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Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #495558 [Ignore] 03,Oct,15 03:52
A much lighter topic

What is your FAV pizza>>??

Being from the US East Coast... My fav pizza is thin crust, meatball, extra cheese....

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By marko_k [Ignore] 08,Oct,15 12:26 other posts 
pizza capricciosa at pizzeria Vulcania in Trieste

By #204766 06,Oct,15 21:57
Meat feast with extra doner meat and lots of chillies

By #487013 06,Oct,15 00:44
I have never really been a fan of pizza to be honest the gf makes a thin crust chicken white garlic sauce and spinach mozzarella thats pretty good but not a fan of traditional red sauce and doughy pizza

By Mrfrisky [Ignore] 03,Oct,15 18:11 other posts 
If I had a transporter I'd be able to beam 1300 miles into Boston and get a Pizzeria Regina pepperoni whenever I wanted one. That would be awesome.
By bella! [Ignore] 03,Oct,15 21:01 other posts 
Is Pizzeria Regina the name of the establishment?
By Mrfrisky [Ignore] 04,Oct,15 16:28 other posts 
The official name is the reverse but my family always call it backwards. So Regina Pizzeria on Thatcher is the real establishment.

By leopoldij [Ignore] 03,Oct,15 04:18 other posts 
Anchovies, pineapple, chicken liver, topped with liquorice sauce.
By #23212 03,Oct,15 04:19
Ah yes, standard hospital food in Sweden, nicht war?
By leopoldij [Ignore] 03,Oct,15 17:20 other posts 
There is no difference between hospital food and food in restaurants in Sweden. Please don't make fun of my pain.
By #23212 03,Oct,15 23:57
Oh no, I'm very sorry. I only meant it for some humourous fun.

And, if you hold the 'liquorice sauce', perhaps substituting tomato sauce, the pizza you describe sounds kind of good. I would love to someday find chicken livers offered somewhere as a pizza topping.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 04,Oct,15 01:54 other posts 
I was joking too....

By jayman73 [Ignore] 03,Oct,15 21:43 other posts 
Sorry, just sausage or mushroom pizza or plain cheese pizza for me. Sometimes I splurge and add black olives. We all have our favorites I guess. My Dad used to eat what was called a garbage can pizza, which literally had everything on it. He can't eat those pizzas anymore, just sticking to sausage and mushroom himself.

By Ravioli_Max [Ignore] 03,Oct,15 20:35 other posts 
ANCHOVIES on mine, please.

By #358797 03,Oct,15 04:00
Stuffed crust, ham, bacon and mushroom... With garlic sauce. Om fuckin nom.
--------------------------------------- added after 2 minutes

I'm fuckin drunk. And now I'm hungry.
By JeffinKS [Ignore] 03,Oct,15 09:23 other posts 
By #495558 03,Oct,15 12:19
Sounds awesome Rexa

I have been experimenting at home in the kitchen-- thin crust, light sauce, fresh mozzarella slices, and then fresh basil once the pizza is out of the oven... LEGIT
By #358797 03,Oct,15 12:37
I tried to make a pizza here the other week... Stuffed the crust with string cheese and all kinds of stuff. That thing tasted like a giant pile of bullshit when it came out of oven.
Come teach me your ways.
By bella! [Ignore] 03,Oct,15 14:22 other posts 
To Reaching and arexa52, you mention that you're making pizza at home. Are you making your own dough and sauce? arexa52, you mention garlic sauce, garlic sauce instead of the traditional tomato sauce or a garlic sauce for dipping. As I recall, Papa John's had dipping sauce for their pizza but I thought that was an odd concept. I might be the odd man out but we had a conversation about dipping pizza slices at work several years ago. One of the ladies that I work with said her girls liked to dip pizza in ranch dressing. Okie dokie, then......

By bella! [Ignore] 03,Oct,15 09:19 other posts 
It's all about good ingredients as well as the proper ratio of ingredients, don't you think? I do not like biting into a pizza that is slathered in too much sauce, now too much cheese, you can never have too much cheese! My preferred pizza is light sauce, cheese only and round.

I guess you have to live in a fancy-dancy area to be able to order a specific type of crust or are you talking about Pizza Hut, which is about 14 miles away from me? In my little town, there are 3 franchise pizza places, there's Little Caesars, Hungry Howies and Jets.

One night, on my way home from work, I decided I gots to have pizza, do you hear me, GOTS TO HAVE pizza. Perhaps I had a long day or a rough day, but I knew that I didn't want to wait the normal 20 to 30 minutes to place an order so I decided to TRY Little Caesars. This was the first time in all my years that I'm going to choose Little Caesars..... In my town the Little Caesars has a drive-up window just like a fast food burger joint. The guy comes to the window and tells me that there are no Hot-n-Ready pizzas available at this time, that it's going to be 5 or 6 minutes before the next batch is available and out of the oven. Hey, this is a good sign, right? No pizzas available because they're so good that they are just flying out the door, right? I engage in small talk and mention to the guy that this is my first time trying Little Caesars. He assures me that I won't be disappointed this pepperoni pizza is going to be pure yum. Oh boy, pizza that's fresh out of the oven and I'm only 3/10 of one mile away from home! I get this sucker home and BLECH!!!!! A pepperoni pizza is relatively standard and should be okay but no way was this good. You definitely get what you pay for and I wasted 5 bucks that night. Hungry Howies and Jets are okay and sometimes on that rare occasion that I've GOTS TO HAVE pizza, I just might get that elusive and "damn, that tastes good" pizza.
By #495558 03,Oct,15 12:22
Honestly, not a fan of ANY chain pizza joints.. Although Dominos has really tried to step it up. Not saying it is wonderful but if you had to pick that is probably the safer bet
By admin [Ignore] 03,Oct,15 12:46 other posts 
You speak like all joints within one chain are totally equal. They are supposed to but in reality they are not. I had a wonderful Pizza Hut near where I lived several years ago, liked it a lot, ordered every week, but in most of other places I tried Pizza Hut - I did not like it, and in couple of places it was just horrible, dry, burned, with too few ingredients. I don't like Domino's where I live now - taste is not that bad, but it's way overpriced and they are very greedy with ingredients - literally 10 pieces of pepperoni on pepperoni familiar pizza, what kind of shit is this? Papa John's was kinda too expensive too, but it was more or less equal in every joint I tried so far. There is no one where I live now though.
By bella! [Ignore] 03,Oct,15 14:05 other posts 
I've had some good pizza from Pizza Hut but I really enjoy eating pizza as well as other food items HOT! I like it when I pull my pizza out of the box that the cheese makes little "strings" leading to the next piece in the box but alas, the Pizza Hut is about 14 miles away and the pizza won't be hot when I get home! In my opinion, pizza does not taste as good if you are putting it in the microwave to heat it up. Yuck! That's why I always order a small so I don't feel bad if I don't want it the next day for lunch.

Passport Pizza, I believe that was the name of this pizza place by my part time employment, offered two very distinct types of pepperoni. I preferred what they referred to as the "spicy" pepperoni. When the pizza was cooked, the spicy pepperoni had a tendency to rise off the pie and create a cup and the edges always seemed to brown and get crisp. That pepperoni had so much flavor, it almost made you want to slap your momma!

Admin, you're absolutely correct about chains not being equal. Yes, when you're ordering from a franchise/chain, they're obligated to buy the same products from the same distribution vendor but if guy or girl in the prep area doesn't splash on the same amount of sauce, cheaps out on the amount of cheese and short counts the number of pepperoni that's going on the pie, it will taste very different. You also mentioned Papa John's, tried that one time and as I recalled, I didn't like the sauce.

Everything has to be in alignment, you must have the right flavored sauce, a consistent amount of sauce, cheese and items so the consumer can determine whether they want more, or in my case with the sauce, ask for less.

No one has really specified whether they prefer square to round? I'm a traditionalist, I prefer round because there's too much crust to a square!

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