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Does anyone actually know what a blowjob is?

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #296526 [Ignore] 05,Dec,12 22:08
Contrary to popular opinion, a blowjob is more than just sucking cock! I am wondering if there is anyone left that can tell me accurately, what a blowjob is? If you don't know, ask me, I will tell you the difference......

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By sweetslit [Ignore] 10,Jun,13 00:52 other posts 
It is an 18 century term for a prostitute...

By #159671 10,Jun,13 00:35
The term "Blow Job", strictly speaking, means sucking a cock until it blows, that is - there is an ejaculation, otherwise it is just sucking cock.

Did I get that right?

By #358284 30,May,13 10:38
Blow Job? It is the "JOB" of the Cocksucker to make you "BLOW" your Load in its Sucking Mouth!!

By #201583 26,May,13 19:08
Isn't that what It's called when a politician opens his mouth.

By #4222 26,May,13 15:17
If I go by my BJ's that I've received, it involves making an "o" with ones lips and moving lightly across the shaft with as little contact to other parts as possible. EEEEWWWW! How lame is that? We done needs some edumacation round here on whats a BJ.
By #321642 26,May,13 16:50
I agree I **** that shit what is that

By #161491 05,Dec,12 23:19
To me, a blowjob isn't just sucking a cock; it's making love to a cock. And that includes sucking, licking, kissing, nibbling, tonguing, savoring, engulfing, devouring...
By #147052 07,Dec,12 10:25

By spermkiss [Ignore] 05,Dec,12 22:48 other posts 
It's a little known fact the the "blow" in "blowjob" comes from the man "blowing his load". Therefore if he is not sucked to climax, that is, if he didn't "blow his load", then there might have been cocksucking but there wasn't a blowjob.

So, did I get it right?
By bella! [Ignore] 05,Dec,12 23:26 other posts 
My money is on you, spermkiss as you seem to be so knowledgeable. I will only hope that if you did provide the first correct answer that you will win a prize!
By #316049 06,Dec,12 01:30
Makes sense to me, funny that it was so logical and so many of us didn't know. So what's a "headjob", coz I know I've never had only my knob sucked, licked, kissed, nibbled,... - that'd be redundant if the rest of my tackle were being'd just get that burning itchy feeling that too much knob-work brings...or is that my gonosyphilherpes
By spermkiss [Ignore] 06,Dec,12 18:21 other posts 
I'm sure that the term "headjob" comes from "giving head" which means performing oral sex. I doubt it means devoting attention only to the glans (or head) of the penis.
By spermkiss [Ignore] 06,Dec,12 18:25 other posts 
Thank you bella!, it was very kind of you to say that.

And if I do win the prize, I hope that it is a blowjob from nudewomanlover or that I be allowed to give him a blowjob or both.

By nekekal [Ignore] 06,Dec,12 00:42 other posts 
I always thought that it involved sucking a cock, and orgasm.

If it doesn't involve a mouth and a cock, I will be disappointed. And if anyone wants to demonstrate to me, my cock is available.

By boc [Ignore] 05,Dec,12 23:54 other posts 
Bite Me!

By bella! [Ignore] 05,Dec,12 22:23 other posts 
A SYD test! Oh, I admit, I must not know what a blowjob is. If it is apparent that the majority of us do not know what a blowjob is or what a blowjob entails, please enlighten us now.

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