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anybody want to share a picture of his wife?

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #203440 [Ignore] 12,Dec,11 12:07
hey guys! I enjoy the idea of seeing someone else's wife naked, do you think it's sexy? share some pics with us to jerk off with your wife's pics!

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By Wbs1978 [Ignore] 09,Sep,20 09:03 other posts 

By #594600 11,Aug,20 10:50
Yes!!!! I love to do that!!! Go to my profile, there are a lot of photos of my wife and ex girlfriend! And I have a lot more but only in a photo of my naked wife
By tecsan [Ignore] 07,Sep,20 21:42 other posts 
She knows as well as I do that she has a beautiful body...༼☯﹏☯༽

By Lvphose [Ignore] 07,Sep,20 18:37 other posts 
Not naked but loving getting banged!

By 4kthick [Ignore] 27,Jul,20 02:00 other posts 
Check out my sexy wife!
Want to share her one day soon
By Oddmanout [Ignore] 11,Aug,20 12:10 other posts 
She’s definitely sexy!

By #526987 21,May,17 04:56

By #530038 18,May,17 22:03
If you want to jerk off to my wife let me know. I like sharing pics of her.

By #522105 16,May,17 02:32
i wish i had some of my wife naked to show to everybody
By t-rex [Ignore] 18,May,17 20:29 other posts 
Take some 😃

By 61-69 [Ignore] 06,May,17 14:10 other posts 
Sure, check out my girl's parts and see her performing sex acts with me and herself.
By stiffone4u [Ignore] 17,May,17 00:07 other posts 
she's hot!

By Shugga101 [Ignore] 06,May,17 10:46 other posts 
All photos, except a few of me, are of Shugga my wife. No fakes here.

By smokieb69 [Ignore] 06,May,17 04:00 other posts 
my page has a few

By #534138 02,May,17 00:00
Will trade pics of my hot ass chic showing her all! Would be willing to trade out videos of her taking cock like a champ! If anyone is interested in showing their girl off also!

By smartmax [Ignore] 25,Apr,17 06:48 other posts 
Yes I like whole world watch my wife naked and fuck her
By t-rex [Ignore] 30,Apr,17 08:43 other posts 
She has gorgeous titties

By #528720 29,Apr,17 21:00
I thoroughly enjoy sharing pictures of my wife with other men always have,as far as that goes when I would take pictures of her I would get her in semi public place were she could be seen very easily

By hairypussywife [Ignore] 02,Dec,13 10:50 other posts 
I love to share my wife's pics
By stickyknickers [Ignore] 03,Dec,13 12:55 other posts 
I can see why. She is stunningly sexy

By #275801 21,Apr,13 07:39
My husband likes other men seeing me naked
By botanic [Ignore] 02,Dec,13 08:40 other posts 
Then why no pics ?
By #68656 02,Dec,13 10:16
There will be no pictures as the account is now inactive.
By botanic [Ignore] 03,Dec,13 04:22 other posts 
some have now appeared
By botanic [Ignore] 03,Dec,13 04:28 other posts 
they are lovely pics .

By #203440 12,Dec,11 17:18
here is my wife. you are free to jerk off

By #143536 13,Dec,11 09:32
Thank you for sharing. I think I will jerk off!

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