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Have u finally seen the dick of a guy you always fantasized about (friend, work bud etc) ? Big dick ?

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Started by #296237 [Ignore] 25,Oct,12 18:51
Have u finally seen the dick of a guy you always fantasized about (friend, work buddy, neighbour etc) ? Who is he ? When ? Where ? How it happen ? He has a nicer dick than you thought?

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By thicknsmooth [Ignore] 14,May,24 20:16 other posts 
I had a friend in high school that I was in love with. I fantasized about loving his body and sucking his cock for years. I never moved on it as I was afraid of being called gay. Then one day I stumbled upon a nude picture of him on the internet. I copied the picture and still have it today
By dgraff [Ignore] 14,May,24 21:41 other posts 
Yo brow you just answered an 11 year old post and the original owner is not even a member anymore look at the very top you will find the date and the number means hes gone a ghost 👻
By thicknsmooth [Ignore] 14,May,24 22:06 other posts 
So what? You read it right?
By dgraff [Ignore] 15,May,24 04:22 other posts 
Yeah only because I wanted to see what kind of hair brain 🧠 keeps digging up old posts from yester year

By CreativeOne [Ignore] 25,Sep,13 22:59 other posts 
Yes ... quite a few times ! However for the most part the ones I really want to see , are next to impossible to see !

By #198926 26,Oct,12 13:46
Dick size is so unperdictable! body size and shape seems to mean nothing! its a real box of chocolates out there!!!!!
By #427539 18,Sep,13 10:27
Yup sometime i start sucking on. Aguy small cock and pretty soon it woll grow to. A really huge size. You never know how big a dick will get till you suck it
By bigone21 [Ignore] 21,Sep,13 18:04 other posts 
exercise on interpunction a little more, and you'll see you get great responses!!

By skot [Ignore] 18,Sep,13 12:42 other posts 
I've lusted after a mate of mine for years. He's fit with a hot hairy chest and stomach. Unfortunately he's straight so the chances of getting a quick flash were nil.

One day when he was in the kitchen making us pizza I found a video stash he'd made with his gf.

It might not have been in the flesh but I did get to see his juicy foreskin being pulled back and his swollen head start to pump out cum

NB My face was scarlet through the meal and since then he's always teased me for not being able to take jalapenos

By #269409 29,Oct,12 08:05
I've always noticed my father in laws big bulge and one day we went to visit and walked in while he was sleeping in the nude on his bed but i can still not get that image out of my head it was bigger than i thought and dark and vainy

By pifad [Ignore] 26,Oct,12 13:51 other posts 
Yes! Same size lengthwise as me. Thicker with a severe turn to the left of the head. Big loose hangers. Not only did I see it, I got to suck it. Awesome. Now for his ass......

By #243908 26,Oct,12 11:58
luckily ive gotten to see a lot of dicks that i didnt think i would get to see. but in the football locker room everybody likes to get naked! i dont complain....

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