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Fat girls pussy do you like it better than skinny

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by Jrbowen2016 [Ignore] 04,Jun,20 08:55  other posts
My girlfriend has a fat pussy and it feels so good and gets very wett and squirts.my wife has a fat puffy cunt and it feels good to.i like chubby and fat pussy better than skinny girls what is your preference

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By overeight [Ignore] 09,Jul,20 00:33 other posts 
Hey if its wet and tight its fun period. Now if its stsnky and you can stick both hand in and clap and hear an echo well not so great. But I can da this,the worst I ever had was still good.

By Strongmember# [Ignore] 04,Jul,20 10:08 other posts 
puffy labia i find attractive. for licking the pussy i prefer thinner frame (skinny legs) because they tend to not sweat so much and smell nicer

By lovetolickyou [Ignore] 04,Jul,20 01:04 other posts 
I think fat girls can be really sexy and desirable. I love eating their pussies but I found when I tried to fuck one the first time, I found myself wishing for a much longer cock because she was so chubby that I wasn't getting in near as far as I wanted to. I still think plush girls are sexy, and there's lots of other things to do beside fucking.

By dgraff [Ignore] 03,Jul,20 22:32 other posts 
A fat girl is like a moped there fun to ride but you wouldn’t want your friends to see you riding one

By #612966 03,Jul,20 18:24
I have two girls to please. Two girls who are dating each other too.
One is a milf type with a juicy chubby pussy and one petite girl who is very tight.

I love the difference and i love them both.
By Jrbowen2016 [Ignore] 03,Jul,20 22:15 other posts 
Nice sounds like you have fun do u have any pictures of them

By #485312 10,Jun,20 00:30
give them fat girls a wolf whistle next time you see one walking down the street.... she'll appreciate it *Lix*
By Jrbowen2016 [Ignore] 10,Jun,20 08:49 other posts 
I do I love chubby pussy
By Jrbowen2016 [Ignore] 03,Jul,20 06:53 other posts 
I give them more than a whistle
By #485312 03,Jul,20 17:32
that's great, l wished you would give me one if you seen me. its great that someone out there is giving us a cheer *lix*

By #551147 03,Jul,20 07:13
Big bitches need lovin too!

Better than?

Ummmmm I wouldn't go that far. Nor would I say that a skinnier chicks is better. That being said, I would say those malnourished bitches pussies are probably not very good. 😉

By #614425 02,Jul,20 11:52
fat girl need fucking too

By knewbi [Ignore] 05,Jun,20 11:15 other posts 
While I love all pussy give me a fat pussy any day... So comfortable.

By bi1953 [Ignore] 05,Jun,20 06:25 other posts 
BBWs are the hottest!

By cumcouplessa [Ignore] 04,Jun,20 14:55 other posts 
Hubby here. Chubby is DEFINATELLY the way to go. Nothing beats a nice plump, horny chick 👍👍👍👍

By #522791 04,Jun,20 12:01
Love BBW pussy...I definitely love fat chubby tight hugging pussy lol

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