veins not very prominent
By #631189 10,Aug,21 13:03
I could help with that!
By tcputts [Ignore] 10,Aug,21 14:25 other posts 
Yours definitely fits the bill! You have a very nice dick!
By #631189 11,Aug,21 12:39
Thank you Sir! It would be better rubbing up against yours

By littlebits [Ignore] 10,Aug,21 13:44 other posts 
Uncut and about 5 to 6 inches, fits in my mouth just right
By #644585 11,Aug,21 10:49
yep. it should not be too big.

By Br3771 [Ignore] 10,Aug,21 21:04 other posts 
Hard, smooth, not too veiny, down my throat

By #644585 10,Aug,21 13:08
I prefer uncut, with a nice big head and veins.

And some good big balls.

By Wipperman [Ignore] 10,Aug,21 07:17 other posts 
Long at least 8 x 6 uncut straight and erect with thick veins and a beautiful showing head

By kupreanoff [Ignore] 06,Aug,21 01:29 other posts 
smaller to mid sized . shaved with a tight ball sack and uncut is a plus . like my own

By LGA6969 [Ignore] 06,Jul,21 15:40 other posts 
I like a big swollen head

By #613564 06,Jul,21 01:27
I'm straight, and only date women, and really don't want to play with guys, but after a fight, or sometimes just really horny, I like seeing all the beautiful ones, on here!!
I kind of prefer the cut, smaller ones, with nice big balls, and shaved is always wonderful!
Sometimes, the bigger ones, longer, or in women's panties, or pantyhose!

By Lvphose [Ignore] 04,Jul,21 01:06 other posts 
Cocks in pantyhose

By Lvphose [Ignore] 04,Jul,21 01:01 other posts 
Cocks in pantyhose [deleted image]

By Lvphose [Ignore] 04,Jul,21 01:00 other posts 
Cocks in pantyhose [deleted image]

By #645561 01,Jul,21 18:46
A good looking, well done circumcision, good shape to the HEAD, and preferably Straight verses curved.

By knewbi [Ignore] 18,Jun,21 17:43 other posts 
If it is hard ad cuming at me... I find that immensely attractive.

By tb1 [Ignore] 14,Jun,21 14:15 other posts 
In my hand, that is what I find most attractive

By liketoedge [Ignore] 03,Sep,20 11:15 other posts 
I prefer seeing average size or even smaller. It also a turn on that they are confident enough with themself to want to show then off
By #631189 28,May,21 13:40
Definitely, small ones are the best
By liketoedge [Ignore] 04,Jun,21 15:21 other posts 
By baldguy2 [Ignore] 14,Jun,21 13:42 other posts 
Agreed. I think cocks with modest proportions are particularly attractive.

By arousal [Ignore] 11,Jun,21 19:40 other posts 
i like a well defined head, thick , big and vascular veiny shaft, big balls are a plus ! something like that :
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By Ablaze [Ignore] 11,Jun,21 04:42 other posts 
I like very much if it is dark, circumsized, veiny, with big helmet head, very long and as thick as possible. Big balls also. Prince Albert piercing as option and other modifications with piercings turn me on also. The expectation that the fat cock will open my gape wide making me feel sweet pain makes me so exited.

By Levig21 [Ignore] 05,Jun,21 09:19 other posts 

By #643024 29,May,21 13:38
As has been said before cocks are made for sucking so I really don't care what they look like just as long as they deposit a big load of thick cream deep inside my mouth

By #281008 09,Aug,14 07:02
well hard to answer this q? cuz I have only ever seen outside of a cock never seen inside of one
By #535695 29,May,21 08:53

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