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Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #620471 [Ignore] 26,Jun,20 11:09
I am an avid 'giver' in glory holes. But it's been a long time since my last opportunity. I would do one after another all afternoon if they were clean. Which side are YOU on?...Giving?...Receiving?

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By #516354 16,Sep,20 03:51
Years ago my ex wife/Mistress and I were visiting my mum who lives just outside of London.We decided to visit London and see the sights.In the evening we went to an adult sex shop to buy some new 'toys' and noticed they had some video booths.Out of curiosity we went into one of them and noticed that there was several holes on both sides.There was a chair in the middle of the booth and a roll of toilet paper.My ex sat on the chair and I put a coin in to watch the video.As soon as the video started my ex took off her panties spread her legs and ordered me to my knees and to lick her pussy.As I was licking her pussy a cock appeared in one of the holes and I was ordered to suck it by her.As I was sucking it my ex was laughing at me and calling me names.Soon the guy came and shot his load in my mouth.Then a cock appeared in the opposite hole and I was ordered to suck that one also.After sucking my 8th cock my ex decided I should suck the next 2 cocks till they were hard and then let them fuck me.They both pulled out and sprayed their cum all over my ass.My ex then decided it was time to go but not until I had put my tongue to good use and given her an orgasm.
By #620471 17,Sep,20 20:35
Oh WOW I would have loved to share that booth with you! Cool story!
By #516354 18,Sep,20 07:20
Glad you liked it,had a sore throat and tounge after

By #613845 08,Sep,20 00:06
I have put my cock through a hole, it was so exhilarating, I chickened out and withdrew my cock before it was touched.

It was amazing,next time I'll let them touch it

By lovetolickyou [Ignore] 07,Sep,20 05:41 other posts 
I've never been to a glory hole although I'm very curious. For the same reasons that I've always like giving more than receiving, if I did go to a glory hole, I'd prefer to be on my knees.

By #624969 03,Sep,20 22:58
I never had put my cock in a glory hole. But damn I wish for it

I'm more on the receiving end.
By #620471 06,Sep,20 09:18
I would be honored to grant your wish.
By #624969 06,Sep,20 09:40

By Italian8 [Ignore] 25,Aug,20 22:33 other posts 
I would love to slide my cock into one.
By #620471 26,Aug,20 02:55
And I would LOVE to be on the other side to give you a blowjob that would make you cum so hard that your knees would turn to jelly and buckle!
By Italian8 [Ignore] 30,Aug,20 20:54 other posts 
Hot! And I am straight.

By #603883 30,Aug,20 00:06
Would like to know where one is in mn
By #620471 30,Aug,20 11:18
A common place to find a gloryhole is in video arcade booths at ABS's (adult book stores).

By kre8tor69 [Ignore] 29,Aug,20 21:52 other posts 
Never been to one either because I enjoy seeing the person doing me and how much fun they are having as I pop off! But I do know lots of guys love GH sex!

By overeight [Ignore] 23,Aug,20 11:30 other posts 
Well it's tough for a straight guy to choose a gh I would love the experience but would like to be reassured it's a woman on the giving side.
By spermkiss [Ignore] 23,Aug,20 12:18 other posts 
Hey, a mouth is a mouth and it's well known that men are better cocksuckers.
By kre8tor69 [Ignore] 29,Aug,20 21:50 other posts 
Why would you care if it was a guy or a gal or a trnny as long as it was pleasuring your cock. Just like you getting a BJ in the dark with your eyes closed at home.Does it really matter. It used to to me but not any more. Sex is just sex and does not include any romantic stuff unless you want it to!!!

By #624737 29,Aug,20 10:33
love sucking a nice cock and eat his load the more the better,and have my ass filled with cock and cum

By #623351 29,Aug,20 09:04
I love sucking cock and having my cock sucked.... Glory holes are hot.

By Olddude [Ignore] 26,Aug,20 10:41 other posts 
Have done both! Enjoy both!!

By #622014 22,Aug,20 11:01
Cocks were made for sucking and i love sucking cocks! I love being sucked but nothing compares to the throbbing and pulsating I feel when a cock is erupting cum in my mouth for me to swallow and savor.
By #620471 23,Aug,20 00:31
AMEN pal! My point exactly. Something tells me that if you and I were neighbors?...that we would have a LOT of FUN! OMG!
By #622014 24,Aug,20 06:40
Something tells me our mouths would seldom be empty.

By andrew999999999 [Ignore] 23,Aug,20 11:41 other posts 
I went to one of the glory holes in the men's sauna I went to before Covid. I would wait for a cock to come through the hole, and then I'd grab it and take it into my mouth, feeling it get bigger and harder, and give it a good suck.

By stiffone4u [Ignore] 21,Aug,20 23:10 other posts 
I'm a giver.

By bikev [Ignore] 20,Aug,20 03:01 other posts 
Receiving every time.

By #623140 19,Aug,20 23:06
I would suck as many as I could. Love the feel of hot throbbing penises ejaculating huge thick loads of delicious sperm all over in my mouth. And I would swallow every drop.

By skyking [Ignore] 11,Jul,20 02:14 other posts 
RECEIVING. fascinating how each man has a different taste,texture,....and amount. I love the milky nectar!!!

By #621421 10,Jul,20 21:47
I never been to one, but I know I would be receiving load after load

By SluttySarah069 [Ignore] 26,Jun,20 11:55 other posts 
Receiving - love the feel and taste of spunk in my mouth

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