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gloryhole sucking

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #173263 [Ignore] 17,Nov,11 12:01
Who out there loves glory holes. Are there any glory holes in cincinnati area.

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By andrew999999999 [Ignore] 26,Jun,20 13:43 other posts 
I've done some cock sucking at glory holes.

By #620471 26,Jun,20 11:14
This appears an old post, but I DO! (as a 'giver'). I just wish I had more opportunities.

By cruz69696969 [Ignore] 18,Jun,20 20:33 other posts 
I am sure there are. Lot of horny men out there
By #620471 26,Jun,20 09:54
Amen to that pal!

By #469430 14,Sep,14 15:47
I would love to find a straight glory hole somewhere.

By #220845 13,Sep,14 15:50
I have given head many times through a gloryhole, it is a turn on

By #201583 17,Jan,12 19:25
Here is a complete list for Ohio.

Akron AKRON STEAM AND SAUNA Sex Clubs & BathHouses, Barberton BARBERTON BOOKS AND NEWS Adult Video Arcades, Barberton MATURE VIDEOS Adult Video Arcades,
Columbus FLEX Sex Clubs & BathHouses,
Findlay FINDLAY ADULT VIDEO Adult Video Arcades,
Steubenville PASTTIME ARCADE Adult Video Arcades,
Steubenville STEUBENVILLE NEWS Adult Video Arcades,
Toledo ADULT PLEASURES Adult Video Arcades,
Toledo PLEASURE PALACE Adult Video Arcades,

By spermkiss [Ignore] 17,Nov,11 15:28 other posts 
I've been on both ends of glory hole sex dozens of times, both as sucker and suckee. AND IT'S HOT! Of course sex is fine when it's part of a Meaningful Relationship. But there are times when a man just wants anonymous sex. Sex with a total stranger who he's never seen before and will never see again.

And glory hole sex is the ultimate in anonymous sex. You cannot see the guy on the other side and he cannot see you. You know absolutely nothing about each other except that one of you wants to suck a cock and the other wants to be sucked off. And that's all that matters. The mouth/dick connection becomes the center of the universe as everything else just falls away.
By mywusch [Ignore] 18,Nov,11 10:45 other posts 
thats realy true!!!
By #121813 14,Jan,12 13:45
But if the guy sucking your cock is HIV+ and accidently scratches you with a tooth you are fucked for life (or death)

By #133457 17,Nov,11 14:39
Getting My Dick Sucked to Total Completion Through a Glory Hole is The Best Thing in Sex I Have Ever Found .. GAWD It's So Hott !!!
By #148911 17,Nov,11 23:44
I agree totally....
By mywusch [Ignore] 18,Nov,11 10:46 other posts 
i too
By zbone [Ignore] 25,Nov,11 12:52 other posts 
What an orgasm it produces

By Uncut_Dick [Ignore] 21,Nov,11 23:11 other posts 
Anyone wanna come to New Mexico.... I will setup a gloryhole for you to suck my dick

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