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Started by #303133 [Ignore] 17,Jun,14 13:53
I have been accused of starting too many threads that have nothing to do with sex.
They are pretty awesome, right?
And, like, EJACULATION feels pretty spiffy.
Plus, TESTICLES are cool.
So...uh...FUCKITY, FUCKITY, SUCK, SUCK, CUM...and stuff.
Hope that evens things out...

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By Ray10754 [Ignore] 17,Jun,14 14:09 other posts 
You amaze me !!!
By #303133 18,Jun,14 12:34
It's the new meds, Ray.
They have made the voices in my head a little less rambunctious.
By #23212 21,Jun,14 03:18
But please be careful with the meds, some of them can give you a permanent erection.
By #463249 21,Jun,14 04:34
I wish!!!
By #23212 21,Jun,14 04:46
Look up info about 'trazodone'--it's a sometimes side effect; but not funny though.
By #358797 21,Jun,14 23:24
Aaah. I've got bad experiences with trazadone.
By #463249 22,Jun,14 05:24
I'm on anti-depressants and they have the opposite effect, sadly.
By #23212 22,Jun,14 19:48
SSRI anti-depressants are well know for this. That's why I was suggesting a different kind. All the best to you.

By #136427 18,Jun,14 07:50
Blow jobs are pretty awesome
By #303133 18,Jun,14 12:32
Um...yeah...that's kinda what I said.
By #136427 18,Jun,14 16:50
Im agreeing with you!!!
By #303133 18,Jun,14 19:10
Yes. I can see that.
Not used to people being agreeable in the Forum these days, I guess.
By #136427 20,Jun,14 08:15
I know right!

By Gntlmn [Ignore] 18,Jun,14 13:20 other posts 
Keep up the good work, Opus

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