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By leopoldij 10,Apr,21 22:01
I never understood why there is a distinction. Can't someone be top and bottom or neither? What's the point in classifying gay men like this? People should be free to enjoy what they enjoy without labels. Sometimes one might feel this way, sometimes the another way.

By leopoldij 10,Apr,21 21:56
You got a point. Some people say sorry and continue doing what they were doing.

By leopoldij 09,Apr,21 04:07
I'm sorry to offend whomever I did. I know that people get married to a variety of things these days but it's not up to me to criticise anyone. They can get married to their pillow, to their chair, to their gods, to an idea, to a superhero, to a harem, to a jehova witness, to a man, to a she-man, to a he-she-womyn, to their great cousin, to a transvestite greengrocer, to a disabled kangaroo, to a buddhist muslim, and even to a real woman. We can't be critical. I respect all choices.

By leopoldij 07,Apr,21 23:38
One of the greatest pleasures in sex is to make sure your partner is pleased. Doing it to yourself only is selfish and not as fulfilling. I think that extroverts have it better in sex.

By leopoldij 07,Apr,21 23:33
Dressed like this...

By leopoldij 07,Apr,21 16:14
Mmmm nice!

By leopoldij 07,Apr,21 16:13
I'm stretching one here
What do you think?

By leopoldij 07,Apr,21 16:07
Why do you do that? Why don't you find a pussy to fuck?

By leopoldij 07,Apr,21 16:06
Too much stretching

By leopoldij 07,Apr,21 16:05
The one I make myself , look

By leopoldij 07,Apr,21 16:05
I like all kinds

By leopoldij 07,Apr,21 16:04
Here's my latest pussy.

By leopoldij 07,Apr,21 16:04
I'm 2.

By leopoldij 07,Apr,21 16:03
Look at this for inspiration

I'm holding it open with my fingers.

By leopoldij 07,Apr,21 16:02
I like to deposit it in girls and on them.

By leopoldij 07,Apr,21 16:01

By leopoldij 07,Apr,21 16:01

By leopoldij 07,Apr,21 11:04
It's a funny video shot from someone who was trying to tame the animal (goat?) and the animal attacked him and in his attempt his pants went down. It's just funny. But if you think it's inappropriate I could delete it *if* I had an option.

By leopoldij 07,Apr,21 01:15
A rubber band.

By leopoldij 06,Apr,21 22:50
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By leopoldij 06,Apr,21 03:43

By leopoldij 05,Apr,21 12:58
That's what I meant. If I was gay, or if I knew that the security person was a woman, I'd make sure to wear metal cock ring--as much metal as I could--while going through security. And I'd make sure that my cock was hard too. After all, there's no law saying you can't. My choice.

By leopoldij 05,Apr,21 07:57
It's still here

By leopoldij 05,Apr,21 07:54
Depends who you fuck.

By leopoldij 05,Apr,21 07:51
We all do man.

By leopoldij 04,Apr,21 20:27
Although you wouldn't mind if a man searched you....

By leopoldij 04,Apr,21 20:26
Who's licking that tonight? Let me guess... mmmm.....

By leopoldij 04,Apr,21 10:24
I'm glad you like my topic.

By leopoldij 02,Apr,21 19:07
Don't mention it these days.

By leopoldij 01,Apr,21 01:31
National debt of which nation? Tanzania? It can't have that much debt. Neither can Uzbekistan. Maybe the US? No problem either. Three US issues new money when there's debt. Which country are you talking about then?

By leopoldij 30,Mar,21 21:10

By leopoldij 30,Mar,21 12:39

By leopoldij 30,Mar,21 12:38
Is that beer?

By leopoldij 29,Mar,21 14:46
Bud Wiser will prevail.

By leopoldij 29,Mar,21 14:45
He can't thicken his skin. He's sensitive. Not everyone can do that. And it has nothing to do with being grown up. It depends on one's personality.

By leopoldij 28,Mar,21 17:27

By leopoldij 26,Mar,21 07:22
Wise saying.

By leopoldij 26,Mar,21 07:21
Yeah, but some people do it systematically.

By leopoldij 26,Mar,21 07:19
Like this one?
--------------------------------------- added after 21 seconds

By leopoldij 26,Mar,21 07:18
One can rely on good friends:

By leopoldij 26,Mar,21 07:15
Latest upload

By leopoldij 26,Mar,21 07:13
They'll be used soon

By leopoldij 26,Mar,21 07:12
Another topic

By leopoldij 26,Mar,21 07:11

By leopoldij 26,Mar,21 01:33
Lack of practice

By leopoldij 24,Mar,21 21:43
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Do a barrel roll


By leopoldij 24,Mar,21 21:42
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By leopoldij 24,Mar,21 21:06

By leopoldij 24,Mar,21 19:58
New topic:

By leopoldij 24,Mar,21 19:58
Who was doing that?