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Glory holes

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #1995 [Ignore] 13,Sep,09 03:24
I have encountered glory holes in US and Australia but have not seen them in the UK. Have to say I have not used them but have been offered cock which was very tempting. Have many of you used them?

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By #516354 02,Jul,20 01:27
Years ago in London U.K there used to be adult book/video stores that had glory holes in the video booths.My ex wife/Mistress took me to one a few times and made me suck a few cocks to humiliate me.On one occasion after sucking two guys and swallowing their cum she made me take the next guys cum all over my face.Then she made me walk around the store with cum dripping down my face.A very humiliating experience.

By #620455 26,Jun,20 03:35
I haven't come across any and i want to im really curious i find if hot wanting to suck some
Random cock through a hole taking a hot load up my ass
By #620471 26,Jun,20 09:51
I have always been an oral giver, but I have always had a hidden interest in trying the speedbump position with a buddy.

By #620471 26,Jun,20 09:21
This appears an old post but yes I have used them in ABS video booths (on the 'giving' side). Many times actually, but it has been a long time. I wish I could find a good one near San Diego with nice clean clientelle. I wld be there every chance I got. At first I was nervous but one time I was in a vid booth that had a GH and I could see the guy in booth next to me had his fly open and his hand on his half hard woodie. The more I looked, the more I wondered what it felt and tasted like. WOW his hardening cock looked nice. Suddenly I stuck my finger on the hole as a signal that I wanted his cock. He quickly moved closer and my heart started racing. I whispered "wow nice", and a few seconds later, through the hole it came! My mouth got closer and he smelled really clean. To make a long story short, the next 12-15 minutes was one of the most awesome BJ's I ever gave! OMG and when I was done...he dropped a $20 through the hole! Oh and yes I did swallow. I always do. I don't waste a drop of fresh manshoot, that's the best part! So I say Go For It Pal!

By #620342 26,Jun,20 07:52
Anyone know of glory holes in Georgia? I would love to experience one

By onthelose [Ignore] 22,Jun,20 18:36 other posts 
Why is it that a few prudes get to decide for that rest of us what is safe or anything else for that matter. I think I as an adult should be allowed to do what I want as long as I am not hurting anyone... Well nowadays there isnít anything that you can say or do that doesnít negatively affect the snow flakes. Iím thinking of the catholic priests that basically said sex is bad while having sex with young men . I never wanted to be an alter boy but I guess I should have.

By SluttySarah069 [Ignore] 20,Jun,20 14:40 other posts 
In the 60's there were glory holes in the public toilets between Moor Street Station and the Old Bull Ring shopping centre in Birmingham. Unfortunately the toilets were demolished when the Bull Ring was redeveloped.
I have to go to male saunas now to have glory hole fun.

By soulpioneer [Ignore] 19,Jun,20 17:56 other posts 
Gloryholes are hot! We have quite a few adult bookstores with gloryhole and voyer booths in Oregon. - can have all kinds of fun sucking or fucking thru the gloryholes, just keep the video booth running to pay for your space there and its open season

By bil47 [Ignore] 19,Jun,20 13:12 other posts 
"Mature" cock-sucking bisexual here. For as much as I've fantasied over the decades about getting on my knees in a toilet stall to suck totally anonymous cock, I've never actually seen a glory hole.
By spermkiss [Ignore] 19,Jun,20 13:55 other posts 
That's really unfortunate. Sucking off a total stranger is something every cocksucker should experience at least once in his life. It's trashy and slutty and oh so much fun. I think because it's pure sex without any baggage. The man being sucked just wants to get his nut off and he doesn't care how or with whom. The cocksucker just wants to suck and be rewarded with a load of jizz and he doesn't care who's cock it is. If it' done thru a glory hole that adds another dimension a the two men cannot even see each other.

As you might guess, I've done glory hole sex, both as sucker and as suckee, numerous times. Best wishes that you, too, will soon have that pleasure.

By andrew999999999 [Ignore] 19,Jun,20 11:05 other posts 
The only glory hole I've seen were in the men's sauna I go to in Manchester. I've sucked a few cocks there.

By #612934 19,Jun,20 00:54
gloryholes were all over uk ud find loads in every town now local councils have closed nearly everyone not many remain tis a shame many a young boy like i was had fun late 60s early 70s ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, bloody shame

By cruz69696969 [Ignore] 18,Jun,20 20:39 other posts 
Yeah use to be one in my little town and a totally nude go go bar. And they closed them both and. I mean it went on for years. It was crazy

By MoeJoe [Ignore] 22,Sep,09 06:18 other posts 
They are still around in the US, but are a dying breed due to the dangers of random sex and local authorities clamping down on the adult establishments. Some places have what are called "buddy" booths where you can opena curtain and watch each other masturbate through a plexiglass lieu of a genuine gloryhole.

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