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Started by #559941 [Ignore] at 21,Jul,18 00:24
Donald Trump won fair and square 2 years ago and dumb-asses can't get over the election? lol

When Fox News Posted that at 2AM on November 9th 2016 it wasn't fake news...

Donald Trump won November 8th 2016. Hillary will not be president ! She has more chances to go to jail than the White house....

It's over ! get over it..

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By erekoses [Ignore] at 24,Jan,20 01:56 other posts 
only registered users can see external links here two sad cases of tds

By SrCums [Ignore] at 23,Jan,20 10:04 other posts 
Did I forget to mention BJUK is a fake made by Hillary Clinton to spy on us Trump Lovers?..

By #600020 at 23,Sep,19 12:02
He's a degenerate. October 11, 2016 Ė Tasha Dixon, a former Miss Universe contestant, accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct. Dixon asserted that Trump walked into their changing room in 2001 while contestants were changing. On the Howard Stern Show in 2005, Trump said about the pageant, ďIíll go backstage before a show and everyoneís getting dressed and ready and everything else. And you know, no men are anywhere. And Iím allowed to go in because Iím the owner of the pageant. And therefore, Iím inspecting it. You know theyíre standing there with no clothes. And you see these incredible looking women. And so I sort of get away with things like that.Ē
By phart [Ignore] at 23,Sep,19 17:31 other posts 
Yea,that is part of being the OWNER of something.That is like you owning your home and someone telling you can't go in there.
DUH.And you know as well as I do most of those women would have laid a golden egg to have Trump screw them thinking it would help them get somewhere either in the pagent or in a good job or whatever.
Folks tend to forget about the casting couch 1000's of women have laid on to get where they are in the world.Kinda handy to have a short memory.

Just for conversation,check back and see how many winners of the pagent are complaining?
By #600020 at 23,Sep,19 18:21
It's not a question if they liked it or not. Would you do that? Would you walk in on your Mom when she's nude in the bathroom? They might not have minded. After all, they were in a show biz life style. But, the correct way is to knock and ask if you can walk in. You want to excuse him. There's no excuse.
By phart [Ignore] at 23,Sep,19 20:26 other posts 
Fault can be found with any man.
No you don't walk in on family.Perhaps a knock wouldn't have hurt but still,it was HIS shin dig,it is not anymore and from what I understand they did away with the bathing suit portion and so forth,turned it into something not worth watching on tv anymore.I haven't kept up but I bet the ratings will suffer.

By #578610 at 16,Sep,19 08:46

only registered users can see external links

By #599768 at 19,Sep,19 16:38
Brainwashed. Just drink the kool aid and laid and leave world at peace.

--------------------------------------- added after 6 hours

I agree with you.
By #578610 at 19,Sep,19 17:01
I'm thinking you dropped out of school before getting to reading and writing classes. You see the URL in blue? It's a shortcut to an article on the net. It's not the only one available. Everyone from the Federal Reserve to megabusiness CEOS are saying the same.
Tariffs are a tax on the American consumer. So, why am I the bad lady?

By talk5s [Ignore] at 16,Sep,19 13:37 other posts 
Trump the Frump IS deranged! How LONG will it take all you blind 'followers' to catch on?!
By phart [Ignore] at 16,Sep,19 14:28 other posts 
Same length of time,perhaps a bit longer,than it will take for the democrats to figure out they are headed down the wrong trail.

in other words,it aint happenin'. We are following the better of the 2 pathes.Neither are ideal and perfect for all,but our path will not lead to the loss of our freedom and distruction our country.
By talk5s [Ignore] at 16,Sep,19 14:50 other posts 
"our path will (not) lead to the loss of our freedom and destruction of our country" say that unbidden, like that is precisely what is in the back of your mind, Phart...I think maybe after a couple of years, just maybe you are waking up...The dems are stupid a holes too. There is NOBODY trustworthy in the US gov't. But trumpily frumpily is really dangerous...Let's just wait and see how he handles N. Korea, Iran, Russia and China. WAY too much for a failed real estate, airline, casino and a simpleton TV reality show guy... I wish just about anyone ELSE was in the WH. Even that Hillary bitch would be BARELY better. We are in scary times and nobody really sees just how dangerous...
By phart [Ignore] at 16,Sep,19 22:02 other posts 
How many other "simpletons do you know that are billionaires might I ask? Hardly a simpleton,if he doesn't know what to do,he hires someone that does. I knew he had the tendancys of a 5th grade bully when I hired him,voted for him,for the job.But,I would rather have a bully in charge than someone that thinks it makes no difference that people died in Bengazi and other things the other option was known for.
The days of a decent man to please the mass's getting the job are gone. No one with serious brains wants the job? Do you? I might would take it but I couldn't please everyone either.
He was the best choice for the job at that time and considering the puppets and muppets the dem's have running this time, He will still be the better choice.

Now let's say even Colin powel that turned on the repubs and supported Obummer.Hell,he would be a much better man to run for the job than that damn give it all away for free sumbitch Sanders.
By talk5s [Ignore] at 17,Sep,19 13:58 other posts 
Actually, I don't know any Billionaires. And neither do you, as el dinaling isn't either. It's all a show, supported by Deutsche Bank, the ONLY bank that will lend him money. Did you miss the part about how many times he's declared bankruptcy? Because our prez is a dead beat. His bankruptcies are undeniable if you care to check. Is that who you want running this country, which is now over 1 Trillion in debt since his election.
I totally agree with you. Dems are crap too. That's because this country is no longer run 'by the people', but by those that are actually rich and in this case, by someone living on credit. Just like lots of Americans.
By talk5s [Ignore] at 17,Sep,19 14:06 other posts 
It's just occurred to me about your statement that 'he hires somebody that does'. Is that why he's FIRED or had so many IMPORTANT people in his administration resign? It's becoming more and MORE like he will make ALL the decisions. Does that remind you of anything, Phart? Because that is certainly NOT a Democracy.
By phart [Ignore] at 17,Sep,19 15:24 other posts 
Bankruptcy is a tool.People use it,other people get mad,the world moves on.Is it good, it right to leave folks unpaid? No. But Trump is not the only person to do it.So to discriminate against him and no one else is wrong.Alot is learned from failures,like what not to do!
.ALOT of people that have a more direct effect on our lives do it all the time.Your local politcians that buy realestate expecting the state to buy it from them for a proposed bypass that doesn't happen.The politcian declares bankruptcy for that "corperation" he formed for his investment.We don't hear about it,he stays quite,and he STILL makes money because he forms a new corperation that buys it at the bankrupcty sale.I KNOW this is how 1 man done it locally.
By talk5s [Ignore] at 17,Sep,19 15:30 other posts 
OK, Phart. Maybe you should reply when you are just a little more lucent...Because beyond all the misspellings and problems with clarity...I hear someone who is SERIOUSLY re-thinking his choice in the leader of America, but is just unable to admit it...It's OK, Phart. Most of us know, already.
By phart [Ignore] at 17,Sep,19 15:43 other posts 
HELL NO< I am not rethinking anything.I KNEW what I was getting when I voted,and I am still thankful I had enough sense to vote the way I did.
You honestly think I live in a hole in the ground and had never heard of Trumps actions before he ran for office? Damn.
We were in the lowest spot in US history since the Great Depression and we did not need to continue down the same road we had been on for 8 years.

I have arthritis and this newer keyboard is narrower than my old 1 So yea, there are some misspellings. OH MY GOD,the world is going to end.Not because of a crazy Iranian with a nuke,but because Phart misspelled some words! lolNot angry with your statements,we can't all agree on everything.Just do me 1 favor. Sit down and see if you can come up with anything the alternative we had in 2016 could have done any BETTER>
1 thing for sure,I seriously doubt she would have sat down with Little Rocket Man.

Think about this as well. Trump has failed several times. How many of us haven't?. Ok,he has been to the top,with no where else to go but President. OK, so anyone with any sense at all knows if America fails, Trump and millions of other people will fail shortly after. So he knows if America fails,he fails, so he is not going to do anything stupid enough for that to happen.
By Scorps [Ignore] at 17,Sep,19 19:35 other posts 
Now who dug this asswipe ➡️ talk5s out from the sewage pit he resides in?
By phart [Ignore] at 17,Sep,19 20:19 other posts 
don't know,I have no issue at this time with the member here,I remember the nick from a long time back,at least the member is not a new 1 that started on the 16th of this month. I did make a comment about San fransico that could have offended him.But if he watches the news,he knows even more than I do about what is happening that once nice city.
By talk5s [Ignore] at 18,Sep,19 13:46 other posts 
I have lived SO many places on this planet. Nothing you can say along the lines of a Trumpian 'beweever' about SFO can offend me. Say what you will about the city across the bay from me. How about the street are paved in shit? Just like that idiot prez has said? See? Don't care. I have walked up one of the hills in SFO and the shit was just flowing down the street in such huge amounts, cars were sliding off the road! Man did it stink!
By phart [Ignore] at 18,Sep,19 15:56 other posts 
Well,since you live near by,is anyone trying to improve the image of that city or are they just basking in the fumes of their new found "fame"?
When you watch movies you can see that once that was a interesting and really cool looking city with the hills and the trolleys and such.But to hear and see on the news what has happened to it,it is sad.And it is like no one seems to care?
By talk5s [Ignore] at 18,Sep,19 13:38 other posts 
Hi scorpio. I see I offended you enough that you remembered me! Makes me SO happy! Let me know what else I can say to really aggravate you.
By Scorps [Ignore] at 18,Sep,19 13:47 other posts 
By talk5s [Ignore] at 18,Sep,19 14:22 other posts 
That's funny!
By #599768 at 19,Sep,19 16:36
On your side and not
Phart bloosom

By #599768 at 15,Sep,19 16:53
TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME are those that follow this dip shit cartoon character.

First off, he only won because of a stupid ass electoral set up that has nothing to do with a one vote election.

He lost the real vote. By almost 3 million.

He is a fucking idiot. Was before this bullshit and worse now.

So go stroke yourself to his orange face. And unload on it.

Love your Adolf Hitler mine set douches. Sieg Heil
By phart [Ignore] at 15,Sep,19 17:08 other posts 
Great, another profile made on the 15th.Hatin trump.Boy are we really getting somewhere solveing the real problems of this world.

By #599768 at 15,Sep,19 19:28
Your name phart fits you.
By phart [Ignore] at 16,Sep,19 22:11 other posts 
I would say your name probably fits to.
"we like to 2 look out the window and watch"the destruction our ideas bring to America".
I didn't think the electorial college was a good idea either until I studied why it is.
It is to make sure that small highly populated pockets,say cities like Sinfransisco and Chicago don't decide how the large parts of the country have to live.YOu must not have a clue what it would be like to try to farm in Nebraska or run a factory in Georgia, under the rules written by someone in Chicago or San fransisco.
It wouldn't work,as those folks have NO fucking idea how to do anything but shoot each other in the streets and shit in the streets.
only registered users can see external links

only registered users can see external links

Wow,the numbers are down from last year! WooHoo,walmart quit carrying bullets!
By #598172 at 16,Sep,19 22:50
The electoral college only elects the president. They are disbanded after the election. They do not elect anyone to Congress. There are 2 senators for every state so every state has the same power as any other state.
The House has 1 representative for every 30000 people. All states get at least 1 no matter how small they are.
Small states with small populations have an advantage in the electoral college. Every state gets 1 elector per every senator and congressman they have. So, you see, the electoral college is not responsible for what happens in the country
By #578610 at 15,Sep,19 17:14

By #578610 at 12,Sep,19 18:01
Someone suggested that I have my panties in a knot. They are not. Not really. There's two of me on site. The woman that loves sex. The woman that is truly me in real life, and this dumb ass that believes in the goodness of people. I'm way old enough to know better. Well, from now on I'm going to cheer every time someone k.ills a bunch of people with a gun. That person is defending the second ammendment to a stupid constitution. The damn thing should be burned. I just hope I live to see slavery brought back. In the meantime, I'm going to fuck my way through life and hope everyone gets fucked too. Go Trump. Take over the country. We'll call you GeneralŪsimo Trump
By Petro635 [Ignore] at 12,Sep,19 23:52 other posts 
It's amazing how much you hate Trump and guns. Did you have same hate for gun when Obama was in office ? What make you think you opinion on guns or anything has more importance they anybody else
By #578610 at 13,Sep,19 07:06
Yes, I hated guns and bigotry as much when Obama was president as I do now. I also hated Trump then, although, I hate him more now.
I don't think my opinions are more important than anyone else's. You have your opinions and beliefs and they are just as important as mine.
The difference is that I believe I'm right and that gives me the strength to fight for what I believe.
Now, I attack ideas that are contrary to mine and question the mindset of people that have those ideas.
Let me give you and others on site some free advice . You don't win a debate by going after your opposing debater. None of you ever say," I don't like your point of view because, A) B) C) etc.
In other words. You don't bring anything more than how you feel.
By Petro635 [Ignore] at 13,Sep,19 16:45 other posts 
Your the one wanting to change the gun laws. What is their to debate or feeling to talk about. We have the right to have guns.its that simple. I get tired of people keep who keep pushing their feeling about guns. Their is really nothing that change your opinion I bet, unless we ban some guns you don't like or you believe people don't need. You don't have to like Trump but you had your chance to vote. Why don't you go after the cazy people shooting people instead.
By #578610 at 13,Sep,19 17:30
You are priceless. Why don't I go after the crazy people shooting people? Are you that dumb? What do you expect me to do. Outlaw people who cause shooting masacres?
Right now you have the right to own a firearm. I want to change that so you DON'T have that right. You can get tired all you want of people that feel like I do. We know that if there are no guns, then this country would be much safer. And, no, there is nothing to change my opinion, because it's right. And I did vote. I voted for Clinton and in the 2018 midterm, I voted all Democratic. Hopefully, Trump will be a one term president. I will vote Democratic again next year.
By Petro635 [Ignore] at 13,Sep,19 20:36 other posts 
See you don't want to do hard work and do something about the cazy people. You would rather take people's rights away because you think that will make thing more safe. That's crazy, you should stand up against the bad people. You don't give up your rights then expected to be more safe. You stand up against bad or cazy people. This is why people don't want your way of thinking to win. Making yourself or people more open to being a victim of a crime or cazy person is NOT better way to live. Their will always be crazy people and they don't care what laws you pass. They will do cazy things. You stop them if you have that ability, and you might protect yourself from being a victim of that crazy person.
By #578610 at 13,Sep,19 20:58
Yeah, ok baby. You make a lot of sence.
--------------------------------------- added after 3 minutes

Living with the fear I'm going to be the victim of a crime or a crazy person is a fucked up way to live. You want to live like that, go right ahead. Get a bunker too.
By Petro635 [Ignore] at 13,Sep,19 21:35 other posts 
You must fear something to be willing to give up not only your rights. You want to take them always from other people. You are the baby or something must be messed up in your way of thinking
By #578610 at 13,Sep,19 21:45
Yes, I fear more masacres done with a military style weapon. You can scream from the top of the hills all you want. It won't change the fact that if there are no guns, there are no shootings. You can talk about rights. You can talk about people, not guns, that kill. You can talk about anything you want. You can even talk about what a bitch I am for wanting to take your guns away. It won't change a thing. No guns, no shootings.
By Petro635 [Ignore] at 13,Sep,19 22:48 other posts 
Your not going to eliminate all the guns in the US, their are to many. Your fear of masacares is over the top probably from watching all the news. Do you fear driving a car so much that you think nobody should drive ? The odds of someone being killed in a traffic accident has to thousands time more. I bet you don't fear driving a car but your more likely to be in traffic accident just like we all are. Yet we still drive every day. Good thing your not the president and Trump is. Let's vote for Trump in 2020 !
By #578610 at 14,Sep,19 10:13
You really believe that?----------Your fear of masacares is over the top probably from watching all the news.--------
Are you not indignant that over 230 innocent people lost their lives since Jan 1, 2019? You think It's what drives me? You are dumber than I thought. Is life so cheap to you that you believe only scared people want to do something about it? The chances of me dying in a mass murder shootout is smaller than getting killed by a falling meteorite. But, I care about other people. Obviously the only thing that you are worried about is having your precious firearm taken from you. You are pathetic. You can't even come up with a good reason to keep them.
By dgraff [Ignore] at 14,Sep,19 10:40 other posts 
Give it up tootsie itís all part of Godís plan when your number is up your done it donít matter how you die I could be hit by a truck or in a motorcycle accident or shot but not till my number is up
By #578610 at 14,Sep,19 12:31
I would not argue with God. I will argue with the NRA. Your argument doesn't hold water. When you are on your bike, do you stop for red lights or barrel through? After all, God will either call you or not.
--------------------------------------- added after 17 minutes

BTW, it does matter how I die. If I go in my sleep, it's preferable to getting crushed to death by aligator jaws. That last one is possible as every pond here has at least one AllŪ Gator.
By dgraff [Ignore] at 14,Sep,19 15:33 other posts 
Hahaha you got gators I have bears 🐻
By #578610 at 14,Sep,19 15:56
We also have 15 foot pythons. Every conceivable poisonous spider. Rattlers, mocasines, coral and Malaysian pit viper snakes. Poison frogs, panthers,wild boar, crocodiles, and TRUMP LOVERS.
--------------------------------------- added after 40 seconds

And Cuban drivers
By dgraff [Ignore] at 14,Sep,19 17:20 other posts 
Scary place and to damn hot for me I go as far as Baltimore Maryland and itís to hot for me
By #578610 at 14,Sep,19 17:45
The one thing we try to keep out is ass kissers.

By Scorps [Ignore] at 09,Sep,19 16:30 other posts 
A thoughtful Tribute to: TWOWARMTTS2

By #578610 at 09,Sep,19 16:57

By Scorps [Ignore] at 09,Sep,19 21:21 other posts 
Difference between yours and mine are... Mine is reality, yours will NEVER happen as you guys have DIDLY on him.
By #578610 at 09,Sep,19 21:30
Mine is wishful thinking. Yours is a nightmare
By #596193 at 10,Sep,19 21:12
Fucking love it
By Scorps [Ignore] at 10,Sep,19 21:15 other posts 
Question is Greg102864... Which one is that you love?
By #596193 at 12,Sep,19 05:12
By Scorps [Ignore] at 12,Sep,19 06:31 other posts 
Good Man!
By #578610 at 12,Sep,19 08:15
Thatís about right. Clown Trump's approval rating is about 1 asshat per 3 people.
Hello asshat.
By #596193 at 12,Sep,19 16:56
Trumps the man fuck what the morons think . I really donít care . Black unemployment is at itís lowest ever . That one fucking right there , should be enough to shut the assholes up but no . Theyíre haters . So I say to them fuck your , heís my president and he will be for close to 5 more years .
By #578610 at 12,Sep,19 17:28
Ok, so I asume you are Black and employed. Well, ok, hope it works for you for as long as he's president. Judging from your spelling, you are well educated and informed on how this president has your back. I wonder why, Obama, a black president, did not get to this point. After all, Obama, a black president, a Democrat, no less, brought the nation back from the worst recesion this country had ever seen. It must have been because he was busy setting up the economy so a man that said Obama was born in Kenya could bask in this glory
--------------------------------------- added after 7 minutes

Us haters, we just don't care for our country. All we do is complain that Trump is not protecting Alabama. We complain about the tariffs on Chinese imports that have made so many products so expensive. And getting upset that our farmers can't sell their crops and loosing their farm is so unfair. Well, I guess we just are trouble makers. I remember when Obama was president and all those nice right wing radio hosts were trying to help him with suggestions. That's what we should do. Support him for being a truthful, honest, fair man
By #596193 at 12,Sep,19 22:31
Hey asshat , 1 you looked at my profile before you posted , so you know Iím white . But I did grow up in the hood . 2 check your spelling on another post where you put Sence instead of sense . Iíve probably have been following politics longer than it took for your nasty tits to start sagging . So please go stfu . You donít know shit except I hate the president because my tv told me to . With that said I will not waste anymore of my time with your stupidity .
By #578610 at 12,Sep,19 22:50
You are right. I'm not as good a speller as I think I am. You go ahead and believe how I listen to my TV. It's good you've been following politics for the last 15 yrs (that's how long it was when my tits started sagging) I'm 67 yrs old and I've been following politics since the Nixon yrs. I was a Republican until Reagan, and I've voted in every national,state,and local election since I could vote. Naturally, you are a man. I couldn't possibly know about the stupidity of other men. It's good you won't spew any more shit.
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

Fifty-five, hey? What a waste.
By Scorps [Ignore] at 13,Sep,19 00:13 other posts 
BTW Dummy! If a bank robber jumps into a black and white car and flees the scene, I suppose you just tell the police it was a black car, huh? Guess what... When Ben Carson becomes President, HE WILL BE THE FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT. Not your beloved 50/50 Obummer.


I bet your one of the ONLY white dumbasses standing on the corner at a gay pride parade holding the "Black Lives Matter" sign too. Aren't ya!? Like a true GIMP
By #578610 at 13,Sep,19 06:46

Black people is a term that is used for a racial group of people with a dark skin color. The meaning of the word is mainly used for people of Sub-Saharan African descent. A meaning that also includes certain groups in Oceania and Southeast Asia.

By Skittles [Ignore] at 13,Sep,19 21:43 other posts 
Make that hat a welders mask for TwoWorms-- her face needs to be covered.
By phart [Ignore] at 13,Sep,19 22:11 other posts 
Sandblasting hood,full coverage.and clear screen,for safety

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