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Your wife's/girlfriend's orgasm

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #640091 [Ignore] 26,Apr,21 17:08
How many of you guys have wives or girlfriends that have great, vocal orgasms? My wife has terrific orgasms. Good God I love hearing and watching her during her moment of pleasure! Its my biggest turn on. Sometimes I'll take her there 2 or 3 times with my hand before I put my dick inside of her. I love it when she cums!

Have you got a woman that cums hard? Let's see it.

[deleted image]

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By Lvphose [Ignore] 13,Feb,22 17:37 other posts 
J was a great talker, moaner, screamer!

By hornyoap [Ignore] 22,Jan,22 15:02 other posts 
My wife used to moan quietly then when she kicked off woulld groan loudly and long while her body was jerking and gripping my dick, when she'd calmed down she always wanted to hit me, though she never did, why, because she hated losing control of herself. Women are just the best and the weirdest things on Earth

By ILoveSex [Ignore] 12,Jan,22 18:11 other posts 
My wife moans while having orgasm but not so loudly. During orgasm her whole body shaking and love to watch it.

By Lvphose [Ignore] 02,May,21 17:32 other posts 
At the very beginning before the slow motion kicks in you can hear her vocal pleasure. Believe me it doesn’t stop there as she screams, moans up to and when she cums!

By german_guy [Ignore] 30,Apr,21 13:39 other posts 
my wife has numerous orgasm and I enjoy it a lot, turns me on a lot

By charles [Ignore] 30,Apr,21 09:29 other posts 
Meine Freundin kneift dann ihre Beine zusammen und mein Schwanz sitzt fest in ihrer Spalte. Sie läßt ihn erst frei, wenn ihr Abgang abgeklungen ist. Und meist darf ich dann nochmal Ficken!

By nekekal [Ignore] 30,Apr,21 00:01 other posts 
My wife never makes a sound. Of course she seldom has an orgasm. But even when she does it is hard to tell.

By knewbi [Ignore] 28,Apr,21 17:20 other posts 
Mine gets off easily and often. Being swingers for years she would get off with almost every guy she played with. Some nights it was a half dozen and more times. I recall one night I was working this sweet sexy woman and she was doing her boyfriend. We heard her get off a couple times in another room. They came into the room where were were and the woman I was doing started eating my wife and she blew it again. Then the guy started fingering her and fisting her and off she went again. Another time when we first started dating she had to have me in every room in the house. So I did her in each room and she got off each and every time in each room.. That is when I decided she was a keeper.
By #640091 28,Apr,21 17:56
Half a dozen times! Holy shit! Man I would be in heaven just witnessing that. Usually my wife has 2 good ones. Occasionally she'll get 3. Once 4, but I can't say she's every had as many as yours in one night. Nice thing with my wife, though, is that each one is progressively more intense than the last.
By knewbi [Ignore] 28,Apr,21 18:14 other posts 
Oh I am and anyone who works he over is too. She loves her sex and it does not matter if it is a guy a girl or a group. She rarely turns down anyone that wants to do her. Being swingers we are just fine with either of u having sex with anyone we want. As a matter of fact she was out on loan last weekend with a friend and his wife.. Gone two days and totally worked over when she got home. But still wanted me to fuck her..
By #640091 28,Apr,21 18:18
Lucky man!

By wycowboy [Ignore] 28,Apr,21 17:01 other posts 
My wife is very vocal when she cums. I love hearing her grunt and moan and scream with her orgasm. The better her orgasm the louder she is.
By #640091 28,Apr,21 17:58
That's awesome. I guess you could say that the sight and sound of my wife's ecstasy is my personal fetish.

By cumcouplessa [Ignore] 28,Apr,21 14:55 other posts 
Hubby here. Wifey is very vocal when she cums. Watching a guy make her cum, and watching/hearing her scream out in orgasm is probably the most exciting part of a 3'some for me.
By #640091 28,Apr,21 14:57
I would enjoy that too. It would be hard to hold my load watching that happen.

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