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Do you keep suck after ejaculation

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #699038 [Ignore] 23,Jul,23 10:34
When i suck cock i sometimes like to continue sucking after ive swallowed how do you like to do it

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By nekekal [Ignore] 28,Jul,23 13:04 other posts 
I don't suck, but I love it when the sucker just keeps sucking. Sometimes I will stay hard, sometimes I will get hard, but it always feels great to be sucked on.

By Bi7incher [Ignore] 28,Jul,23 00:36 other posts 
Yes because I want every last drop I can get and I like how guy squirms from being so sensitive from the orgasm

By LGA6969 [Ignore] 27,Jul,23 08:00 other posts 
yes I don't want to waste 1 drop

By thebeewolf [Ignore] 23,Jul,23 12:23 other posts 
I have no problem if a guy wants to take a victory lap after I blow my load. Besides, it's the only way to get every last drop.
By #699038 23,Jul,23 12:35
Yep no point wasting any of the warm nut juice
By thebeewolf [Ignore] 23,Jul,23 14:14 other posts 
For some guys, it's the whole reason for doing it.
By FunTimes [Ignore] 23,Jul,23 16:05 other posts 
Thatís my only reason for sucking! I love getting that warm cum and getting a facial and swallowing!
By #699038 24,Jul,23 13:24
Lol two at same time is bonus then can get facial and a drink plus i love geting to se how much pleasure i can give a person
By FunTimes [Ignore] 24,Jul,23 15:19 other posts 
Thats my fantasy is two cocks! I want my 1st 3some with two guys!
By #699038 24,Jul,23 13:22
Yep i love good protein shake so to speak even youre own is very healthy for you

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