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Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by indianguy568 [Ignore] 31,Jul,19 00:19  other posts
Would love you to rate my wife and be brutally honest. Use your girl as a benchmark or the girls in your home town. But request an honest detailed review plz. You can see the pics on my profile.

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By Sir-Skittles [Ignore] 06,Dec,20 09:41 other posts 
Another rat Indian posting fake pics of some random lass! Sad!

By #551745 06,Dec,20 02:58
Hottest chick I ever cheated with was Indian.. hot brown girls get a 10 from me!

By #571668 31,Aug,20 06:13
Your wife is damm sexy!would you watch me fuck her?

By curvy8 [Ignore] 31,Aug,20 05:46 other posts 
I'd say she is pretty hot and the guys who like full figures will love it. As for me, I like 'em slender so if she dropped a few kgs she would be perfect. Nice boobies.

By Tryingtofuck [Ignore] 30,Aug,20 15:19 other posts 
I'll fuck her 7

By overeight [Ignore] 23,Aug,20 22:33 other posts 
Can I take her for a test drive like a used truck. You know some look great but they have a problem with its drivetrain hahaha

By #623140 20,Aug,20 12:35
She is a very beautiful woman with a great healthy looking body. I would love to get balls deep in that pussy and maybe have you get behind me!

By nekekal [Ignore] 30,Mar,20 02:54 other posts 
Your wife seems to have all of the required parts. Nice tits, lovely hairy twat. Not too fat, but not so skinny that she is like fucking a skeleton.

I give her an 8 rating. Not statuesque, but a nice body and very fuckable. I would love to get my cock into her.

By Cumking6986 [Ignore] 22,Mar,20 06:23 other posts 
How good does she suck my dick
By leopoldij [Ignore] 22,Mar,20 10:36 other posts 
She's perfect!!! And so are you licking her pussy!
By #583549 22,Mar,20 10:55
Your wife is a keeper! Beautiful sexy couple!
By t-rex [Ignore] 28,Mar,20 09:05 other posts 
I say she is doing a 10 👍

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