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By Momo69 21,Nov,23 11:20
I invited 2 guys to come to my place

I told them that I will be blindfolded and my door is left unlocked and just to enter. Once you enter youíll see me and put your cock inside my mouth

So I hear them dropping their pants off and proceeded to put their dick inside my mouth. I sucked crazily because I loved it 🥰

By Momo69 21,Nov,23 11:14
Iíd rather give a blowjob, it just tastes awesome 🤩

By Momo69 18,Nov,23 10:36
When I was 19

We met up from some website and I sucked him off

By Momo69 18,Nov,23 10:34
Love to swallow

By Momo69 18,Nov,23 10:31
With a girl: I was 14 years and she was 17 years old. I sucked her tits, licked her pussy, and ate her ass

With a guy: I was 19 years old, i sucked a guy

By Momo69 12,Nov,23 09:53
I was able to before, but not so flexible anymore

By Momo69 29,Oct,23 22:54
love to swallow, it gets me horny and i just want more

By Momo69 29,Oct,23 22:53
i was 23 yrs old, went to a strangers place from grindr

it was alright the 1st time

By Momo69 29,Oct,23 22:51
i'm cut and i love cut!

no offense but i do get turned off by uncut, it was never my thing

By Momo69 29,Oct,23 22:50
1) male 31
2) When i was 21 i believe
3) i did not
4) 27
5) probably like 5 times
6) 3 guys
7) probably a cup worth

By Momo69 29,Oct,23 22:47
married but her and i dont fuck as often anymore

so i just fuck around with other guys instead

By Momo69 29,Oct,23 22:45
ive went to a gay sex club and a guy fucked me in the ass, it was hot

By Momo69 29,Oct,23 22:43
like it circumcised and shaved

By Momo69 29,Oct,23 22:41
I probably sucked a 100; from meeting to going to sex clubs

swallowed for the most part

By Momo69 29,Oct,23 22:34
i work at rutherford twice a week