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Listening bed squeaking kink

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by Greekdick69 [Ignore] 07,Jun,21 10:01  other posts
When I'm hearing my neighbour's bed squeaking rhythmically while they having sex it turns me extremely on, and when the noise is getting faster and louder I can't keep myself and cum huge loads! Also when I having sex I make sure my bed is heard as much as I can.. Anyone can relate to this and share some good stories?

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By Gntlmn [Ignore] 16,Jun,21 00:07 other posts 
I remember fucking my deep-pussy gf in an apartment with hollow walls -on the other side was her quadriplegic younger br∆ther. We just had a mattress on the floor, but her ecstatic moaning was constant.
--------------------------------------- added after 46 hours

He'd broken his neck diving off a riverbank into too-shallow water. Only 18 years old. I'm sure he could hear the liquid hissing and squishing of our genitals, and the snorting and farting noises between her big titties and my pecs. We fucked really loudly all night long.

By liketoedge [Ignore] 15,Jun,21 15:20 other posts 
Hearing or seeing others have sex or masturbating when they are unaware that they are being heard or scene is definitely a turn on.

By DJS [Ignore] 15,Jun,21 08:37 other posts 
30yrs ago whilst on holiday me & the ex gf & and a mate & his mrs,were next door in the hotel rooms,anyway one night after a night out,there headboard started banging on the wall,went on 3mins tops,so I thought fk it,started fingering the gf,with my right hand whilst with my left hand banging the headboard against the same wall,this went on for about 30mins before I then started to fk her,which went on for about 1hour,the following morning at breakfast my mate mrs said,they couldn't sleep with the noise coming from our room,I said it was only a quicky,I looked at my mates face it was a picture to be hold.

By leopoldij [Ignore] 13,Jun,21 15:15 other posts 
I used to rent an apartment as a student with 3 housemates, 3 girls, 2 guys. Set sone point, a couple moved next door and their bedroom was next to mine. They used to duck almost every day, sometimes twice a day. I was getting horny each and every time, and I was masturbating. Then I started getting riskier and used to enjoy myself, I guess I was being loud too. One of my female roommates complained one morning that the next door couple was being too loud. She asked me if the noise bothered me at all. I lied. I don't hear any noise, I said. And then why are you jerking off when they fuck, she asked? I got caught by surprise and felt shame. I ran into my room and never opened my door, and masturbated very quietly. One day, when the couple was really loud, it was the middle of the night, she knocked at my door and said she couldn't sleep. Oh, sorry I said. She asked, point blank, wanna fuck? Before I knew it, she pulled my bed sheets and I was exposed with hard dick. The rest was very pleasant. We fucked like crazies and made sure to make lots of noise. This was repeated many times throughout the year. One of the best years of my life.

By phart [Ignore] 13,Jun,21 15:02 other posts 
To be honest,when i am tired,and not sleeping at home,sex is not the first thing on my mind when I lay down to sleep.
While camping a few years ago,I had the missfortune of having to listen to a teen age couple banging in the toy hauler in the next campsite. Campers are not well insolated,so 20 feet apart,3 am,not much other sound, ug. all I can say is,Lucky bastard she was enjoying herself,But I didn't get to sleep for the noise!!

By phart [Ignore] 13,Jun,21 15:00 other posts 
I spent the night at a place a couple days ago.All I heard was doors slamming and squeaking door hinges.
No I didn't offer the manager any oil,but I should have. Next time I go there,I will take ear plugs.

By conversexx [Ignore] 13,Jun,21 14:14 other posts 
Stopped in a hotel in Holland couple next door were fucking It turned my wife on so much she climbed on my cock and fucked her herself crazy
While fucking her she admitted this had been her fantasy to listen to people fucking

By phart [Ignore] 07,Jun,21 15:09 other posts 
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Squirt this around all the joints in the bed frame, should help with the noise.

This should help squelch the moaning and squealing.
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Be sure to remove after mating.
By #644094 09,Jun,21 20:49
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By mattyboy90 [Ignore] 07,Jun,21 12:49 other posts 
Can't relate so much anymore now that I live in a house, but when I was younger and living in an apartment, I had a couple next to me who fucked loud. Their bedroom was literally on the other side of the wall from my bed... the guy was a grunter, moaner, and pretty dominant. I could tell all of this by listening to him... I'd instantly start jerking off and cum very quickly. I had a fantasy that he was bisexual and would come take care of me, treat me like the bitch he had next door!
By Greekdick69 [Ignore] 07,Jun,21 17:29 other posts 
Super hot man!

By AngelOfDeath [Ignore] 07,Jun,21 13:19 other posts 
My Fiancée has gotten some complaints from his leasing office that his neighbors have complained that I'm quite vocal… 😆
By Oddmanout [Ignore] 07,Jun,21 17:23 other posts 
That’s fucking awesome!!

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