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Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #608946 [Ignore] 03,Feb,20 10:39
Who has tried frotting and what was it like,

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By #202392 24,Mar,20 10:17
I did once when I was a kid with my good friend. It felt good. He was not circumcised and I was always very fascinated and jealous of his penis

By knewbi [Ignore] 23,Mar,20 11:06 other posts 
I just love it. Had this gay couple that I use to play with that liked it and shared it with me. Sometimes we would grind our cocks together until we came. That was some great times.

By #583549 22,Mar,20 14:52
I have done once and it's great fun! I will do it again!!!!

By #612667 16,Mar,20 18:32
Recomend it feels awsome

By LGA6969 [Ignore] 16,Mar,20 13:21 other posts 
I love frosting. My BF and I engage in the practice a lot. Itís so sensual rubbing each otherís cock. We can orgasm hands free. I highly recommend it.
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Meant frotting

By #463848 16,Mar,20 10:11
The best form of frotting is whole body frotting where both are naked and one lies naked over the other. There are so many variations including cock to cock (that can be a bit touch and go) or just the top rubbing himself off wherever he touches the guy below. The fucking movements add a lot to the effect.

By #64328 11,Feb,20 12:23
I had a couple friends that we did this growing up and I remember that we would always cum very quickly and that it was quite messy.
By cut5x5 [Ignore] 15,Mar,20 07:17 other posts 
I did the same with a friend growing up. It was great. We were the same size and it felt so good to rub our frenulums together.
By #64328 15,Mar,20 10:46

By beaker90 [Ignore] 13,Mar,20 18:36 other posts 
This is one of my favorite things to do with a guy. It's so hot rubbing our cocks together.
By Dickventures [Ignore] 14,Mar,20 18:28 other posts 
Same. More hot than actually pleasureful.
Kinda wanna find one of those big two-cock cock sleeves 🤔

By #603797 10,Feb,20 12:50
It's wonderful!
[deleted image]

By DeepThroatThis [Ignore] 05,Feb,20 20:52 other posts 
Never heard that term before
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How about tea bagging I've had that done to me

By #583549 05,Feb,20 19:44
This is fun!

By shackles [Ignore] 05,Feb,20 16:23 other posts 

I've done it a few times and I really enjoy it! Especially ehen it's done by sliding on top of each other as opposed to just a double stroke like in this pic. But both are good fun. Especially of the other guy cums first and uses his cum as lube to finish you off!

By Dickventures [Ignore] 05,Feb,20 00:42 other posts 
The dick-on-dick contact isn't actually too pleasurable in itself, it's too smooth to feel much. But the warmth and how hot it is rubbing your cock against someone else's makes up for it.
Also, doing it with a cock about the same size as your own helps. Otherwise you're gripping two different areas on each cock. Most folk don't want just the base or head of their dick stroked.

By bil47 [Ignore] 04,Feb,20 08:13 other posts 
When I was 13, and discovering sex with some similar-age neighborhood boys, we called in "sword fighting".

By #608946 04,Feb,20 02:19
Whatever its called I want to try it

By #583549 03,Feb,20 17:22
It's 2 or more cocks meeting or rubbing up against each other.Also pulling the forskin over the head of the other cock for a cozy head to head greeting!
By #608173 03,Feb,20 18:28
Is that not called "Docking" . As for frotting . Frot (slang for frottage; ult. from the French verb frotter, "to rub").
By #583549 03,Feb,20 20:13
Your right! I got them mixed up!

By spermkiss [Ignore] 03,Feb,20 11:36 other posts 
OK, what is it? Maybe I've done it but don't know it by that name.

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