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Steak and Blowjob

Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #443664 [Ignore] 14,Mar,14 17:11
Happy steak and blowjob day guys and gals, hope you have a great day and enjoy both kinds of the meat

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By #64328 19,Mar,14 12:43
This reminded me of a joke I heard.....A guy asks...Do you know the diffrence between a steak and a Blowjob? They answer NO.....Then the guy says, Well in that case do you want to go to dinner

By **FlyingCum** [Ignore] 14,Mar,14 19:40 other posts 
Haha I was just coming in to bump my post about this in but saw yours. So happy steak and bj day to everyone. And also happy pi day!!

By #415959 14,Mar,14 17:41
How did I not know about this holiday??!!

Pfft...always the last to know.
By #358797 14,Mar,14 17:44
Yeah, apparently it's some sort of payback holiday for the wining and dining us ladies get for valentines day. Lol.

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