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Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by Eikenhofman [Ignore] 10,Jan,21 00:43  other posts
Name of the site is SHOW YOUR CUNT. Why is it then that some female members show nothing at all?

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By cody8789 [Ignore] 18,May,21 00:42 other posts 
Because most women on this site are said to be really men posing as women
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 12,Jul,21 17:26 other posts 

--------------------------------------- added after 41 hours

La Bjuka shows his clit every day!

By Dev01 [Ignore] 20,Jul,21 03:24 other posts 

By licksipsuckit [Ignore] 20,Jul,21 02:55 other posts 

By Oldgrandad99 [Ignore] 15,Jul,21 05:57 other posts 

My wife’s

By leopoldij [Ignore] 15,Jul,21 05:00 other posts 
Many reasons:
1. They're fake women
2. They're real women but they hate their cunt
3. They're real women but very prudish.

By Rabbit420 [Ignore] 11,Jul,21 07:30 other posts 
I have always considered, along with most women, the word cunt to be insulting and derogatory. I would think that there is a much better and less harsh way to ask the women on this site to show us there beautiful and desirable inner and outer labia. Piss them off and they won't show you anything, but disrespect. Just my opinion.

By leopoldij [Ignore] 12,Jan,21 14:25 other posts 
Not only they're not showing anything but some are also critical of those who do and since really (selectively) hate sex and nudist and keep ranting against it.

Go figure ...
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] 12,Jan,21 14:47 other posts 
when youre in the SELECT few, you can make all kind of stuff up and if you don't know anything about a subject, you can just throw links to fake news sites and call it gospel knowledge... the ranting seems to be mostly political, because they think by hitting a like button on a site or screaming their views on the back of a sex site forum, that it makes a difference to their REAL WORLD. none of them would think to get off their arses and DO SOMETHING... the verbs in their sentences are empty as their skulls, holding political views is like holding water in a sieve ... not one of them DID anything to help their sex lives by being here, or their political party..
and in keeping with the thread, heres a cunt I prepared earlier, not one I copied off a video and 'claimed' it to be mine...but one I took with a camera ... and if you look closely, its human, it has pores and hair follicles...

By leopoldij [Ignore] 12,Jan,21 14:51 other posts 
Human? Why did I think it's a robotic cunt?
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] 17,May,21 18:06 other posts 
No, thats for the pond scum here that thinks all cunts should be bleached white, photoshopped to an inch of being cartoons, and perfectly smooth like a baby's know what a real cunt looks like, this is for the forum creepers that hang on every word I say... while they sit in their far from perfect worlds, too scared to show anything for fear of being ridiculed about their less than perfect features from the people that they've trashed here for years. they put themselves so far above everyone else, that anything less than perfect on their pages would make them feel inferior to the rest of us... hey leo, heres some site news, the dirtbag blacklisted aussie, because he was too scared I might look at him lol,*lix* he and his ugly friends will never have that pleasure, I wouldnt look at their pages if you paid me... just like the cunts page, never have and never will look at it or its ugly arsed dirtbag friends. theyre far too fucking ugly from just their words to bother with wasting my eyes on them.. that scrawny legged thumb pic of the dirtbag made in forum a month ago was pure barf material and showed the dirtbag for the weakling he really is, nothing without a gun in his hands and by the look of him, he could barely hold it up... if thats the 'quality' the site needs, we're all doomed
By leopoldij [Ignore] 17,May,21 20:36 other posts 
You lost me lix. The dirtbag blacklisted aussieman? Which dirtbag? There are so many around...
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] 17,May,21 21:12 other posts 
the same gutless dirtbag that had admin delete my blacklisting reason, as it was too harsh for his delicate sensibilities. too soft to have the truth written about ... *lix*
By leopoldij [Ignore] 17,May,21 22:00 other posts 
A fucking moron then. I see...
By SladeJohnson [Ignore] 16,May,21 15:57 other posts 
Not gonna fake yours, one of a kind and amazing
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] 17,May,21 18:41 other posts 
I guess theyre like fingerprints, everyone is unique *lix*

By onthelose [Ignore] 17,May,21 17:02 other posts 
I cant imagine why showing a tiny slit is so intimating. Nothing to see really. To many women are up tight about sex. Its a wonder there are any people on this planet when so many women in general are against sex. Yes,Yes I know you are a woman magnet and have to drive them all off , but most of us aren't!!!!!
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] 17,May,21 18:36 other posts 
women arent against sex, we're against stupidity... one of the best old sayings ever is 'women are crazy and the reason theyre crazy is because men are stupid'.. its not about showing a little slit, like theres not tens of millions of cunt slits and pics you can look at anywhere on the net?? its about being respectful online to real women. *lix*

By licksipsuckit [Ignore] 11,Jan,21 14:34 other posts 

some people here only want to look at pro porn and shopped cunts, and by doing so, many women are intimidated by the FAKE cunts and don't post REAL CUNT..
when the PRO PORN on other mens pages gets more traffic and views, than an AMATEUR WOMANS page, why would they want to post??? when the men here are supporting the pro porn, why not turn it into another PRO PORN SWAP SITE, just like all the others. its slowly morphing into what ALL THE OTHER SITRES ARE, instead of being a site to SHOWITOFF..
By leopoldij [Ignore] 12,Jan,21 14:32 other posts 
Also, I saw your poll.


should verifications be pulled if the member is found to be using internet pics?

yes definately, internet pics shouldnt be here 56.7% 93

no, we should let them off with a warning
23.2% 38

delete the member totally as theyre very deceptive 20.1% 33

You had more than 160 members replying. That's a good number. Of those, only 23% think it's ok. The majority, 76%, are against internet pics or want the members posting them be removed without a warning.
That says it all.
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] 12,Jan,21 14:53 other posts 
yeah leo, same as the other poll about posting pics here. real pics versus pro porn, nearly 90% think it should be real pics only... which is good, as whats the point of another site for sharing already overly shared pics you can get on hundreds of other sites... the sites changes to suit a minority who don't want it as an amateur site it seems. they would rather stand firm and condemn real women while supporting 'friends', who I might add, called them all cunts when they left lol, *lix*

By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 11,Jan,21 16:29 other posts 
Oh dry your eyes lass!!
By Jamie [Ignore] 11,Jan,21 16:41 other posts 
Show your cunt cunty skittles
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 11,Jan,21 16:44 other posts 
If you insist señor. Here is my cunt- tecsan

By Jamie [Ignore] 11,Jan,21 17:17 other posts 
By tecsan [Ignore] 11,Jan,21 21:39 other posts 
Yep I am what I eat...Like you are what you suck here is my dick of the site-little fred loving skittles...༼☯﹏☯༽
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 12,Jan,21 13:11 other posts 
Well, at least you don't eat that slop you cook up at work!

By robsmith [Ignore] 11,Jan,21 00:55 other posts 
Well, I think a cunt is a cunt is a cunt! I love showing mine off!
By jo64 [Ignore] 11,Jan,21 20:26 other posts 

By Oldgrandad99 [Ignore] 11,Jan,21 07:08 other posts 
[deleted image] Wife’s cunt

By nekekal [Ignore] 10,Jan,21 03:51 other posts 
It is pretty obvious that women are much less interested in their cunts than guys are. Women are much less interested in cocks than guys are too. Lol. Also, not a lot of women are interested in calling their vaginas, cunts. They have any number of cute names but few call them cunts. And finally, not a lot of women members are really women and whoever is posting the pictures doesn't have any pictures of their cunts.

By #621517 10,Jan,21 03:02
Perhaps most girls are less keen to show their cunts than we guys are to show off our dicks. Most girls seem more inclined to show their boobs. Perhaps there should be another site called “Show your tits”

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