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By notynyt 26,Jul,21 07:12
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Do you remember Osama bin Laden? The Taliban terrorist was prepared by America itself. What kind of politics, instigate poor people in the name of religion, then give them weapons in their hands. So that we can break any country into pieces and rule them. When the same weapons stand against themselves, prove them as terrorists and put them to death. Look how the people in Afghanistan are suffering. People suffering from hunger are now consuming bullets of terrorists. And the people of America are eating food on a gold plate.

By notynyt 20,Jul,21 14:52
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By notynyt 20,Jul,21 14:48
What happened in Afghanistan? Will Taliban terrorists rule there? Who created Taliban terrorists?

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By notynyt 14,Jul,21 19:14
It's not an idea, it's a basic principle. You do some study first. Putting aside the political mind. I would urge you to read Two Fundamentals of Indian Culture. 1. Anekantvad 2. Nyaya Philosophy (Hinduism, Buddhist, and Jainism). Then we can discuss other questions.

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By notynyt 14,Jul,21 09:54
Everyone agrees. But the main thing is how do you judge who is a criminal? Sometimes even the Supreme Court gives a wrong decision. Different media have different sides. People have their sides. Then how can you justify your own decision?

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Reply to @bella
First - this is not an admin issue. We are not small enough children to take the help of others for our misunderstandings. Shouldn't even take it. It should solve itself.
"Equality"..? The basic principle of nature is that it is not equal. Everyone's nature is different. Be it trees, plants, or animals, birds. Trying to equate it is foolish political theory. Politics takes place under the guise of these inequalities.
I come to the topic. What is the difference between a fake member and a real member? He is breaking the rules, deceiving himself and also playing the emotion of other friends. He should not get a chance, he should be punished. That is why the law to punish has been made. How many fake members will you try to save? Would you like to request deletion of photos from fake members every day? I have a long list of fake members. Or would you like to punish these fake members, according to the rules? If you prefer to request deletion of photos from fake members every day, then you are not only harming your time and self esteem, but you are also abusing your rights. And you are also encouraging other fake members that they have been violating the rules of the site. This is harm for the site. If you use your rights at the right time, then you will also feel proud and your respect will also increase.

Secondly, I know that staying in this site for a long time leads to good friendship with some people even if they are fake members. If his profile is deleted, can't he come back with a new ID? Of course he will come again and he will be reunited with his friends.
Claiming photos - You should also read their reply to their comments. Undercover Angel is telling you that she is claiming her photos. haven't you read Or intentionally ignoring it? Deleting photo - 16 photos are still uploaded to his profile but only two are showing for members. Useless political logic to protect such fake profiles is to deceive oneself.
Use your rights for good members. I have seen that you keep pulling the legs of even good members. That's why I have blacklisted you. I have no shortage of abusive people in your forum. I am 10 years old member. I never answered any hate. I have always been calm. I have never spoken to these people. Still don't know. What kind of stupid people are your best friends? Everyone is blacklisted, still keep barking.

By notynyt 01,Jul,21 08:55
Hahah, By mistake I replied here. Take a look at my comment below.

By notynyt 01,Jul,21 08:26
Don't worry about what some people say about you. Everyone has their own different thinking. People keep saying anything about me, even though I have never spoken to them. They just hate. They have a right to hate. I can't do anything. That's why I go on my way. You too go on your way. And has been posting new some erotic photos from time to time. It's a simple thing. I never presented my explanation. Don't do that either.

By notynyt 01,Jul,21 06:27
Is it fair to give a chance to those who flout the rules of the site for years? Older members are more responsible than new members. Those who see daily read that we are violating the rules of the site. They are doing this intentionally. And more importantly, some old members gather in the abuse panel to save those fake members. How do they argue to save those fake profiles as if it is their own fake profile or their special friend's fake profile. These people are also violating the rules by making unnecessary arguments or freezing the report. By doing this you are not only violating the rules, but you are giving courage to all those fake members that they have been violating the rules. By doing this you may be successful in saving them but you will fall in the eyes of other good members.
A fake member was reported by @Leo yesterday. He was violating the rules of the site for many years. When the @undercoverangel asked him to delete the photos, he blocked her. @Bella freezes the report. Even after this, that member changed the setting of the gallery by not deleting the photos. You guys think yourself, is @Bella also not violating the rules?

By notynyt 26,Jun,21 20:29
It is the only religion in the world which gives detailed description of the subtlest living beings. It is based on scientific facts. He does not believe in the creator of the universe. You can become God yourself. Focus on yourself. The universe continues on its own. It works on the principle of conservation of energy.

By notynyt 26,Jun,21 20:20
There are 7 elements -: 1) Jiva (soul) 2) Ajiva (non-living matter) 3) Punya (results of good deeds) 4) Pap (results of bad deeds) 5) Asrava (influx of karmas) 6) Samvar (stoppage of karmas) 7) Bandh (bondage of karmas) Nirjara (eradication of karmas) 9) Moksha (liberation.

Yes it's look like Buddhism. But lots of difference between Jainism and Buddhism.

Jainism is one of the oldest religions in the world. It is based on complete non-violent religion. Buddhism begins with Gautam Buddha. Gautam Buddha was the first follower of Jainism. He became the first Jain monk. He was unable to do severe penance. Then he chose the middle path. Which led to the formation of Buddhism.

By notynyt 26,Jun,21 15:48
No, nature moves only by breath. Every living being in nature breathes. Water, vegetation, earth, etc., they all breathe in the same way. Like the dissolution of water. Many types of gases are also emitted from the earth. We all complement each other. Breath is life. By releasing co2 from the breath, the balance of nature is created and not exploited. The more you need o2, the more different creatures need different items. Everyone cooperates with each other. We should understand the exploitation of nature in different ways. The basic meaning of exploitation is when you take illegitimate advantage of your basic rights and do not cooperate for the fulfillment of them. That's called exploitation.

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