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Wowed By Large Penises

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #291694 [Ignore] 03,Jul,13 20:52
As a girl on this site I just wanted to share my two cent's. Honestly until coming on here I had no idea that so many guys had large penises. I mean some are seriously huge. My friends always told stories about guys they have been with having big ones and what not, but I really never realized that it was so common. I also always thought my man had a large penis but I am coming to find out his is truly average. I am truly wowed by large penises. Does anyone else feel this way?

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By nekekal [Ignore] 08,Sep,16 15:52 other posts 
Mine is not huge. About 7.75 long and 6.3 around. But it is mostly a pain. Pain for me because most women cannot get it inside of them comfortably and so don't want to fuck. Pain for them because it takes lube to get their cunt slick enough to stretch enough to get my cock into them, and real pain if I go in too far and hit the cervix. I would be far happier with just a normal cock.
By #511804 07,May,17 12:56
Interesting you mention this, a close friend of mine who has been married years says the same thing. His first wife divorced him he believes for this reason. She was never able to take him all the way.

His current wife is built larger and it still takes them a lot of foreplay before she can take him.

I did read some where many women would love a one night stand with a guy like you. But would prefer to marry a average sized man.
By RealTitsLover [Ignore] 08,May,17 05:40 other posts 
I'm the same size (only slightly thicker), minus half an inch on the length, which I'm grateful for, since I just barely bottomed out with the girl I dated the longest (height: 5'3"), and she said it was perfect.

I know all about the thickness seeming like too much, and I'm wondering, does it make you laugh too, when a girl mentions how tight she is? If I ever find a pussy that isn't tight for me, I'll be very surprised... Anal's basically out of the question, but I'm alright with that.

Lube has never been necessary for me, though. I enjoy foreplay, at least the first time that I fuck a girl that day/night. Which works out well because it seems to take around 12-16 hours for it to be just as tight again. I usually eat the girl out and use two, then three fingers on her to help her stretch out some. I usually do it from a position where they can play with my cock while I'm doing it, and by the time they beg me to stick it in, they're soaking wet.

Since I enjoy doing all that, and it makes them want it even more, not to mention how great they say it feels inside them and the fact that they're more impressed and turned on by the thickness than they are with other ones, I'd say it's worth the extra effort, to me anyway.
By nekekal [Ignore] 27,Mar,18 16:53 other posts 
A woman saying she is tight always makes me laugh. For me, all cunts are tight. How could they not be. And, lol, how would she really know? Guys tell her that she is tight, but they also tell her that they have 8 inch cocks. Some women will believe anything.

Getting a woman good and aroused and wet, helps getting a fat cock into them but there is nothing that you can do about length except fuck gently. Lol.

By #363802 08,May,17 05:47
There are lots of BIG FAT beautiful cocks on here, I am also wowed by them! I would LOVE to have one in me! ♥️ ♥️ ♥️
By #485312 08,May,17 07:28
you can dream on about most the big ones, they photo shop the crap out of them, even in porn vids, they use dildos, *lix*
By #363802 08,May,17 12:14
I know some here are photo shopped, I like to think that most of them aren't (a girl can dream right? ) but I seriously didn't know they did that in porn,I mean, it doesn't look like a dildo, unless it's some kind of trick photography
By Rob00 [Ignore] 21,Mar,18 19:35 other posts 
Well said *lix* your spot on

By #380915 21,Mar,18 19:13

By DarkMax [Ignore] 21,Mar,18 15:24 other posts 
A good girl

By #551082 21,Mar,18 09:39
It should be mandatory that penis size be listed on your drivers license. On mine where it stated the size would simply have a frowning sad face...

By #121361 09,May,17 02:19
[deleted image]

By #491232 08,May,17 12:43
How do you like this [deleted image]

By bigone21 [Ignore] 09,Jul,13 16:24 other posts 
if there are 10.000 guys on this site, statistically 300 of them are HUNG! and that seems to be the situation..!
By #475526 08,May,17 11:37
my wife says that 'hung' is 8 inch and bigger

By #532824 08,May,17 10:20

Just for reference

By #532824 08,May,17 10:19
Guess it deopends on e\where you measure from too, top or under from the ball sac. My first wife thought I was perfect, well my cock was perfect, my second I botomed out when I went deep and hit cervix, now I just hope for the right guy to suck me. Guess it just a personal preference.
I'm just happy mine still works at 69.

By #526047 08,May,17 08:28
[deleted image] mine is small but still show it off

By Alwaysnude [Ignore] 07,May,17 10:58 other posts 
Most of us only post the best pics that make us look bigger and some guys are just huge that tfat

By #533985 07,May,17 05:21
Am now 52 years young but most of my life I was sure that I had a very small cock and because of this i have missed out on loads of things. At school I was that embarrassed about my size that it made me inhibited when it came to changing in front of others . I used to find a way to be excused from doing sports so that I didn't have to get changed or shower in front of classmates etc . I became shy (if that's the right word) . Chatting up girls was a definite no no for me cause I believed I would be ridiculed and more. Never shagged my first woman until I was approx 23 . Until about 5 years ago I had only shagged about 10 women and that includes 4 prostitutes. I can go on. Then about 5 years ago I said to myself "fuck what anyone thinks or says" and have shagged 4 women , played with another 3 (but mot fucked them) and had the chance to fuck another 5 but turned them down , not because I was embarrassed but because they didn't turn me on for various reasons. In fact one of the women ive fucked said I had a big cock (I replied "put your glasses on" lol) , another woman said my cock was fat . I laughed. Any way , yes I am not big or huge when erect but I have an average size cock . My flaccid cock is tiny (About 1 inch and disappears in very cold conditions). One of My friends has a flaccid cock which is about the same size of my erect cock but only grows another 1 and a half inches when erec , butt he can suck his own cock wen it's soft lol. .I am a "GROWER not a SHOWER" my confidence has grown exponentially and I no longer am ashamed/embarrassed etc about my size . Chatting up women is much easier , and overall my life has become so much richer/better.

By Raypark [Ignore] 09,Sep,16 11:08 other posts 
According to last and most current survey, the average penis is actually 5.25 inches. Some of the previous surveys relied on the word of its participants which can add a bit ... Lol. The percentage of smaller and bigger penises from the average is only 3% respectively. Therefore, there are very few men that are huge ( 6" or larger). Another thing to consider is that men who are endowed will more likely flaunt it than the average men, making the larger penis seems more common than it actually is. let's also not forget the angle of those pics and touch ups that many men use to make themselves appear bigger than they really are, why ???

By #518816 08,Sep,16 22:33
To be honest, I'm not real surprised. Most men think themself smaller than they are.
I thought I was on the smaller end but many had commented that I was bigger.
I guess that I was pretty surprised to find out that I'm on the "bigger" end
By yeahright [Ignore] 08,Sep,16 23:41 other posts 
After looking at your pictures I'm surprised you ever thought you were on the smaller side. That picture with the bluray case leads me to say you're right around the 7" mark which is well into the large range. Myself being only 5.5" (5.75" on a good day) have always thought I was on the smaller side. That perception has actually increased since finding this site.

By #496814 08,Sep,16 13:07
My gfs have that the first time they have sex with me .

By Bendy [Ignore] 08,Jul,13 18:05 other posts 
Too big and they get all flimsy like mine

By #124665 07,Jul,13 01:07
Your guy looks a little more then average in length and girth.. This site has some big dicks on it but that's not the norm in reality, they are quite rare. And a big dick don't mean the the sex will be better, you see girls in porn loving it but they are paid to. Most women can't handle that on an everyday sex basis and even them porn chicks marry guys that aren't huge for that reason. Big dicks are just eye candy. Just like the tight lil blonde slutty girl I wanna fuck, then you realize she sucks in bed and I can't pound the hell out her cuz it hurts her and it took a half hour of foreplay just to enter her ugh!

By #315268 03,Jul,13 22:37
my wife went through the same eye opening experince as you but that being said alot of the pics here have great and flattering camera angles
By bella! [Ignore] 03,Jul,13 22:48 other posts 
Yes, camera angles that compliment and MAJ0R enhancements!
By #124665 07,Jul,13 00:56
Yup, take a guy that's 5'5" 140 lbs with a six incher and it will look huge in a pic. You see this a lot in porn, these porn guys aren't big dudes and the chicks are tiny. An eight incher on a big tall guy will look average.

By #400850 04,Jul,13 21:27
unsolicited remark:
you are stepping on a danger zone
the moment you start exploring on your ever growing desire could lead to a potential wreck to a love relationship...once you get hook, you'll love it and would be tempted to trying out with your new found excitement, that would eventually ends up a once good old love affair..
By #124665 07,Jul,13 00:40

By bigone21 [Ignore] 05,Jul,13 17:06 other posts 

By vibrator777 [Ignore] 05,Jul,13 11:19 other posts 
mon pénis je viens de dire

By WristThick [Ignore] 04,Jul,13 17:12 other posts 
Some are seriously huge and you can tell with proper comparison and measuring pics. A lot of the others are just good camera angles. A cock that's 8" in length by 6" in girth is only found in 1 out of 200-500 men, depending on the survey you look at. So definitely rare.

By #220845 04,Jul,13 09:11

By #394343 04,Jul,13 01:06
Does mine wow you?

By diamund [Ignore] 04,Jul,13 00:14 other posts 
every time i look in the mirror

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