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been caught

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #3003 [Ignore] at 17,Apr,09 01:02
anyone been caught masterbating before whether by mom dad sister brother neighbor friend any experiences guys and ladies feel free to comment

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By Username22 [Ignore] at 19,Apr,19 17:45 other posts 
I've been caught by friends and family on lots of occasions. The last time I was caught was by my wife, who took matters into her own hands/ mouth!

By SluttySarah069 [Ignore] at 18,Apr,19 18:30 other posts 
My cousin n I were caught by my aunties - we were both naked with hard-ons in the bathroom.
Our parents then gave us a talk about the birds and the bees.

By Preetraj [Ignore] at 18,Apr,19 09:50 other posts 
I have been caught many times by neighbor, friends and strangers. First time by neighbor uncle

By #568296 at 18,Feb,19 17:59
Once when alone at home i got naked in the living room while watching twinks stroke each other. Completely nude and wanking my step bbro caught me

By wycowboy [Ignore] at 11,Feb,19 10:16 other posts 
Been caught a few times. First time was by my s i s t e r and her best friend. I was about 13 and they were 11 and 12. They walked in to me jerking to my dad's magazines. I think they knew what I was doing because there was no reason for them to go in my parents room otherwise. I jumped up, cock swinging, and when I saw who it was I just kept jerking. They laughed and left. I always wished they would walk in on me again.

By #579310 at 09,Feb,19 16:17
I lived with my mom sister and dad until 26 years old. When I was younger I secretally masturbate alone at home.Around 16 years mom found a lot of cum socks and knew what I do.Around 18 she caught me bottom less naked in front of porn.I was embarrased, but next day did the same. Years passed she caught me again jerking in my bed. Then some time later she saw me in the shower as well.
By Timbo [Ignore] at 11,Feb,19 03:34 other posts 
enough is enough !

You do not need to post a similar story in every thread. Nobody will believe you.

By #573046 at 25,Dec,18 12:34
When I was growing up I liked to keep my hands on my penis most of the time. I would play and touch myself every night under a blanket.I think my mom saw and knew that.I loved touching myself, but didn't knew about masturbation.When I learned masturbation and found porn I would jerk 3-4 times a day.My mom caught me first time when I was 15 in front of PC with pants down. Told I was naughty boy and wont let me use PC for two weeks. Next days I masturbated in a toilet using my imagination. I think she knew what I was doing there locked for 15 minutės.Then I started jerking in bed at night and used one of my t-shirts where to cum. I think after a month my mom found that t-shirt. From both sides it was covered with my dried sperm. There was big white cumstains on it and it smelled horrible.

By mydickpics [Ignore] at 20,Jul,14 13:55 other posts 
i want to be caught by my mom

By _avg_ [Ignore] at 19,Jul,14 16:22 other posts 
Been caught stealing
When I was five
I enjoy stealing
It's just as simple as that
It's just a simple fact
When i want something and I don't wanna pay for it, well, I walk right through the door
Hey, alright, if I get by -- it's mine!
Mine, all mine

By cumaddik [Ignore] at 19,Jul,14 10:11 other posts 
My older gay **** caught me a few times ...and i caught him few times too!(...not mentioning that i was spying on him too!)

By #467291 at 18,Jul,14 21:22
Mt mother caught me masturbating when I was 13. The most embarrassing thing about it was the fact that I was masturbating into a pair of her dirty panties.

By #387506 at 09,May,14 15:05
One day when I was 14 I was at home alone and thought no one would be home for some time so I went into my 17 year old sisters room and was trying on some of her underwear and swim suits.

I got turned on and started to masturbate while still in one of her one piece swim suits when my mom and my **** came home. I didnít hear them as they both walked into her room and caught me lying on her bed playing with my dick sticking through the swimsuit.

My **** was pissed, my mother was sympathetic. My mom told my **** that I was just discovering myself, but my **** said I was a pervert. Thatís pretty much how our relationships stayed for quite a few years. Every once in a while my mom would comment about how this or that would naturally be exciting to a man while my **** would comment about how this or that was a perverted act of a man.

This continued until I saw my **** masturbating for the amusement of the men at a bachelor party. We have become good friends, my **** and I.
By leopoldij [Ignore] at 09,May,14 16:10 other posts 
Who did you see masturbating at a Bachelor party?

By #342894 at 14,Jan,13 16:37
was caught giving my buddy a BJ. His girlfriend walked in on us, turned around and walked out without saying a word. I went back to sucking his cock and swallowed my prize
By leopoldij [Ignore] at 06,May,14 05:38 other posts 
Did his girlfriend leave him or not?

By #306783 at 06,May,14 02:16
I was caught by my **** year old **** while I was wearing her pantyhose. I was fifteen and simply wanted to see what my cock looked like pressed up against in inside of the material. It felt like heaven so I started to rub it through the material. Just then, **** barged into the bathroom and saw me. I tried to take them off but she made me keep them on and then rubbed it until I came inside them. She then made me wear them for the rest of the night under my pants by threatening to tell on me if I did not do it. Although I never did it again, I had a raging hard on the entire time.

By Blago [Ignore] at 04,May,14 16:08 other posts 
My wife caught me when I was married. She was old fashioned and I was embarrassed.

By Viers32 [Ignore] at 03,May,14 22:26 other posts 
Yes I got caught once when I was about 14 or 15 my **** needed to use the phone to talk to her bf because our cordless phones battery was dying I had my boxer around my ankles cock in one hand playboy in the other and she just burst through my door without knocking I quickly pulled the covers over myself and she kind of gasped and grabbed my phone and left and then I finished myself off

By liketoedge [Ignore] at 03,May,14 17:21 other posts 
Had many close calls but the only time I was ever really caught in the act was by a friend when we were in jr high school and I purposely let him walk in on me knowing he was about to walk in to my room. He was spending the night He went to use the bathroom and when he came back I let him catch me in the act. Later he admitted that was what he was doing in the bathroom. We had been looking at Penthouse magazine most of the evening. What else is two horny young guys going to do

By bah2414 [Ignore] at 06,Feb,13 01:51 other posts 
I got caught jerking off by a friends mom in their basement... I'm pretty sure she loved my cock cause she walked closer to see better but told me to put it away

By BushPilot [Ignore] at 18,Apr,09 21:20 other posts 
Sure, who hasn't. I took the view many years ago that masturbating is my business and I do everything in my power to find privacy to enjoy the act. When my privacy is compromised, if it's someone I want to have sex with, I ask them if they want to join. If it's someone I don't, I simply put down and pack up my tool and grin with a knowing smile and move on. Being embarrassed over natural body functions is not in my code.

By supablack [Ignore] at 17,Apr,09 13:06 other posts 
never been caught, but had a few close calls, but no cigar, thanks God

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