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Nice Boobs

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Started by #443664 [Ignore] 20,Dec,13 18:12
Ladies, please post pics of your boobs in here for both guys and gals to view, admire and comment about

I don't think we have a topic like this yet so I thought I would post one

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By #498842 01,Oct,15 08:26
[deleted image]
By HunterAce [Ignore] 02,Oct,15 00:40 other posts 
Love how they hang

By #452019 03,Mar,14 11:12
What do you all think...?

[deleted image]
--------------------------------------- added after 4851 hours

New photo...

[deleted image]
By #447569 06,Mar,14 23:49
WOW! Wish you were here so I could show you how great they are and how hard you make me!
By #316057 07,Mar,14 00:17
mmm love them violet
By #449110 10,Mar,14 15:41
Your tits are perfect. In fact, so perfect, that they don't even look real.
By #452019 11,Mar,14 17:14
let me check *rubbing tits and nipples* yes they're real
By #449110 13,Mar,14 21:26
No, I don't think I believe you. I think I need to do my own personal inspection.
By #452019 25,Jun,14 17:13
By #449110 30,Jun,14 17:39
**Puts hands on your gorgeous breasts**

Yep, they're real alright. Best pair I've ever felt.
By #452019 01,Jul,14 15:24
mmmm rub my nipples...
By #449110 01,Jul,14 23:41
**Rubs nipples and then sucks them**
By #452019 08,Jul,14 10:42
mmm now move yourself lower...
By #449110 10,Jul,14 03:01
Then I'll slowly kiss your belly button. I'll then move onto your lower waist, right above the pubic mound and begin to lick that very slowly and seductively. Now I'll kiss your inner thighs and barely touch my lips to your vagina, just enough to get you excited, and then I'll move away. Then I'll kiss your inner thighs and lick the crease in between your legs. I bet you know what's coming next?
By #452019 14,Jul,14 09:15
Is that when we play Cluedo?
By #449110 15,Jul,14 03:55
no. That's when I give your pussy a proper tongue thrashing.
By #452019 15,Jul,14 04:12
mmm, left a bit, right a bit, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm now stay down there til i tell you to stop
By #449110 15,Jul,14 22:59
I think this may be a good time to start sucking your clit as well. Then I can suck it and lick it at the same time. Bet you would like that?
By #452019 16,Jul,14 07:14
how does sucking and licking work, you can do both at the same time? it would be novel if you can?
By #449110 19,Jul,14 19:14
And I'll go down as long as you like my dear. You can take as long as you want.
By #452019 04,Sep,14 04:08
mmm not too long down there though and snorkles are a definite no no
By #449110 04,Sep,14 16:41
but it took you so long to respond that now I'm probably going to have to go through the whole process of arousing you all over again.
By #452019 08,Sep,14 16:44
that can never be a chore, surely?
By #449110 09,Sep,14 01:52
This time I might lick your ass while I'm down there. Just for an added treat.
By #452019 09,Sep,14 11:00
By #449110 10,Sep,14 02:08
But I won't do that if you aren't into that. I just thought I would give you a special treat.
By #452019 11,Sep,14 13:56
stick with the front door and leave the backdoor alone
By #449110 11,Sep,14 18:34
Will do my dear. Maybe I can finger your pussy too while I'm licking it?
By #452019 26,Sep,14 05:31
mmm maybe
By #449110 29,Sep,14 20:43
I'd bet you would like that wouldn't you?
By leopoldij [Ignore] 07,Oct,14 16:27 other posts 
So perfect boobs!!
--------------------------------------- added after 30 seconds

She's also handling that cock so tenderly, isn't she?
By #450957 20,Jun,14 23:48
By nekekal [Ignore] 16,Mar,14 19:32 other posts 
Those are ultra tits violet. Lovely to behold. In fact I would love to hold them.
By #416864 15,May,14 08:20
Holy crap; your boobs are magnificant! I'd rate them
By leopoldij [Ignore] 17,May,14 18:28 other posts 
By #408718 20,Jun,14 02:53
gorgeous tit
By #450957 20,Jun,14 23:46
ultra-violet, you have very pretty breasts. Nipple color and placement are prime. Size, shape and firmness are just what I like. Separation is an underrated aspect of breasts. Yours are excellent. Whenever I fantasize about feeling a woman up, (like several times each day ) your type of breasts are the ones that make me hardest.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 24,Jun,14 18:14 other posts 
oh baby, that's fantastic! i've already masturbated on your pic and produced a huge cumload. thanks!
By #388818 25,Jun,14 12:41
serious contender for the perfect boobs title!
By #464196 27,Jun,14 08:23
mm nice perky set for cowgirl
By #452019 27,Jun,14 12:01
thank you
By leopoldij [Ignore] 29,Jun,14 14:01 other posts 
wish my cock was there, between your beautiful boobs!
[deleted image]
By DJS [Ignore] 30,Jun,14 06:40 other posts 
there looking good UV
By #452019 30,Jun,14 10:52
thank you, although they're rather sweaty at the moment from tennis and my nipples are hard, care to rub them down?
By DJS [Ignore] 14,Jan,15 15:50 other posts 
Only after a glass off Robinson,s barley water,UV Don,t no about a rub down more like a Lick around
By #465094 30,Jun,14 17:20
By #452019 01,Jul,14 16:24
thank you where were you last night?
By t-rex [Ignore] 13,Jul,14 21:11 other posts 
I have to agree , your boobs are great
By #458576 13,Jul,14 12:55
im jealous they are beautiful
By leopoldij [Ignore] 13,Jul,14 18:24 other posts 
You ve nothing to be jealous about. As far as I can tell, your boobs are Marvelous. Post Some more pics please!
[deleted image]
By #435701 17,Jul,14 13:53
Lucky girl!! Some of the best I have ever seen!!
By #451093 20,Jul,14 14:28
it's nice bOOb,
I like it
By #218130 10,Sep,14 01:06
Exquisite to say the least
By #285354 10,Sep,14 20:40
By #469430 16,Sep,14 17:37
By t-rex [Ignore] 17,Sep,14 18:47 other posts 
They are gorgeous sweetie
By jayman73 [Ignore] 18,Sep,14 12:24 other posts 
Wow. Awesome. They are like a true work of art.
By #286931 29,Dec,14 02:20
By DJS [Ignore] 30,Dec,14 07:09 other posts 
By #481651 08,Jan,15 15:47
Beautiful boobs! ☺ 😆
By #450081 18,Jan,15 01:32
Perfect boobs of my friend
By #182635 05,May,15 20:56
Love them
By #478108 18,May,15 16:17
very nice pair. instant hard on
By #451452 25,May,15 19:26
Nice boobs, very well adorned.
By HunterAce [Ignore] 02,Oct,15 00:38 other posts 

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