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"6 Inch Penises"

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #130099 [Ignore] 13,Jan,11 10:46
Guys with 6" penises

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By lawrenceo [Ignore] 27,Sep,22 03:40 other posts 
When I was much younger, 6 ins was the aim of most boys but now I suspect some like it bigger.

By JustANormalGuy [Ignore] 25,Sep,22 05:27 other posts 
Tbh we don't choose the size of our dicks - you have just got to make the best of what you are given. As it happens, I am in this group - and it's been absolutely fine.

By HelmetHead [Ignore] 25,Sep,22 04:14 other posts 
Here are some great looking 6 inch penises compared with other sizes.
[deleted image]

By towman812 [Ignore] 20,Sep,22 09:24 other posts 

By ScottsCock [Ignore] 04,Jul,22 01:39 other posts 

By Redworm1963 [Ignore] 26,Jun,22 18:22 other posts 
Here's mine...

By #531909 24,Jun,22 10:57
[deleted image]

6.1 here

By #339552 23,Jun,22 18:30
Mines 6 inch

By liketoedge [Ignore] 21,Jun,22 18:44 other posts 
Between 5 and 6 are the best looking. Also the largest percentage of men are in this group
By lawrenceo [Ignore] 23,Jun,22 04:26 other posts 
Not sure what you mean by 'best looking'. I do prefer 5-6 ins but there are still differences which affect how we react and that is a personal feeling.

By galaxy123 [Ignore] 13,Jun,22 08:45 other posts 
mine is 6.25"

By #667453 08,Jun,22 19:47
I'm 6" 😒

By #566722 08,Sep,18 09:00
[deleted image]
Mine cock is 6inch+ I think I will fit here.
By 3fdfd [Ignore] 08,Sep,18 09:57 other posts 
Just about the right size !
By #566722 08,Sep,18 10:37
Good then, I tought it might be a little bigger.

By lawrenceo [Ignore] 02,Sep,18 08:10 other posts 
When at school, the boys seemed to think that 6ins was the ultimate and was what all the girls wanted to feel.

By onthelose [Ignore] 01,Sep,18 18:19 other posts 
I guess we can say that that's what a six inch cock looks like. Much bigger then I imagined. Always assumed that they were larger.

By #566236 01,Sep,18 16:35
[deleted image]
6.5 inches all I got

By #550094 21,Jul,18 13:51
Here's mine...

[deleted image]

Although I enjoy cocks up to 7", I really enjoy sucking
cocks up to 6.5 inches.
Even a 6 is perfect for me to suck it deep enough to
tickle the balls with my pointy "V" beard while I suck.

[deleted image]
By MM_DD [Ignore] 21,Jul,18 17:31 other posts 
Beautiful cock. Good-looking man too. My husband's penis is 6.5" fully erect, and I can testify that it's the perfect length for sucking. I can easily go all the way down to the root and stay there for quite a while with minimal or no gagging whatsoever. I love being able to pleasure him like that.
By #550094 21,Jul,18 19:55
Hey, thanks for the kind words, bud!

I agree with you, with the right size cock long blowjobs
are easier to perform for the entire length of the cock.

I've sucked cocks as big as up to 9 inches, using my
hand as an "extension" of my mouth, and my jaw muscles
were hurting like mad!
Cocks in the 6 range are much more easier for me to gulp.

It just goes to show that "Bigger" isn't always better.
By MM_DD [Ignore] 22,Jul,18 00:02 other posts 
That's true, and you're very welcome! I do recall blowing a guy once who had quite a large penis, although I don't think it was a 9 incher. I did the hand-mouth thing with him too to get him off, but I don't remember my jaw hurting. Anyway, I honed my blowjob skills on my husband's 6.5 incher and am more than content with it.

By heylittleman [Ignore] 21,Jul,18 16:12 other posts 

By brewer45 [Ignore] 21,Jul,18 07:55 other posts 

By #562567 20,Jul,18 07:55
[deleted image]

[deleted image]
My cock is about 6.5 inches

By joyraja [Ignore] 13,Apr,18 16:43 other posts 

By #539358 08,Apr,18 07:48
5 and a bit inch here... is that near enough?
--------------------------------------- added after 36 seconds

[deleted image]
By lawrenceo [Ignore] 12,Apr,18 08:31 other posts 
It is and would be welcome here
By #539358 13,Apr,18 03:46
Thank you Sir!

By ScottsCock [Ignore] 12,Apr,18 17:09 other posts 
My 6 x 5.25

By PoloFields [Ignore] 12,Apr,18 03:59 other posts 
6.5 x 5

By #553294 08,Apr,18 21:40
Here's my 5.75" x 4.75" ginger package:

[deleted image]

[deleted image]

By Toasty [Ignore] 08,Apr,18 08:23 other posts 
6 and a half.

By lawrenceo [Ignore] 08,Apr,18 06:40 other posts 
There was a time when I could have got away with calling my erect cock 6 ins. Especially as photos posted to Internet tend to make them look larger that they are.

Now, I find five ins is my best shot, although it might get another half inch on it just as I orgasm.

By ScottsCock [Ignore] 30,Mar,18 18:03 other posts 
My six inches ....

By #553294 30,Mar,18 17:27
I'm 5.75" x 4.75 when fully erect. Haven't seen a thread for those of us in the 5-6" range. Can I round up?

By #275683 18,May,13 08:36
a place I can call home!

By #291618 18,May,13 01:44
6.2 shoot im not a perfect 6 incher

By #368616 16,May,13 17:11
Just make this group!!

By Odin_york_pa [Ignore] 16,May,13 16:38 other posts 
I like this topic, I fit in perfectly. Exactly 6"

[deleted image]

By #128031 13,Jan,11 11:42
i Love your cock!

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