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Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #467057 [Ignore] 11,Aug,14 05:11
I've wanted to try gay sex for the first time and wouldn't mind recording it. I find myself "well hung" enough for good quality porn but just don't know the right people. I wouldn't mind gay porn or straight porn, I just love turning other people on by them watching me. Nothing turns me on more than someone complimenting me/ fantasizing about me. Which is kind of one of the reasons I joined this site. Does anyone else have this feeling aswell? Or maybe any tips on the right people to contact to be in porn?

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By Rachel_G [Ignore] 22,Apr,23 16:54 other posts 
I love watching porn movies and I wish I am the girl with many guys and cocks 🤤🤤🤤

By Lvphose [Ignore] 22,Apr,23 16:47 other posts 
I always wanted to try but only have performed in homegrown movies! Now that Iím much older I probably would only qualify in some femdom video where Iím edged, toyed with and made to cum!

By Louis [Ignore] 13,Apr,23 06:24 other posts 
I always wanted to be photographed naked by a professional photographer.
By XJacker [Ignore] 13,Apr,23 08:41 other posts 
Your amateur pictures look pretty good. Those thick dark pubes and your sexy white panties are a real turn on!
By Louis [Ignore] 14,Apr,23 05:53 other posts 
Thank you!

By bostonspdo [Ignore] 13,Apr,23 21:54 other posts 
I did a little porn when I was younger, and being an exhibitionist at heart, I thoroughly enjoyed it and found it an erotic experience. I recommend it if you want to try it. Just realize that it is not like your fantasy. You have to do what others want you to do, not what you want to do. You may have to perform in front of a group of people. And you do have to perform. Still, go for it.

By #613910 29,Dec,20 00:07
I can't tell you how many men and women have told me I should be in Porn. Even at 50 they're still telling me that.
By DJS [Ignore] 29,Dec,20 07:12 other posts 
I will give you audition sexy

By Lvphose [Ignore] 23,Dec,20 17:10 other posts 
Iíve always wanted to play truth or dare and be dared to see if I could get myself hard in front of several women

By #584883 05,May,19 06:09
[deleted image] I have already been in some gay bear pornos and loved it, I highly recommend being in one!

By #566668 29,Sep,18 18:19
public nudity

By _avg_ [Ignore] 15,Jul,15 23:51 other posts 
So you wanna be a pornstar, eh?? ...

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By #485312 15,Jul,15 23:39
you could make your own, theres a few amateurs sites that work like Utube, and pay if your vids hit a certain amount of views...with a cock like that you could make money as a gigalo and name your own price for your services *lix*

By Fritz [Ignore] 26,Jun,15 11:39 other posts 
It is very difficult to play in a real porn movie and to earn some money with it. Even for my wife it was not possible to get a payed Job, despite the fact that she was prepared to do bareback and three hole fucking. For free it is easy to find something, but not payed.

By #311947 25,Jun,15 08:13
Interested in doing porn and actually doing it are different. Ive thought about it too and probably missed the boat on launching an exciting career in that industry But the demands on guys can be enduring. A porn shoot isnt as sexy as most people think from what Im told. Being able to pop on cue can be difficult. NOT blowing your load can be difficult too. But still, with all the different genres of porn out there, I suppose that if you REALLY wanted to you could get into it. There are enough resources out there to get intouch with. Why not find a willing partner and make your own website? Could always do cam shows and stuff. Just a thought.

By routemaster [Ignore] 25,Jun,15 04:16 other posts 
I missed the boat but if I had my time over again, I'd go for being a professional porn star. Must be better than sitting in some crummy office with a load of boring old farts for 40 years or more

By #145488 11,Aug,14 14:40
even i want to do porn, it is very exciting, i wat to try for an audition.

By spermkiss [Ignore] 11,Aug,14 12:10 other posts 
"Does anyone else have this feeling as well?" Only well over 95 per cent of the women doing porn and virtually all of the men doing porn. It's a common misconception of the puritanical that porn performers have hit bottom, are doing porn out of desperation and are being exploited. The truth is that the vast majority of porn performers are doing porn BECAUSE THEY WANT TO DO IT. Like you, they get pleasure and satisfaction from putting their nude bodies, including their sex organs, on public display. Like you, they find it rewarding to engage in sex in front of others and find it exciting to turn other people on. If you want to do porn, go for it. You'll be glad you did.

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