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Fuck my wife

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #52900 [Ignore] 22,Sep,13 14:41
Who wants to fuck my wife, why and what would you do ?

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By Mrfrisky [Ignore] 26,Sep,15 20:41 other posts 
I'd fuck your wife, again. You didn't wonder why her pussy tasted a little off when you were eating her out? That was from my cock. You didn't eat my cum though, unless you got your tongue deep in her ass. Is she usually that loud when she begs for "faster, deeper, pull my hair, choke me"?

By #289712 17,Feb,14 00:51
Of course I would. We could two-out her, you lick her gorgeous pussy and clit, and ill squeeze my cock into her tight little butt, and fuck her till she has a massive orgasm, and ill blast a big load of my cum in her ass. Simple yet amazingly effective.

By botanic [Ignore] 25,Oct,13 05:57 other posts 
still waiting for my invite !

By botanic [Ignore] 17,Oct,13 15:03 other posts 
I do , because it would be extremely enjoyable , and what would I do ... anything she wanted me to do.

By nekekal [Ignore] 23,Sep,13 02:38 other posts 
I would fuck your wife.

Why? Because she is there and I could.

What would I do, well I would nuzzle her neck, let our tongues intertwine, suck on her tits, tease he clit with my tongue and then slowly slide my big cock into her hot wet cunt, spreading her pussy lips as wide as they could go, while I pushed the 7 inches of cock up into her. Then I would fuck her until she orgasmed and I filled her with hot cum.

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