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What's the BEST beer and should it be served cold?

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Started by #328554 [Ignore] 10,May,13 06:41
I seem to have had lots of beer chats on here recently and so I thought I'd set up a discussion about members favorite beer(s). Mine is Bath Ales Gem, a quintessential English beer and utterly divine.

Please note that this forum is for beer connoisseurs who understand that beer should be served chilled, NOT warm.

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By #420420 05,Oct,15 23:47
I have to take issue with the statement that 'beer connoisseurs who understand that beer should be served chilled, NOT warm.'!!! REALLY?? That's only true for Domestic, piss-lager beer that has no taste, anyway!! REAL, MAN'S BEER, HEARTY DARK ALES, PILSNERS, and STOUTS ABSOLUTELY NEED TO BE AT ROOM TEMPERATURE!! Ask any REAL, Irishman how to drink a Guinness! First, they will say something about the *^%&** thing that 'Yanks' call 'Guinness' and then tell you it can ONLY be PROPERLY drank, once the head settles, and it as at Pub temperature! Straight from the mouth of a fine Irish woman, teaching me 'Proper' ways to drink European Stouts, Ales, and the like! I brew my own, and if you drink them cold, you lose SOOOOO much of the body, the subtle flavors, the 'background' that makes that beer AMAZING!!
By leopoldij [Ignore] 06,Oct,15 03:04 other posts 
I actually like Guiness extra cold.
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I had it so in Dublin and elsewhere.
It's a matter of taste.
By #420420 07,Oct,15 00:06
Lagers and light beers are probably best served cold, as they have no flavor. Stouts, Proper Ales, NEED to be savored at ambient temperature, or you are just ignoring all the flavor that the Brew Master created!! Heretics!! Don't be a pu**y!! Try it! It isn't 'Un-American!' Try a Stout, Home brew, bottle-conditioned, ambient, and say it isn't the best way to drink it!!
By leopoldij [Ignore] 07,Oct,15 00:56 other posts 
I have tried it. I don't like it. I prefer it cold. I'm talking about Guiness. As frr ales, I don't like them, neither cold nor warm. I prefer real beer.

By #495558 03,Oct,15 03:56
Well, I am an American... we like it ice cold in a frosty mug....

But more importantly, we like whiskey... And lots of it
By leopoldij [Ignore] 03,Oct,15 04:18 other posts 
You should try whisky instead. Much better.
By _avg_ [Ignore] 03,Oct,15 13:43 other posts 
"Whiskey" is an accepted alternate spelling, though 'bourbon" would probably be most accurate.

Anyways, you could get the best of both worlds -- a lot of brewers are producing barrel aged beers, such this one:


It's delicious... and not cheap; that bottle set me back $12!! Worth it to experience, if only once
By leopoldij [Ignore] 03,Oct,15 17:17 other posts 
Oh sure, but I was being a bit funny. I meant to say Scottish "whisky" is, in my opinion, better than American "whiskey". Of course, I don't mind the latter either.
By #495558 03,Oct,15 19:21
We love our Whiskey to be from Kentucky
By leopoldij [Ignore] 03,Oct,15 20:23 other posts 
Great. Each to his taste!
By #23212 04,Oct,15 00:40
Agreed--we all have different tastes and experiences.

I would invite you to try some Canadian Whisky--quite different from either Scotch or American whiskeys.
By leopoldij [Ignore] 04,Oct,15 01:56 other posts 
I've no experience in the matter. Thanks.
By _avg_ [Ignore] 03,Oct,15 13:46 other posts 
If you're an American who actually LIKES beer, you should NEVER frost your mugs...

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By jayman73 [Ignore] 03,Oct,15 17:33 other posts 
I have never been a fan of a frosty mug. Everyone has the right to drink beer the way they want. But for me, I prefer beer slightly chilled in a pint glass. The local bar I go to serves it perfectly. Just with that slight chill, but not so cold you turn blue. Slightly chilled is how I like my beer, but again I have no problem if someone wants to drink ice cold, luke warm, or warm beer.

By Mrfrisky [Ignore] 03,Oct,15 18:14 other posts 
Is the best beer the one your date has that gets her drunk enough to try anal?

By #202451 02,Oct,15 21:43
apropos your 2nd line item: depends on what you mean by chilled and warm
... most... good "beers", in my book, should be served warmer than your average refrigerator except maybe "beers" that are brewed cold. but that is not beer anyway, that's Coors )
What actual degree point that is I do not know for sure
By #23212 03,Oct,15 03:31
".. But that is not beer anyway, that's Coors".

Of course, though it's now owned by Canadians (Molsons), Coors still is worse than the worst soda water you can find. Nice to find someone here who agrees.

By #499020 02,Oct,15 22:15
Guinness, and warm, but is great cold too

By #206678 02,Oct,15 16:32
James Boag Premium only registered users can see external links

By #491423 30,Sep,15 15:02
i love my tusker beer served cold
By leopoldij [Ignore] 30,Sep,15 21:42 other posts 
Yes! Beer should be cold.

By #121361 30,Sep,15 00:27
Check HASSERÖDER one of the Best [deleted image]

By leopoldij [Ignore] 20,Jul,14 15:58 other posts 
English people like their beer warm...
--------------------------------------- added after 9400 hours

Let me correct my statement:
SOME English people like their beer warm.
Contrast to:
ALMOST NO German person likes his/her beer warm.
By #493135 10,Aug,15 19:12
Hear, hear. The only way to enjoy real ale
By leopoldij [Ignore] 10,Aug,15 19:43 other posts 
I don't like lukewarm drinks. I've known english guys who would drink beer (not ale) in room temperature. Ok, their choice, but they're unique.
By #485312 10,Aug,15 22:33
yeah the beers warm and the pies are cold *lix*
By leopoldij [Ignore] 11,Aug,15 05:40 other posts 
Very true.
By Sickboy [Ignore] 15,Aug,15 18:06 other posts 
Ok dont what you have been reading or watching, but beer is served cold always here in England
By #485312 15,Aug,15 21:21
is it the irish that serve warm beer?? *lix*
By #493135 29,Sep,15 17:05
Haha no it isn't! I've never seen cold beer served in a pub, ever
By bella! [Ignore] 29,Sep,15 19:06 other posts 
To Guilty, does your mom and dad allow you to take a sip of their ale when you go out to eat as a family? Your profile states your 18 years old so I guess I'm curious how you would be so knowledgeable? Out of curiosity, what is the legal drinking age in the UK?
By mr_blue [Ignore] 29,Sep,15 18:56 other posts 

By Ravioli_Max [Ignore] 09,Aug,15 07:39 other posts 
Some people like St. Pauli Girl.
By #410609 29,Sep,15 18:52
St. Pauli Girl is very good German beer and popular in the Midwest.

By _avg_ [Ignore] 15,Aug,15 18:58 other posts 
Two words...
By bella! [Ignore] 15,Aug,15 19:02 other posts 
A beer that's flavored with chocolate?
By _avg_ [Ignore] 16,Aug,15 13:54 other posts 
Yep, but I'd only recommend it if you like porters to start with. It's a local microbrew (SanTan) so you might not get it where you are, though they do distribute
By bella! [Ignore] 16,Aug,15 14:57 other posts 
Thank you for your reply! I checked but I wasn't able to see that Porters/SanTan distributes in Michigan. I guess I'm a purist because I enjoy the taste of beer. You mentioned that you would only recommend this beer if you like Porters to start with. ????? What would make me like or not like Porters? Quite frankly, chocolate is okay, I can take it or leave it ( in another thread today, I mentioned I like homemade oatmeal raisin cookies and another member said chocolate chip. Blechhhh!!! Seriously, if I was locked in a room all day and the only thing I had was a bag of chocolate chip cookies, whenever I'm rescued, that bag would be almost full or unopened ). Back to the beer, Sex Panther, can you taste the chocolate when you're drinking the beer?
By _avg_ [Ignore] 16,Aug,15 17:43 other posts 
Everyone has different tastes, so I can't give unqualified recommendations; porters tend to be dark, heavy beers with excessive malty-ness and that turns some people off. Sex Panther is no different, except that the chocolate flavor cuts some the malt.

It's by no means the only beer brewed with chocolate, though; I've seen one by Odell's that you might be able to get in MI. There's also one by Young's, a British brewery distributed worldwide, but I wouldn't recommend it -- go for an American micro-brew, instead.
By bella! [Ignore] 17,Aug,15 19:49 other posts 
Thanks for your response and tips, _avg_!
By big9inch21 [Ignore] 29,Sep,15 11:21 other posts 
Bella, you need to try the beers at Kuhnhenn brewery in Warren. They make some of the best beers in the state. The Imerial Creme-Brule Java Stout is to die for only registered users can see external links
By bella! [Ignore] 29,Sep,15 12:32 other posts 
Heck, the Warren location is really close to the GM Tech Center and I believe a big Chrysler plant. Now I know where all the folks go "when the eagle flies"

I have had Creme Brule as a desert but I can't imagine it as a beer, but then again, I couldn't imagine root beer beer, either! Now if someone could get together with Faygo and brew a Rock-n-Rye beer, I might become a lush.......
By big9inch21 [Ignore] 29,Sep,15 14:40 other posts 
Don't forget the Better Made Potato chips
By bella! [Ignore] 29,Sep,15 15:52 other posts 
I don't THINK I would like a beer that tastes like potato chips! You've got to draw the line somewhere!
By #485312 15,Aug,15 20:58
sex on beer, a match made in heaven *lix*

By DeepThroatThis [Ignore] 29,Sep,15 15:01 other posts 
Yuengling or Coors Banquet

By bella! [Ignore] 29,Sep,15 11:09 other posts 
I consider myself a "cheap date" only because I can go out and enjoy a beer. Thinking about this thread and _avg_'s mention of chocolate flavored beer, I stepped out of my comfort zone and had a root beer flavored beer. All I can say is WOW! If you like the taste of root beer, you would like the taste of the root beer flavored beer. It's such a pleasant taste that it is easy to forget you're drinking an alcoholic beverage, guzzle it down and end up with buzz......

By stroker11 [Ignore] 17,Aug,15 17:08 other posts 
Very hot day CT, today. Best beer is an ice cold lite beer in a large mouthed beer glass or stein filled to top. Take off your pants and slide cock and balls into beer. Wait til genitals are cold as you can stand then pull out and chug beer for true heatwave relief! Cheers!!

By Beercan10 [Ignore] 16,Aug,15 15:08 other posts 
These are both excellent German double bach beers. OK to serve warm.

By leopoldij [Ignore] 10,Aug,15 16:14 other posts 
Best beer is Budvar.
And yes, it should be served cold.
By hytiger [Ignore] 16,Aug,15 03:31 other posts 
Thats not beer, it's lager!
By #23212 16,Aug,15 03:41
Lager IS a type of beer:

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By leopoldij [Ignore] 16,Aug,15 08:42 other posts 
It *is* beer. It's called beer in all places in the world (they say: Budvar is beer/Bier/pivo/piru/cerveza/bier)
Both lager and ale are types of beer:
only registered users can see external links
only registered users can see external links
(Sinaff is right.)

In fact, I maintain that most people in the world, if presented with a glass of a beer (say, only registered users can see external links ) or an ale (say, only registered users can see external links ) and asked to decide which of the two was mostly a "beer" in their opinion, i bet they'd choose the former. (No, I have not performed the experiment!)

I've nothing against ale, people can enjoy it warm, and I do know people from the British Isles who do drink "lager" warm too. What bothers me is when I go to a pub in England and can't get beer at the temperature I like. Which is not a problem in Scotland, say. One can get Guiness extra cold there too, which I like (chacun a son gout), but it's harder to find cold Guiness in England.

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