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By leopoldij at 27,Jan,20 03:17
You're right

By leopoldij at 27,Jan,20 03:15

By leopoldij at 26,Jan,20 11:47
Anybody else from the Vatican here?

By leopoldij at 26,Jan,20 11:43
Use the random option!

By leopoldij at 26,Jan,20 11:39
I appreciate shaved pussy and fuck it a lot.

By leopoldij at 26,Jan,20 11:39
Darling, your shaved pussy is amazing!

Indeed, your rose needs my face
And you're welcome to sit on it
And use it as you wish.
Rub it on,
Fuck it,
Sprinkle it,
Grind it,
Torture it,
Use it,
For Your Pleasure Only.

By leopoldij at 24,Jan,20 04:53
Excellent closeup

By leopoldij at 23,Jan,20 20:58
For me, this is the most important part of having sex.

By leopoldij at 20,Jan,20 18:23
Good one!!!

By leopoldij at 20,Jan,20 17:51
Great position!

Here's me practicing it

By leopoldij at 19,Jan,20 16:24
Glad I made you smile.

By leopoldij at 19,Jan,20 09:06
Really? It was reported that Macron used this phrase? Wow.

By leopoldij at 19,Jan,20 04:15
While riding a ferris wheel with my then girlfriend.

By leopoldij at 18,Jan,20 22:46
There wasn't! It's me who requested Admin to implement it and he kindly did!

By leopoldij at 18,Jan,20 20:52
Two antennas met on a roof, fell in love and got married. The Ceremony wasn't much, but the reception was excellent.

The rest are here:
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By leopoldij at 18,Jan,20 20:44
He surely didn't say that.

By leopoldij at 18,Jan,20 20:41
Doesn't work.
Even in major cities, like London, the portions are very very few and rather pathetic.

By leopoldij at 18,Jan,20 20:36
Use the random selection. Works best when viewing pages of those who have many pics, like me.

By leopoldij at 18,Jan,20 07:15
You're most welcome

By leopoldij at 17,Jan,20 20:53
Use random! Very effective!

By leopoldij at 17,Jan,20 20:02
So you've been selecting the "at random" option?

By leopoldij at 17,Jan,20 15:42
Looks like it

By leopoldij at 17,Jan,20 15:42
Thought so. Thank you.

By leopoldij at 17,Jan,20 15:41
I understand. But that won't stop me from testing you
big Swedish guy.

By leopoldij at 17,Jan,20 09:36

By leopoldij at 17,Jan,20 09:34
Nothing is like craigslist. To meet women who like to have sex, you need to use unfriendly sites that require a lot of info, are full of fakes, make you waste your time and money. Real, spontaneously acting people can't find a venue any longer.

By leopoldij at 17,Jan,20 09:32
Help her by cleaning her ass and pussy with your tongue

By leopoldij at 17,Jan,20 09:31
Looks the same as your older ones. Try taking a a pic next to, or in, a wet pussy!

By leopoldij at 17,Jan,20 09:09
Should the "random" choice be moved further up so that people can find it more easily?

By leopoldij at 16,Jan,20 20:11
I think he meant scream, but he used a verb that makes you run away. Oh well.

By leopoldij at 16,Jan,20 20:09
I know you know, I just wanted you to know that I know that you know.

By leopoldij at 16,Jan,20 20:02
He's not talking about you, he's talking about boys who like these things.

By leopoldij at 16,Jan,20 20:01
What's scram?

By leopoldij at 16,Jan,20 18:04

By leopoldij at 16,Jan,20 18:04
so nice!

By leopoldij at 16,Jan,20 18:03
That's why I thought to publicize it. It's recent. Thanks to Admin.

By leopoldij at 16,Jan,20 10:47
Penises come in all sizes and that's normal. Evolution works this way. As long as you're healthy you shouldn't worry about it. Enjoy life.

By leopoldij at 13,Jan,20 19:44
The porn sites of the 19th century.
People were obsessed with photography.
Surprise surprise!
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By leopoldij at 13,Jan,20 19:42
only registered users can see external links cock ring demo

By leopoldij at 13,Jan,20 02:15
I see... Typical of many women. They deny they really want it. But I guess you did the right thing then.

By leopoldij at 12,Jan,20 21:31
That's a sad story. She would have enjoyed having sex but you didn't offer. What a tragedy.

By leopoldij at 12,Jan,20 21:28
He meant there.

By leopoldij at 12,Jan,20 21:25
Did you know her?

By leopoldij at 12,Jan,20 21:24
Sex on Google street view
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You're never left alone in peace.
Big brother is watching.

By leopoldij at 11,Jan,20 20:39
I agree 200%.

By leopoldij at 10,Jan,20 21:30
A rat

By leopoldij at 10,Jan,20 21:12
What's the difference between a pickpocket and a peeping tom?

One snatches your watch. The other watches your snatch.

By leopoldij at 03,Jan,20 18:40

By leopoldij at 03,Jan,20 17:09
You're very creative! I like it!

By leopoldij at 02,Jan,20 19:40
ESPECIALLY the nipples!