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Where is the craziest place you have had sex?

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #75617 [Ignore] 14,May,10 19:22
I would have to say on my ex girlfriends floor while her super strict father was about 10 feet away. And i fucked her pretty hard...i prolly could have died that day.

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By Mrfrisky [Ignore] 11,Jul,15 12:13 other posts 
I once got blown in a stairwell at the Tropicana in Vegas by a woman I met 30 minutes prior. She swallowed. We could hear people in the stairwell above us but no one came down to where we were.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 13,Jul,15 19:59 other posts 
How much did she charge?
By Mrfrisky [Ignore] 14,Jul,15 22:46 other posts 
She charged nothing. I gave her a tip about a table game that we both were playing. She won some money and was very appreciative.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 15,Jul,15 02:51 other posts 
That must have been so exciting. To fuck a woman you just meet under the stairwell! Wow!
By Mrfrisky [Ignore] 18,Jul,15 01:40 other posts 
It was quite a rush.

By leopoldij [Ignore] 05,Jan,15 13:48 other posts 
I've recently masturbated and ejaculated in a dressing room in a fancy store. Check my latest pics on my page. [deleted image]
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[deleted image]
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[deleted image]
By boc [Ignore] 06,Jan,15 00:14 other posts 
Your date is ghostly white. I hope she is ok.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 06,Jan,15 01:08 other posts 
She's thanking you for your concern.
By boc [Ignore] 06,Jan,15 01:13 other posts 
Lucille, has messed my mind up. I am a latent mannequin fetishist.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 06,Jan,15 07:14 other posts 
Who is Lucille?
By DJS [Ignore] 07,Jan,15 10:38 other posts 
By leopoldij [Ignore] 07,Jan,15 12:00 other posts 
By boc [Ignore] 07,Jan,15 23:36 other posts 
only registered users can see external links
By leopoldij [Ignore] 08,Jan,15 09:17 other posts 
i understand!!
By boc [Ignore] 07,Jan,15 23:47 other posts 
only registered users can see external links
By Blade [Ignore] 14,Jul,15 00:12 other posts 
What store was that? What kind of store?
By leopoldij [Ignore] 14,Jul,15 03:02 other posts 
A clothing store.

By slipper [Ignore] 28,May,10 22:01 other posts 
In the middle of an open public park in Kansas during the middle of a busy, sunny, summer afternoon, hidden only by grass just higher than our butts.
By JeffinKS [Ignore] 07,Jan,15 08:51 other posts 
you were in Kansas and you didnt tell me?!?!?!? heheheheh

By #269409 06,Jan,15 01:49
When we just got out of high school we had sex in the girls toilet in a pub at the coast , there were girls that heard us and they peeped over and from below and even threw us with ice , when we walked out they've obviously told everybody and almost everyone in the pub applauded , we also had sex on the beach at night while people were walking by .......we've had sex whilst driving and in cars , we had sex next to our friends while they were sleeping ........turns out they weren't sleeping Hahahahaha , also did it on a sail boat and guys on they're jet skies kept coming closer to see more and my gf now my wife loved it when people watch Hahahaha ,we once were busy fucking and our door was open and a friend walked in and just chatted i could tell everybody was enjoying it as the friend didn't leave and we didn't stop .....it was very hot cumming inside my wife whilst looking and talking to our girlfriend , masterbated whilst i knew my friend was looking over the toilet cubicle and finished off he pretended nothing happened , then we always have quickies in our national parks which is dangerous but never been catched by any one
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Oh yes and then a while back we were fooling around in the movie house there were about seven or so people in front of us a few rows down she then lifted her skirt and spread her legs wide open i started playing with her pussy and when she came i was all hot and couldn't help my self so i pulled down my pants and fucked her swollen and wet pussy right there on the seet , my heart was pounding of adrenaline and i exploaded inside her , very risky but very hot

By newwt10 [Ignore] 03,Jan,15 13:56 other posts 
Senior year of high school was 18 in the back of the school bus. Only a few were left on the bus when a girl I like was staring at me and I at her. She came to the back and stood in front of me biting her lip and lifting her skirt to show me that she was not waring panties. Needless to say I took out my cock and she rode my cock so slow and hard I have never felt that much pleasure since!

By cazzoduro69 [Ignore] 03,Jan,15 09:35 other posts 
The place more weird where I had sex and it seems strange but it's the bed of my grandfather while he was sleeping in the next room I fucked his second wife much younger than him (32 y old) .... and was exciting dangerous at the same time and continued for years.

By #481113 03,Jan,15 04:52
In a empty room at my church I talked my GF at the time into sucking my cock..
By boc [Ignore] 03,Jan,15 09:07 other posts 
I had sex with my then girlfriend in the parking lot of a church on our way back from the beach in Misquamicut.

By boc [Ignore] 03,Jan,15 08:32 other posts 
One of my exes gave me a blow job in the back seat while my mother drove me back to college when I was 18. Another ex got my cock hard in a bar and guided inside her while I stood in front of her stool. No one seemed to notice.

By #70550 29,May,10 14:21
My craziest place was in business class on a flight to australia. another was in a hotel swimming pool. a restaurant bathroom. Quite a few other places

By #12873 29,May,10 00:03
in a playground on Halloween..

By #50082 15,May,10 08:58
In a church bell tower. Thankfull no one rang the church bells. However, I got mine rung.
By #75617 19,May,10 04:54

By #23212 16,May,10 19:49
In the 1970s, there was a restaurant chain, started in the San Francisco Bay Area, called Victoria Station (see in 'Wikipedia'). They had actual railway cars for parts of their restaurants. My girlfriend and I had a favourite loft in one of their actual caboose cars, where we often enjoyed more than just our dinners!

By spermkiss [Ignore] 16,May,10 15:07 other posts 
I've posted this before, but it's worth another go for those who might not have seen it the first time.

It was on stage at an outdoor music pavilion late on a rainy summer evening. Seasongood Pavilion in Eden Park in Cincinnati for anyone who might live there and there were cars driving by on Art Museum Drive just a few hundred feet away. Another guy and I stripped nude and sucked and fucked each other.

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