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By wirda 10,May,24 12:18
Love to be face fucked so I can see how much I can handle

By wirda 10,May,24 12:17
Love to give bj first so I can get nice and long before he puts it inside of me

By wirda 10,May,24 12:16
Love getting DPíd

By wirda 04,May,24 14:06
Love strip poker, great way to meet people

By wirda 27,Apr,24 11:23
Doesn't matter but needs to be circumsiced and younger 20's to 30's

By wirda 22,Apr,24 11:32
Doesnít matter to me, as long as they fit my criteria

By wirda 22,Apr,24 11:30
Having a gangbang with men that I find attractive to

By wirda 22,Apr,24 11:28
Dick when I was 10 (blowjob)

Pussy when I was 20

By wirda 22,Apr,24 11:24
I would definitely deepthroat you 😋

By wirda 22,Apr,24 11:19
Practice makes perfect

I start off slow by licking and sucking the cock all over once I have a feel for it

After that I go all the way down and if I canít touch the base just yet, I stick my tongue so I can. It motivates me to go down even further. Once itís ready there I go for back and forth from head to base and when heís ready to cum then I get closer to the base

By wirda 21,Apr,24 09:51
With blowjob I was 10 years with bunch of 15 years old

With sex, I was 13 years old and I was contemplating who to have sex with out of the 2 guys I was seeing

It didnít feel fair so I end up having sex with both of them

By wirda 21,Apr,24 09:45
I was 11, masturbating with 2 15 year old

They wanted to see how a girl masturbates

By wirda 19,Apr,24 00:09
When sheís more comfortable then she can

I would say maybe she can start off with a friend of hers and build herself up

By wirda 17,Apr,24 09:12
Canít speak in behalf of my husband but everyone is different.

My husband caught me with 2 guys when he came back from work earlier than expected.

However I did convince him that I do enjoy having fun with others and respected my opinion. Since then he would watch me whenever he can.

Your wife should pick the guy(s) that she wants to fuck. Makes her feel comfortable that way

By wirda 17,Apr,24 09:07
Whenever my husband was at work, I would step outside just wearing a thong to tease my next door neighbor

Weeks passes by and my neighbor brought his friend with him and so did my thong as wellÖ🙈

By wirda 15,Apr,24 23:27
I love getting gangbanged just a relief that guys wants me

By wirda 15,Apr,24 23:25
I have done 5 guys for my 40th birthday 🥳

I wouldnít mind having more 😉

By wirda 12,Apr,24 16:55
Bbc 11 in cock I hooked up with

I worshiped his cock trying to fit in my whole mouth inside haha

It wasnít successful but I was able to swallow all his milky loads 😉

By wirda 04,Apr,24 09:20
Nothing better then having sex with group of friends that have no drama

Definitely love when they work together to plow in my holes

By wirda 04,Apr,24 09:18
I woukd love to FaceTime my husband just wearing a thong at a hotel and teasing him until he hears a knock.

Next thing you know 3-5 guys are inside my room stripping me off and start gangbanging me while he canít do anything but watch 🙈

By wirda 08,Mar,24 08:32
Did for me, felt great knowing guys loving my pics and what they would do to me

By wirda 03,Mar,24 23:16
A handjob is great and all for me personally I love having a guys cock in my mouth

It makes me wet feeling a throb inside my 👄
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A handjob is great and all for me personally I love having a guys cock in my mouth

It makes me wet feeling a throb inside my mou

By wirda 03,Mar,24 23:14
Close to an hour, he took a while

But when he came, it was a lot of load 😋

By wirda 19,Feb,24 11:40
I love it when I used to go to sex parties

Itís just the feeling of how are they going to handle me that turns me on 🥰

By wirda 19,Feb,24 11:38
Back when I was in high school I went to an onsen (public path separated by gender and required to be nude) and my male friends dared me to join with them

So I went there and it was so much fun especially when they were hard

Someone walked inside and caught me stroking them

We got kicked out and got banned from there

Even though it was the end of our onsen adventure, the other adventure has just begun 😉

By wirda 16,Feb,24 08:44
For me, at least 6 inches

Must be cut (sorry uncut guys)

Prefer smooth but not a dealbreaker

I like veiny

Perfect penis to go inside

By wirda 16,Feb,24 08:41
Kind of ironic that he deleted his account shortly afterwards

By wirda 16,Feb,24 08:38
Must be at least 6 inches for me

By wirda 12,Feb,24 13:25
Love your dick

By wirda 12,Feb,24 13:23
Totally worth it

By wirda 12,Feb,24 13:22
Will dt you

By wirda 12,Feb,24 13:22
Both of yíall will blast one me

By wirda 11,Feb,24 10:57
Iím from Japan so typically we donít shave

However I like my men (and women) shaved

By wirda 11,Feb,24 10:54
Hardly getting any action from my husband so I decided to explore different parts of the internet.

Wanted to show off my sexuality and see if anyone wants me and so here I am today

By wirda 11,Feb,24 10:52
For my 40th birthday I had sex with 5 guys all at once during the weekend

Letís just say there was cum everywhere, inside and outside of me 😉

I havenít had sex with 5 men since then but I would love to do it all over again

By wirda 10,Feb,24 12:07
Bunch of guys surround me in a circle and I suck them all into completion as my husband is recording me

By wirda 10,Feb,24 12:04
I have

On my 40th birthday I invited 5 guys to cum play with me

Had such a great time, I was covered full of cum both inside and outside 😉

By wirda 10,Feb,24 12:03
From soft to hard back to soft

Got to see how it grows and how it explodes inside my mouth

By wirda 10,Feb,24 12:01
Yes I love to, especially when Iím sexting with someone

By wirda 10,Feb,24 12:00
I was 12 years and I was watching a 3some. Iím Japan the private papers besides the tits are pixelated so I thought thatís how actual porn was. In any case I was watching with this guy and he pulled out his cock to jerk off. So I took off my panties off and masturbated.

We ended up cumming

By wirda 10,Feb,24 11:52
I tried it couple of years ago. Basically my husband wasnít home so I invited 2 guys over (my ex bf and my best friend) and things got heated. Next thing you know I got fucked in the ass and it was the best ever feeling Iíve ever felt

By wirda 10,Feb,24 11:49
I love sucking cocks ever since I was young and still love it till this day 😋

By wirda 03,Feb,24 11:27
Would love to suck on those balls 🥰

By wirda 03,Feb,24 11:24
I shall swallow you whole load 😋

By wirda 31,Jan,24 11:02
Hard cock so I can see whatís going inside

By wirda 31,Jan,24 11:00
Longest time was close to an hour

I think I can last for hours, I just love sucking cock so much

By wirda 16,Jan,24 13:06
Iíll try to dt

By wirda 16,Jan,24 13:03
Ever since I was 16 I believe

I just feel so free and do love when an erect cock is hitting my body as Iím sleeping

By wirda 16,Jan,24 12:59
For me personally is to imagine it going inside of me 🥰

By wirda 16,Jan,24 12:57
To show off my body and to have erotic chat with guys