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Whore wife/girlfriend

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #37543 [Ignore] 23,Nov,09 12:08
How many guys here have a wife or girlfriend that is a working girl?
my wife has been working for 20 years

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By #147052 25,Jan,12 13:58
sick bastard

By #207009 23,Jan,12 17:27
mine is a private stripper doing mens clubs and stag parties she dresses as a policewoman strips then gives groom a blow job oncewe she took on all comers on pool table for a price also once she was gang bang raped but we got plenty of money
By slipper [Ignore] 24,Jan,12 22:14 other posts 
Pictures! We needs pix of HER!!!

By #3034 23,Nov,09 16:17
I don't think that I would be ok with that
By slipper [Ignore] 24,Jan,12 22:11 other posts 
Depends on how much she makes!!!

By #11535 24,Nov,09 10:24
I have not, but my best friend , who is a well educated man and a lawyer, had a long term relationship with a prostitute .. not as a client but as a lover. It was a nightmare for him.. phone calls at all hours to collect her from crack houses or to take her to them ... near escapes after muggings and in one case a knife attack when collecting her from a clients house, not knowing where she was half the time, her threats of suicide when he did not do as she wished, her constant demands for money to fuel her crack habit... yet the man was wholly obseessed with her for a couple of years. Thank goodness he is now out of the relationship and fortunately no 'souvenirs' .
By oldbugle [Ignore] 24,Nov,09 11:06 other posts 
That kind of story is SO very sad,....I had an aquaintance whose beloved wife was a drug addict and he tried with evrything he had to save her including marrying her even tho' he new her background. And, she really wanted him, but the drugs had the last say.......

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