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You can watch Superbowl 50 here online, live right now, for free... 07,Feb,16 18:12


By Ravioli_Max 12,Dec,18 00:30
And we're so glad about that!

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By Ravioli_Max 02,Dec,18 21:18
Ohhh THAT'S what it means. Thank you!
I thought the TTS could stand for Transgender/Transsexual but I thought...that can't be right. Meaning I thought maybe it meant you had two sexual partners who were nice, warm people in spirit, in personality, and who were also Transgender/Transsexual people...thank you very much for explaining what it means.

By Ravioli_Max 02,Dec,18 21:11
Thank you. And about the voting on that, to get somebody thrown off the site...unless something is or obviously a fake, like it was found that pictures of a porn star were used, (but hey, it is possible real adult-content models and porn movie stars could come here) isn't a person supposed to be contacted first and given a chance to either explain or remove a picture before they are kicked off the site and their page content deleted? I bet whomever happens to be participating in "The Review Panel" at the moment gets a lot of defiance and sass from contacted newcomers who do not yet realize that site members actually have the power to wipe out their stuff.

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You're welcome, Warmie. What is the story behind your screen name? It's an interesting handle.

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You're welcome, but I wish other folks would explain this. Above where it says, "Drama Queens Fighting", there is a search may want to type in star+chamber and see what comes up.

By Ravioli_Max 02,Dec,18 02:08
Please see my other reply to you on it. Who is on it? anybody with an account old enough, can be on it. A member who used to be here named JohnS was a very active participant in it. In fact I believe he had either over 13,000 points amassed, or was that over 31,000 points, which I believe (if my memory serves me well, mind you) he said he earned through hard work...and that must have included all he did over at "The Star Chamber", as it was nicknamed.

By Ravioli_Max 02,Dec,18 01:58
"The Star Chamber" is a nickname given to it by our own unicorn, the site unicorn. JustWill used to be known as The Unicorn on this site. He once kindly long ago explained to me exactly why he called it that. Maybe he will explain it to you too, if you ask politely, I don't know. Google says this: "The English court of Star Chamber was created by King Henry VII in 1487 and was named for a room with stars painted on the ceiling in the royal palace of Westminster where the court sat. The Star Chamber was an instrument of the monarch and consisted of royal councillors and two royal judges."

I'm thinking his naming of it is something in connection to JohnS, who was an active participant in being on "The Review Panel" of the Abuse Reports page. And he did not care for JohnS. I'm not trying to sound gossipy or stir anything up, I'm just trying to skim the surface of lightly explaining. He could do a much better job of it than I can.

And ma'am, please, please do not say anything bad about JustWill in replies to me here...I like you but I also like JustWill...would **** to see fighting or slamming start under my threads.
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The starred-out word is h.ate.

By Ravioli_Max 02,Dec,18 01:25
You have been a member since July 14, 2018 so you will either not be able to see the page at all, or you will be able to see the page but not be able to participate in having a say in the voting if a member should be deleted off the site or not.

By Ravioli_Max 02,Dec,18 01:15
What the page currently says:

Abuse Reports
main page
The primary goal of this page - to quickly delete members posting **** shit when admin is away and to resolve doubtful situations.
If your account is older than 2 years you can participate here.
Abuse gets +1 if you agree and -1 if you disagree. Once it gets -5 or gets older than 10 days the abuse gets deleted as invalid, once it gets +5 the member gets deleted for the violation.

No guidelines. If you do not have any common sense you should not participate here! If you "freeze" deletion of something really important like chil.d porn you are banned from the site no matter what.

There are no pending abuse reports at the moment
Check if there are any suspicious possibly previously banned members

The URL of the page:

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The starred-out word is, "illega.l".

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Just go here:


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No sir.

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And the member must not have deleted his or her account, I'm sure...otherwise you would have noticed that, as you are quite observant. I was wondering if the member deleted his account. Perhaps he put in a request that it be deleted?

By Ravioli_Max 19,Oct,18 20:52
"The coward has gone on a lame massacre" he's just plain gone.

By Ravioli_Max 16,Oct,18 19:52
"Now make me coffee".

Can I give you a rude but genuinely curious Haiku, leo?

5-7-5 so ok...

Leo loves Haiku
He also loves banging gals
But are they hookers?

By Ravioli_Max 16,Oct,18 19:46
Nice Haiku-work, leo.

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With anchovies.

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Thanks for those.

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Reminded me of something. Do you remember back when we were kiddos...when two boys had a fight, an adult would get them to make up and then make them shake hands at the end.

By Ravioli_Max 10,Oct,18 19:06
TWOWARM, I saw your wall, thank you.

By Ravioli_Max 10,Oct,18 18:50
I hope everybody will be perfectly OK and the property too.

By Ravioli_Max 10,Oct,18 18:43
For those interested in this whole thing, you may want to go to my profile here and have a look at my message wall. It's over my head. I can't tell if that person is really Orchis or an imposter (or impostor depending on how you like it spelled) and when he says "using me (Max) to get back at bella" I honestly don't know what he's talking about. Also I can't tell if JohnS is alive or really passed away. Confused. He might be getting "impostored". (sp.)

anonymous wrote (Oct 10, 12:44):
Max. The song is Christina Perry . A thousand years . Sorry for using you to get back at bella! Jefferson.
anonymous wrote (Oct 10, 11:5:
Sorry Max . It was all a hoax to wind bella! up . John is not dead very much alive . My apologies for involving you in it . But I had to make it sound convincing . Jefferson .
Ravioli_Max wrote (Oct 8, 16:49):
Orchis...shoot, you're gone. Thank you for the points gift and...I think you gave me a pumpkin too which disappeared when you closed your account. Thank you for that as well. Hope you heal perfectly. Would welcome a message from you, anytime.
[delete] [delete & block]
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At the end when I said "he" I meant Orchis.
It's enough to make your head spin or maybe just mine.

By Ravioli_Max 10,Oct,18 18:32
Sad, wow, so terrible.
Thanks for the pictures and information.

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Just Will...I want to show you these so badly.:

Darth Vader vs. Batman

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Darth Vader vs. Batman-Alternative Ending

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I prefer the alternative ending one, myself.

By Ravioli_Max 25,Aug,18 02:13
That reminds me. Everybody wants Coke from Mexico. Do they put sugar in it in Mexico when they make it and does the U.S. use high-fructose corn syrup instead of sugar, by any chance?

By Ravioli_Max 25,Aug,18 02:11
I'm thinking these places employ a lot of women from the Orient and many of them don't speak any English or very little English, so the sign may have meant that some if not all of their employees, even their Asian ones, spoke English so don't worry...they can understand you and communicate just fine. As a matter of fact, the establishment may have been owned by Asian people and possibly one of them wrote that English was not his or her first language so it turned out as being just a little bit different and tricky to understand. You know when, for example, if you see someone wearing a t-shirt from Japan with English on it, or read an old instruction booklet, it does make sense and may be correct wording, but it isn't worded the way we would say it or write it here. I guess that's called syntax.

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By Ravioli_Max 13,Aug,18 23:30
Did you see Play Misty For Me? They used that Annabel Lee piece in the movie.

What is the last movie you saw?
I saw A Quiet Place.

By Ravioli_Max 13,Aug,18 23:19
I'm just wondering if nowadays you no longer see any brown recluses in your dwelling. I hope not.

By Ravioli_Max 13,Aug,18 22:59
Is it still the same price in 2018, bella?

By Ravioli_Max 11,Jul,18 17:56
Hey PHART...I thought you'd get a kick out of this...Uranus smells like rotten eggs, they say.

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By Ravioli_Max 11,Jul,18 17:50
Just a nitpick...sorry. According to Google:

"Explanation: Our sun is too small to go nova or supernova. It will ultimately enter a red giant stage and then collapse as a white dwarf. ... A white dwarf needs a close red giant companion from which it can acquire sufficient material to collapse and to explode as a supernova."
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"While many white dwarfs fade away into relative obscurity, eventually radiating away all of their energy and becoming a black dwarf, those that have companions may suffer a different fate. One possibility is that adding more mass to the white dwarf could cause it to collapse into a much denser neutron star."

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They like it all night and all morning, every day.

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I agree, sherryann.

By Ravioli_Max 30,Jun,18 23:16
Ow. That makes me think too hard.

By Ravioli_Max 30,Jun,18 07:14
Nail polish on small cuts?

By Ravioli_Max 30,Jun,18 07:09
I sure like that one.

By Ravioli_Max 30,Jun,18 07:08
Did you buy them again?
Any hint of maple?

By Ravioli_Max 30,Jun,18 07:05
LOL! The second one! :-)

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Reminds me of this:

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This one is great...

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