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Started by #228606 [Ignore] 02,Apr,12 18:09
I have a underwear fetish post pics or it dick in your underwear

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By BirdDog [Ignore] 01,Feb,24 00:12 other posts 

By SluttySarah069 [Ignore] 29,Jan,24 11:54 other posts 

By Dougal [Ignore] 29,Jan,24 10:23 other posts 

By casado [Ignore] 26,Jan,24 09:56 other posts 
By german_guy [Ignore] 28,Jan,24 12:57 other posts 
damn hot...

By Robben [Ignore] 28,Jan,24 06:40 other posts 
Well, on request

By Curious77 [Ignore] 13,Oct,22 15:56 other posts 

By twisted1975 [Ignore] 12,Oct,22 16:46 other posts 

By earthy [Ignore] 11,Oct,22 11:30 other posts 

By Bulging [Ignore] 01,Oct,22 00:48 other posts 

By routemaster [Ignore] 21,Sep,22 03:22 other posts 

--------------------------------------- added after 53 seconds

--------------------------------------- added after 4 minutes

By LGA6969 [Ignore] 24,Sep,22 15:04 other posts 
you really fill those briefs out nicely
By routemaster [Ignore] 24,Sep,22 17:43 other posts 
Thanks, the first two are me, the third is my John
By LGA6969 [Ignore] 29,Sep,22 17:51 other posts 
Nice I love tight briefs
By routemaster [Ignore] 29,Sep,22 19:06 other posts 
Thanks, I love men's bums in nice tight shorts/briefs as well as nude too, of course!!!

By Bulging [Ignore] 24,Sep,22 22:52 other posts 
By Dev01 [Ignore] 25,Sep,22 20:23 other posts 
Courtesy of the SYC/SYD gift store.

By ArsenSlade [Ignore] 24,Sep,22 20:37 other posts 
Does a onesie count?

By Strogoff [Ignore] 22,Sep,22 10:03 other posts 
By #662360 24,Sep,22 16:39
So horny with your pubes peeping out.

By Justin20 [Ignore] 24,Sep,22 13:53 other posts 

By Bigdaddy402 [Ignore] 22,Sep,22 09:25 other posts 

By LGA6969 [Ignore] 19,Sep,22 09:01 other posts 
By #662360 19,Sep,22 10:39
Wow! Thatís enough to give me an underwear fetish! Want to cum over that crack and panties!
By LGA6969 [Ignore] 21,Sep,22 19:21 other posts 
Ií d love it

By SAGGY_GRANNY [Ignore] 11,Jan,22 08:39 other posts 
Phart said
The "member" has numerous issues and I can only hope the "member" gets help. At 1 time we communicated and got along but things got negitive on the "members" end quickly becuase of how I voted in 2016.

I have stopped griping about the "member",I have also stopped giving a shit about the "member" or what the " member" says. if the "member" says something negitive about me,just consider the source and go forward.I don't feel like mentioning that I feel like the "member" has issues is a problem or slander because it could arouse some thoughts that would promote them to seek help.As long as a person is alive,there is hope for them.
By phart [Ignore] 11,Jan,22 09:36 other posts 
May I ask why you dug this up?
By SAGGY_GRANNY [Ignore] 11,Jan,22 12:48 other posts 
It seemed like the thing to do. Iím bored

By Key20 [Ignore] 10,Jan,22 21:23 other posts 

By Key20 [Ignore] 10,Jan,22 21:21 other posts 

By Key20 [Ignore] 10,Jan,22 21:18 other posts 

By Key20 [Ignore] 10,Jan,22 21:16 other posts 

By earthy [Ignore] 09,Jan,22 17:51 other posts 
Love tighty whities

By quint [Ignore] 06,Jan,22 18:26 other posts 

By earthy [Ignore] 06,Jan,22 16:20 other posts 

By Lucky [Ignore] 06,Jan,22 05:20 other posts 

By #541231 19,Sep,18 05:42
[deleted image]

Mostly trunks for me, love how they feel on me

By #562567 20,Jul,18 03:59
[deleted image]
Like this?

By #555742 05,Jul,18 19:29
A softie [deleted image]

By kebmo [Ignore] 04,Jul,18 17:44 other posts 
I probably have about 700 pics in my underwear that you'd enjoy.

By 3fdfd [Ignore] 04,Jul,18 22:04 other posts 
I enjoy it
By #560814 05,Jul,18 13:23
luv the curved cock so sexy & hits all the right places

By spermkiss [Ignore] 05,Jul,18 12:21 other posts 
By any chance do you, or does anyone else, remember a SYD member named jumpramp? This man had a HUGE wardrobe of sexy underpants which he was kind enough to model for us in photos he posted on this site. (He also had a good looking dick and he also posted nude photos.)

In any event, he was an underpants fetishist's wet dream. Jumpramp if you're out there and reading this, please come back.

By #518391 05,Jul,18 03:19
Not quite all in...
[deleted image]

By Robben [Ignore] 22,Apr,18 21:15 other posts 
[deleted image]
By 3fdfd [Ignore] 04,Jul,18 13:24 other posts 
Love a big thick uncut cock hanging out of a guy's shorts
By Robben [Ignore] 05,Jul,18 00:37 other posts 
Thank you 3fdfd

By #201030 02,Apr,12 23:40
[deleted image]
[deleted image]
By 3fdfd [Ignore] 04,Jul,18 13:27 other posts 
These are super

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