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What is the kinkiest place you have shot your load?

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Started by #20664 [Ignore] 16,Dec,10 12:26
Other than the usual pussy, ass, face or tit shot. What is the kinkiest place you have shot your load, like the movie version loaf of bread in a store kinky...

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By #648364 10,Oct,21 02:16
This site isn't extreme BDSM nor extreme fetish friendly so I will simply respond with like I would share... its 50 shades of vanilla on here.

By cumcouplessa [Ignore] 09,Oct,21 22:41 other posts 
Hubby here. In my mates mouth whilst he was slow fucking wifey. Was a special moment, as I came, he erupted deep inside her. Almost felt like my cum was going straight through him and into her, lol.

By leopoldij [Ignore] 09,Oct,21 19:30 other posts 
Swingers club. On the face of a really fast woman while she was being fucked by a black guy. When I finished, a man standing next to me kissed her and tasted my cum that was on her face.

By #632705 09,Oct,21 10:31
This fag I knew worked at the local University few times in the chapel, several times in this massive area for air intake for the building, custodial closet,

By #648692 09,Oct,21 10:11
When I get a new machine, and Iím alone in the shop I cum on it. Same for important tools.

By #535695 07,Aug,21 17:12
Once a guy jacked me to shoot my load on his cock. Then I had to suck him off with his cock covered in my cum.

By #632553 24,Jan,21 13:27
I worked at nursery when I was 22. One of the ladies there came into the room i was working in and we started talking eventually she ended up giving me a hand job and when I came she made sure I shot my load all over some flowers that were on sale.

By #64328 25,Oct,18 12:05
Many years ago while spending the night at a friends house I was jacking off. He wanted to watch me do it. He stood next to me watching but still had his underwear on. When the feeling started building I ask where he wanted me to shoot it, thinking he would want me to shot on the carpet. He opened up the fly on his underwear and said...shoot it in here. I slip my dick in and humped my load in his briefs
By #571187 03,Jan,19 06:24
Now thatís hot
By #64328 03,Jan,19 10:50
By Blade [Ignore] 16,May,20 22:33 other posts 
After you loaded his shorts and dick, what was his reaction? when I shot my cum on my cousin, he got pissed.
By #64328 17,May,20 12:22
It definitely turned him on and he immediately started rubbing and shot his load in less than 30 seconds

By Olderguy321 [Ignore] 30,Dec,19 14:32 other posts 
This morning i was walking around the house naked, wife was at work ,i got hungry and horny do i made some oatmeal and jerked off while cooking in the kitchen and shot my nice hot gooey load into my oatmeal while i asx eating it .Taste so good.

By #600269 30,Dec,19 05:31
During college I used to go out around 2am completely naked and walk around my neighboorhood jerking off and unloading over doorknobs from houses and handles from cars. Love the idea of someone having my cum on the hands without even noticing

By #607878 30,Dec,19 00:26
...on jetliner red eye flight

By tixHH [Ignore] 26,Dec,19 06:24 other posts 
i blow my load many times in my female coworkers yogurt. i think, they need some extra protein!
By #607273 26,Dec,19 06:41

By qhaos [Ignore] 26,Dec,19 01:54 other posts 
The kinkiest? I think you can see it on this site...

By Mrfrisky [Ignore] 25,Dec,19 00:40 other posts 
Into the mouth of whoever was on the other side of the gloryhole.

By #281008 28,Aug,14 04:49
into the tube family toothpaste all the family liked the new flavour
By #559659 14,Oct,18 12:52
Yep have done that myself
By #607273 24,Dec,19 22:04

By Lvphose [Ignore] 09,Dec,19 02:02 other posts 
In a cemetery!

By #604077 05,Dec,19 23:35
Several restrooms in parks, beach, woods. One night I parked in the corner of a mall parking lot, stripped nude, got out of my car and jacked until I blew my load in the parking lot.

By bil47 [Ignore] 05,Dec,19 20:16 other posts 
At a gay-sex orgy, with 20 or so naked men in attendance.

By SluttySarah069 [Ignore] 05,Dec,19 18:25 other posts 
In my jeans when watching a porn movie in an adult cinema and the guy in the next seat started to feel me up.

By #536316 05,Dec,19 14:20
for me, I would say it was the time I was at the beach and very horny, had a hard time keeping my cock from poking out of my swimsuit. So I decided to go into the ocean and release my balls of their load. I got into the water, about chest deep and pulled down my suit and masturbated right there next to all the other swimmers. I was looking at the girls in their bikinis and came in about 10 minutes.

By #557381 11,Oct,18 17:15
i used to work at mcdonalds, i worked morning shift starting at 5am so i often didnt get a chance to jerk off in the morning, so i always had to go to work hard as a rock. throughout the day i would go to the walk-in freezer and whip my cock out because the cold air felt so good on my cock, and i would stroke it a bit, but one day i just went hard and jerked until i came. Stood there cock twitching in my hand and just shot after shot of cum hitting the floor. I didnt clean it up and it froze, was still there a couple days later and no one noticed
By bi1953 [Ignore] 05,Dec,19 05:52 other posts 
Secret sauce?

By mrnobody6039 [Ignore] 03,Dec,19 16:43 other posts 
In the face of a Barbie makeup head. In the forest preserve on top of used condoms left by other men. Unfortunately I couldn't find any help

By #576878 13,Jan,19 22:34
Straight in my mouth or other time in my mom's used dirty panties.

By #575872 03,Jan,19 19:10
I love to cum on my face
By leopoldij [Ignore] 07,Jan,19 18:55 other posts 
Do it then and show us

By #571187 03,Jan,19 06:29
High school boys freshmen bathroom listening to the sloshing sounds of a freshman jacking off

By shavedpubis [Ignore] 03,Jan,19 02:43 other posts 
on the gyno chair

By #568188 25,Dec,18 04:44
Outside in the car late at night a very big empty place

By #573046 24,Dec,18 22:14
I think kinkiest place where I blew my load was in my friends mom's panties few times. I found his mom's dirty used panties and masturbated in his bathroom.I put her panties on my cock and finished myself in her black thoongs.Same was with other friends sister panties.

By leopoldij [Ignore] 19,Dec,18 02:42 other posts 
Into a girl's mouth yesterday.

By #531302 17,Dec,18 16:12
Into a girls champagne glass as I she and I snuck into the bathroom right before the New Years ball dropped. She drank it down at midnight:champagne cum and all. It was a exciting New Year with her...

By #545468 12,Dec,18 11:06
I was over at a friend's house helping her move some boxes around. Her brother came home and 15 minutes later I shot my load onto his pita. He did the same and we ate it together. then we got normal and 69'ed.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 12,Dec,18 11:27 other posts 
What about your female friend? Did she find out what happened?
By #545468 12,Dec,18 23:47
Yeah, she knew we were going at it. Her brother and I never shut the door. She was okay with it ... Even shut our door when the parents came home

By #571688 11,Nov,18 15:59
One time my mom got home so drunk that she **** on a couch.She was wearig mini skirt and I saw red thongs under it.Got pretty excited so I checked her bra and it was matching red.She had a huge tits and I made her nipples visible for me.So I masturbated in front of her, looking at her nipples and blew my load on her big round ass making a mess on her skirt.

By #557060 27,Oct,18 02:00
"Back in the old days" i used to take pics for another site, which i miss and can't recall the name (somewhere with a pink interface) and took quite a few pics with my cock in between a hotdog bun with condiments and stuff, some of them had me set up on a plate, with the foreskin peeled and a thick streak of cum from the tip of the plate to the table. It was a nice pic, i kind miss it.

By #423426 26,Oct,18 13:20
This pales into insignificance in comparison, but while at the nude park I kept getting an unwanted boner. When it went down, I went to the bushes at the far end, which also happens to be the gay cruising area, for a wank. I found a secluded spot, but noticed a nice sunny grassy area close by where two guys were soaking up the sun. I had a hard on again so I walked over, stood between them and jerked off til I came on the grass while they both watched, wanking their stiffening cocks as they did. Afterwards, I walked off without saying a word to enjoy the rest of my day's nude swimming and relaxing.

By #568737 13,Oct,18 11:27
In school during a math lesson. We were in old style school desks. I was against a side wall and the boy in front made it obvious he was interested in my cock. He reached back and I leaned forward and he was able to stroke my erection through my trousers till I came. Vice versa I did the same for him. The teacher never noticed.
By #537175 22,Oct,18 11:41
have done that a few times , but with a guy sat alongside me . few times we have left huge d eposits on the floor
By #568737 24,Oct,18 11:53
Hope teacher didnít notice. Our cum just wetted our underpants! Reserved my school naked cock HJís for the school toilets.
By #537175 24,Oct,18 14:50
no we didn't get caught , but in a different class another guy had his fly undone and hard cock sticking out . teacher from front asks him what he has under desk and to stand up . he was quite a well hung lad and was desperately trying to cover the offending body part .I think the teacher was more embarrassed then he was

By #64328 22,Oct,18 14:02
Most recently, Standing at a urinal in Home Depo restroom. I had to be quick and get off before someone walked in on me.
By kebmo [Ignore] 22,Oct,18 19:53 other posts 
Get in, get off, get out!
By #64328 24,Oct,18 11:43

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