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Fake accounts

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Started by Daniel [Ignore] 14,May,20 11:26  other posts
Hi guys,
unfortunately there are too many fake girls on here.
Let's collect them here.
Looks like reporting doesn't help to stop these fake accounts.

passbi2 is fake: /member.php?w=594600

I found "her" pics on chaturbate - passbi2 collected pics of several couples there and uploaded pics here.

[deleted image]

[deleted image]

hope this will help.
Don't waste your point for fake girls here

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By licksipsuckit [Ignore] 23,Jul,21 16:44 other posts 
admin I have lots of people wanting to be verified ... so they can enter comps, but it seems just like before, VERIFIED MEMBERS WITH FAKE PICTURES are entering comps yet again.. so my question is, why do we have to verify all these other honest members to enter competitions, when the reason for being verified members to enter comps, was put on by a pair of fakes who needed an edge to win, and have now returned and again are entering FAKE PICTURES in the comps and are again verified by the same people as before, fully knowing they're FAKES???..
cuntrycouple54 aka alwaysfucking returned with the same pics and are again entering into competitions.. so when these pics are found and proven that they are video stills off pro porn videos, will the members who verified them again have their verifying rights revoke this time ??? or will the rest of the site have to follow the rules while this pair of fakes blatantly use these fakes pics in the comps, ruling out other people with real shots who would like a chance to win ???
By Jamie [Ignore] 23,Jul,21 17:32 other posts 
I Google Alwaysfucking pictures and they are Real so I'm not losing my plrvige to verify.

By Twowarmtts3! [Ignore] 17,Jul,21 09:35 other posts 
This HOMO is a turd

By licksipsuckit [Ignore] 18,Jul,21 16:44 other posts 
they both love golden showers, and especially from a dog *lix*
By Twowarmtts3! [Ignore] 18,Jul,21 17:06 other posts 
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 20,Jul,21 12:43 other posts 
Eat homeless assholes you old bag!

By AlwaysFucking [Ignore] 01,Jul,21 07:47 other posts 
We just want to clear something up for everyone. We were never deleted from this site. Administration made that clear. We left on our own, we deleted our account. So this bullshit that *lix* is spreading that those who verified us before should have been deleted as well, is bullshit. Those members were never in jeopardy because we were never deleted. Don't let this crazy woman warp your brain. She's nasty and spreads hate.
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 01,Jul,21 08:50 other posts 
White Precious (Lix) has indeed lost her mind. How anyone can find that tub of lard sexy is beyond me. It is not like if she lost say, 95 pounds she would be hot. Nope. She is just an ugly broad! Those meth head teeth she has are amazing!

What a sad life she leads!
By #605848 02,Jul,21 13:55
I wonder if if lix would Roll down a hill if you kick her butt...
By Twowarmtts3! [Ignore] 17,Jul,21 08:18 other posts 
AlwaysFucking thanks for the clarification. I like it all except the last two sentences. Not because of the meaning but because I believe we (me included) are going down a dark hole where we use insults instead of reason.
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 17,Jul,21 08:32 other posts 
Angel1227!- Saggy Granny, go take more of your meds! You and your cuck Charlie
By Twowarmtts3! [Ignore] 17,Jul,21 10:01 other posts 
I think the above pic ( /z8fa6japjvezpic.html ) says it all. My advice is you go back to your basement your Mom provides for you and just wank as you dream....yes, dream...what a woman (or even a man) would be like to have. Tell me, is that cold water in your flat preventing you from washing your ass?
By AlwaysFucking [Ignore] 17,Jul,21 18:19 other posts 
Hi Candy. Just so you know, when we came back your friend was disgusting to us. Threats and all. We thought we could move past this with her. We did not blacklist her until she said nasty stuff for 2 weeks then poof, she blacklisted us. We were optimistic, but she just drove it right back where it left off 10 months ago. She talks to us as a threat to her.
By Twowarmtts3! [Ignore] 17,Jul,21 18:30 other posts 
I understand. I hope you understand where Iím coming from.
By SrCums [Ignore] 18,Jul,21 17:35 other posts 
You are coming from hell, right?
By Twowarmtts3! [Ignore] 18,Jul,21 18:09 other posts 
By Twowarmtts3! [Ignore] 18,Jul,21 21:10 other posts 
Yes, hell is like heavin only hottar
By bella! [Ignore] 17,Jul,21 15:04 other posts 
No, members that verified you as CountryCouple54 were not in jeopardy of being deleted however we were in jeopardy of being stripped of our privilege of verifying members.
By AlwaysFucking [Ignore] 17,Jul,21 18:12 other posts 
Well maybe you should withdrawal your vote for us this time around to prevent that from happening.
By bella! [Ignore] 17,Jul,21 18:31 other posts 
I can do that if you like.
By AlwaysFucking [Ignore] 17,Jul,21 18:39 other posts 
It's all your call. We're not here to fight with anyone.
By SrCums [Ignore] 18,Jul,21 17:36 other posts 
Good conclusion..I agree
She is nasty and a control freak always trying to take control of the site with her "G'Day just stopped by to wish you a super sexy day" So annoying and only fools fall for it.

By licksipsuckit [Ignore] 20,Jul,21 01:46 other posts 

the fake fucks are already twisting the stories ... I threatened them???? ask the fake fucks how I threatened them!!! youre full of shit then, youre full of shit now.. I called your fake arse shots out as fakes from the moment I saw them, and the moment I knew it was you and 'wifes' shots, I blocked your sad losers arses ... its nice of you to warn your 'friends' that they might better off to 'unverify' you because you know youre still a pair of fake fucks.. you should warn all your 'fake friends', 'those cunts' as I remember you called them, and I dont have to make shit up and insinuate what I said, or you said, did, or pretended to be.. Im telling it how I see it.. I called your fake arses out. your fake video derived shot looks just like I say it is.... hope you changed your loser bio from 'we're new here' to 'we're a pair of old fake loser fucks, that dont have any new material'..
I dont like snakes, and I will always block people that are snakes, fakes and losers. next time you try to explain your lies, get some real people to weight in... Ive only seen you and a bunch of bitching trolls backing your 'story', keep telling it... someone might pretend to believe it *lix*

By cody8789 [Ignore] 27,Jun,21 22:29 other posts 
Daniel, you need to not side with the lies you here from other members, if you don't like a member, blacklist them, and not vote to delete them for the wrong reasons, Thankyou.
By SrCums [Ignore] 28,Jun,21 15:24 other posts 
Blacklist or ignore
By dgraff [Ignore] 29,Jun,21 07:22 other posts 
Well said Cody I donít think I ever seen him vote for no deletion ever
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 01,Jul,21 08:53 other posts 
Daniel is a grassing cunt that takes his orders from White Precious and the talking cat he hears in his mind.

He was part of the crew that tried to grass SrCums this week. Fuck him. He is also on The List
By Daniel [Ignore] 01,Jul,21 09:05 other posts 
What the heck are you talking about? I don't know who you are, neither I voted on anything. Look how old this topic is. Never used it again since then.
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 01,Jul,21 13:15 other posts 

Daniel A lying rat? Or, a blind monkey just pressing buttons?

This lump is verified by Aussieman- The member that Lix likes to cuck
By bella! [Ignore] 01,Jul,21 15:29 other posts 
That type of referral really cheeses me off. The referral is not an egregious offense that should or would warrant anyone being deleted.

Also, I question whether the members that voted to delete SrCums are able to remain unbiased and possess the integrity to vote fairly. I'm all for leaving a comment as to why I voted as I did however, the ABUSE REPORT/PANEL is not the place to blatantly lie. SrCums has had different profile names but none of the ones that that delusional cunt mentioned. Members need to wonder where she gets her information from. Funny, she wants members to believe that she knows that the IP address used by SrCums is the same IP for all the profiles that she named, and then some.

These are admin's guidelines for members voting on abuse referrals made;

"No guidelines. If you do not have any common sense you should not participate here! If you "freeze" deletion of something really important like child porn you are banned from the site no matter what."

Clearly, members licksipsuckit, leopoldij, CaptainCanada, Daniel, DLoneStar and Countcumalot have not exhibited common sense and at least 2 of the 6 members, based their vote on their personal feelings and their vindictive nature.
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 01,Jul,21 16:54 other posts 

100% agree... mindless morons taking orders from Lix.

LIX should post these IP address schemes... Since is is so well informed!
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 02,Jul,21 12:35 other posts 
No comment or further denial/lies from the rat Daniel typical site window licker.
By SrCums [Ignore] 02,Jul,21 18:32 other posts 
The bastard Daniel has been verified by Kwann
By Twowarmtts3! [Ignore] 17,Jul,21 08:12 other posts 
Daniel you kicked an ant nest. Good for you.

By licksipsuckit [Ignore] 17,Jul,21 06:11 other posts 
only registered users can see external links
oh look!!! the rat and super coward of syd pa-freddy had another of his multiple fake profiles deleted, looks like you got another one 'harpooned' ..
By Twowarmtts3! [Ignore] 17,Jul,21 08:08 other posts 

By licksipsuckit [Ignore] 02,Jul,21 17:02 other posts 

2 pussies, not even the same ... COUNTRYCOUPLE, posting fake cunt shots then and still posting fake cunts now as ALWAUYSFUCKING.
yes, countrycouple left on their own because of the embarrassment they brought on themselves by posting WEB SHOTS IN CONTESTS AND GETTING CAUGHT DOING IT... and admin took their verification from them ... so they chucked a huge tanty like a pair of losers cunts, called all their FRIENDS cunts, and left spewing lies with their tail stuck up her fake cunt pics, JUST LIKE THE ONE YOU HAVE NOW... showing someone elses cunt and trying to pass it off his wifes cunt... these cunts arent even the same.. you can cry about being fakes all you like, but your attitude and your ways are still the same, the only way you can win anything here is to cheat and lie, and post video derived shots ... "gee look at us newbies, we have never been here before, we were such a pair of losers on the big web, we had to come here because the big web swallowed us up and spat us out again here.." were the trolls are welcoming to fakes and you fakes love to pretend they were asked back ???? for what, to SAVE THE SITE FROM THE TERRIBLE AUSSIES only wanker fakes would say something like that... the site went on without you, it didnt need your fake pics, and still doesnt, its you who needs fake appreciation to make you feel better for being losers at everything, you cant lie well, you cant fake well and youre not at all sexy ... your cock is probably as limp as the reasons you say youre back... youre back because youre losers. an you know you have a bunch of fakes here to back up your loser life story...
BEWARE OF THE FAKES..... alwaysfucking

By notynyt [Ignore] 01,Jul,21 19:59 other posts 
Reply to @bella
First - this is not an admin issue. We are not small enough children to take the help of others for our misunderstandings. Shouldn't even take it. It should solve itself.
"Equality"..? The basic principle of nature is that it is not equal. Everyone's nature is different. Be it trees, plants, or animals, birds. Trying to equate it is foolish political theory. Politics takes place under the guise of these inequalities.
I come to the topic. What is the difference between a fake member and a real member? He is breaking the rules, deceiving himself and also playing the emotion of other friends. He should not get a chance, he should be punished. That is why the law to punish has been made. How many fake members will you try to save? Would you like to request deletion of photos from fake members every day? I have a long list of fake members. Or would you like to punish these fake members, according to the rules? If you prefer to request deletion of photos from fake members every day, then you are not only harming your time and self esteem, but you are also abusing your rights. And you are also encouraging other fake members that they have been violating the rules of the site. This is harm for the site. If you use your rights at the right time, then you will also feel proud and your respect will also increase.

Secondly, I know that staying in this site for a long time leads to good friendship with some people even if they are fake members. If his profile is deleted, can't he come back with a new ID? Of course he will come again and he will be reunited with his friends.
Claiming photos - You should also read their reply to their comments. Undercover Angel is telling you that she is claiming her photos. haven't you read Or intentionally ignoring it? Deleting photo - 16 photos are still uploaded to his profile but only two are showing for members. Useless political logic to protect such fake profiles is to deceive oneself.
Use your rights for good members. I have seen that you keep pulling the legs of even good members. That's why I have blacklisted you. I have no shortage of abusive people in your forum. I am 10 years old member. I never answered any hate. I have always been calm. I have never spoken to these people. Still don't know. What kind of stupid people are your best friends? Everyone is blacklisted, still keep barking.

By Twowarmtts3! [Ignore] 01,Jul,21 17:58 other posts 
Dgraff, you are an incredible ass. I explained to you and the site how Iím able to post in TWO accounts. You are such an ignorant, functional illiterate that nothing penetrates that block of wood you call your head. Get over it, MOTHER FUCKING HOMO.
All these members make some kind of sense even if I donít agree with them. You? Just trash. Go back up the mountain. Invite @SirSkittles@ and you can have a threesome

By Jamie [Ignore] 25,Jun,21 09:36 other posts 
Redbonexxxx just came back after his two accounts went poof
By leopoldij [Ignore] 26,Jun,21 08:49 other posts 
Report him then
By AlwaysFucking [Ignore] 01,Jul,21 07:27 other posts 
We never called you a cunt. lix is doing what she does. Spreading lies and being a cunt.
By notynyt [Ignore] 01,Jul,21 08:26 other posts 
Don't worry about what some people say about you. Everyone has their own different thinking. People keep saying anything about me, even though I have never spoken to them. They just hate. They have a right to hate. I can't do anything. That's why I go on my way. You too go on your way. And has been posting new some erotic photos from time to time. It's a simple thing. I never presented my explanation. Don't do that either.
By Jamie [Ignore] 01,Jul,21 08:44 other posts 
I don't know what you and notynyt are about. This has to be about redbonexxxx
By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 01,Jul,21 08:48 other posts 
NotyNYT is a fucking bampot. He is on The List for being a grassing cunt.
By notynyt [Ignore] 01,Jul,21 08:55 other posts 
Hahah, By mistake I replied here. Take a look at my comment below.

By notynyt [Ignore] 01,Jul,21 06:27 other posts 
Is it fair to give a chance to those who flout the rules of the site for years? Older members are more responsible than new members. Those who see daily read that we are violating the rules of the site. They are doing this intentionally. And more importantly, some old members gather in the abuse panel to save those fake members. How do they argue to save those fake profiles as if it is their own fake profile or their special friend's fake profile. These people are also violating the rules by making unnecessary arguments or freezing the report. By doing this you are not only violating the rules, but you are giving courage to all those fake members that they have been violating the rules. By doing this you may be successful in saving them but you will fall in the eyes of other good members.
A fake member was reported by @Leo yesterday. He was violating the rules of the site for many years. When the @undercoverangel asked him to delete the photos, he blocked her. @Bella freezes the report. Even after this, that member changed the setting of the gallery by not deleting the photos. You guys think yourself, is @Bella also not violating the rules?
By licksipsuckit [Ignore] 01,Jul,21 07:06 other posts 
yeah,'the cunt' just verified another pair of long running fakes too. alwaysfucking the ones that called her a cunt too!!! she is so hard up for 'real friends' she'd rather back old fakes, than get her head out of her arse.. they had their verification taken for using their fake pics in contests and now theyre back with the same video snaps, trying to pass them off as their own. I hope next time they go down, admin takes out the ones that back them too. *lix*
By AlwaysFucking [Ignore] 01,Jul,21 07:24 other posts 
Since lix blacklisted us so we can't read her response crying about bella, tell lix she can suck our ass. Thank you.

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