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Steak and blowjob day

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by gradurgaur [Ignore] 14,Mar,12 08:56  other posts
Guys did you know to day is Steak and blowjob day.
So hopefully everbody wil have good steak and Amasing blowjob from your lover or partner or sex buddy..

Have great steak and blowjob day..

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By cruz69696969 [Ignore] 18,Jun,20 20:45 other posts 
Is that a tube steak and a blowjobs day?

By #485312 18,Mar,17 16:39
[deleted image]
heres one that made me laugh for Steak and Blowjob day *lix*
By GEORGIE10 [Ignore] 19,Mar,17 05:12 other posts 

By #164428 15,Mar,12 07:10
I'm waiting for Lobster and Hot Fuck Day!
By #228171 15,Mar,12 07:13
Woo hoo when is that day and can I join u hehehehe xxx
By #164428 15,Mar,12 15:11
I think I'll create it. How about.....today? You could always join me!
By gradurgaur [Ignore] 15,Mar,12 17:08 other posts 
ummmmmmmm sound amasing cum4steffi

By #170689 14,Mar,12 11:30
my blowjobs are like my steak... Rare
By #143536 14,Mar,12 11:34
By #164428 14,Mar,12 15:18
I'd certainly enjoy making that obsolete.
By #143536 15,Mar,12 09:49
With you, every day could be steak and blowjob day. I'll bring the steak, you bring the blowjob.
By gradurgaur [Ignore] 14,Mar,12 19:38 other posts 
i wish i can help you with that...

By #228171 14,Mar,12 20:03
Oh well I got none of both maybe next year .....so a chip buttie and a wank
By gradurgaur [Ignore] 14,Mar,12 20:12 other posts 
i wish i was not so far away i have love to give you good steak and good blowjob...

By #135959 14,Mar,12 15:43
Right now I have no one to give me a bj
By #218976 14,Mar,12 15:44
I'd gladly suck you off if I could
By #135959 14,Mar,12 19:33
That would be nice haven't had a bJ in awhile I'll also return the favor if we were closer

By #176420 14,Mar,12 18:25
Damn never heard of that Holiday being celebrated.shit.
By gradurgaur [Ignore] 14,Mar,12 18:52 other posts 
is allways 14 of mars...so mark that day for next year...

By #147052 14,Mar,12 11:22
Why thank you. I would love to try your tube steak.

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