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Discussion Forum on Show It Off

Started by #309526 [Ignore] 10,Oct,12 11:47
I was just wondering if anyone else here gets really turned on by edging. When I take my time, I stroke my cock slowly and just before orgasm I stop and a hugh amount of semen pours out of my orgasm and no pulsing...just a big stream pouring out...feels awesome.

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By #463848 06,Mar,19 06:36
I always edge but at times I will allow a small bit of spunk out. There isn't any orgasmic thrill with it when I do that. It is a slight release of tension and sometimes I might do it 2/3 times before finally letting it go with the orgasmic thrill.

By #579310 09,Feb,19 18:23
I love edging too. I do that for so long, that when I cum I always swallow my loads. They are so huge then.

By #573659 24,Dec,18 11:56
I love to edge and taste my pre cum

By yellowman [Ignore] 16,Dec,18 06:08 other posts 
I love to edge, I hardly ever have a quick wank. It is more often than not a long edging session, several hours or more if I'm lucky.

By #537175 15,Dec,18 16:05
I edge quite often , I love to get the precum flowing .The time I love most is if we get a quiet spot in cinema and just gently rub each others crotch for the length of the movie . Occasionally we have both shot inside our undies .

By wycowboy [Ignore] 15,Dec,18 16:01 other posts 
I edge when I have time. My wife went to another town about a year ago for some training for work. She was gone 2 weeks. I happened to have 3 days in a row off about a week into her trip. I spent almost 12 hours the first day edging. I was so covered with precum and regular cum after I finally had an orgasm that my crotch was soaked from waist to mid thigh. I just let it all dry taking pictures as I had been doing all day and sending to her. The next night we skyped and had a good masturbation session. One of the best solo times I have ever had.

By #551980 14,Dec,18 12:39
Love it ... love it when I have the time to do it and I can make myself leak and stroke and leak and stroke ... never quite cumming but wanting to - heaven

By #544423 14,Dec,18 10:08
yeah definitely. feels awesome and i always shoot a huge load after

By #545468 14,Dec,18 09:57
It is an awesome feeling. I love edging on cam and watching other guys massage their hard cocks.

By #570476 14,Dec,18 09:36
love to edge
[deleted image]

By #573046 13,Dec,18 18:18
I enjoy edging for hours too. Reaching just before orgasm, then stop and start over.After a night of edging my cumshots are huge. My cum keeps going and going
By leopoldij [Ignore] 14,Dec,18 01:50 other posts 
Try to shoot on someone's face.

By #463848 09,Dec,18 08:37
All my wanks these days are edging ones. I have plenty of time to play so there is never any call for a quick toss-off.

By knewbi [Ignore] 07,Dec,18 11:27 other posts 
Just love that shit. I generally spend about 2 to 3 hours a day jerking off at sites like this and Chaturbate every day. Just love greasing the old shaft up and sliding my hand or toy over it. When it finally spits it is so loaded and makes one hell of a wonderful mess....

By bil47 [Ignore] 07,Dec,18 08:15 other posts 
Smoke a little weed, put on some porn (video or picture slideshow), lube up a soft masturbation toy, and go at it for an hour or two. It's what porn was made for!

By #463848 07,Dec,18 03:30
I do like edging with my wand vibrator; the pleasure is increased when I also use a mirror or cam to watch myself doing it. Sometimes I use the hand mirror to catch my spunk when I cum.

By iluvcox [Ignore] 11,Oct,12 00:40 other posts 
I love to edge with a cock ring on. It is tight enough to keep me rock hard and you can come right to the brink and back down for hours.The pre cum will drip off my mushroom.Finally I will take it off and have a great cum.
By #525566 05,Mar,18 10:01
sounds just like me![deleted image]

By #463848 05,Mar,18 03:54
Cock play is all about edging unless you need a quick toss off. I always sit at the desk in the morning and rub my cock through my pants (usually very thin material that I put on when I first get out of bed). This get me to a semi-hard state but it is only when I start to watch videos or see exciting photos that it begins to get fully hard and then there are the usual pauses to prevent spunking. By that time I am naked from the waist down and have my cam on so I can watch from time to time.

By #516354 23,Apr,17 06:15
I love edging specially when on cam and being told what to do and never knowing whether they will let me cum or not.

By #467412 22,Apr,17 14:23
I love edging, did this one two days ago and came yesterday morning 8am-ish:

[deleted image]

By #485312 01,Apr,17 04:20
l'd like to watch aussie do this one day, l might ask him to show me next weekend *lix*

By stroker11 [Ignore] 31,Mar,17 06:33 other posts 
We edge for the payoff...huge cum loads that are earned the hard way ....hahaha, pun intended!
Keep stroking...slowly and enjoy.

By #201155 12,Oct,12 00:34
This was the end of a marathon session a few years ago, most of which I filmed. You can't see how much cum I spurted, unfortunately, but the involuntary twitching of my ass shows how long my orgasm lasted. It was amazing, so intense, and a feeling I've often tried to re-create since

[deleted image]

By #305812 11,Oct,12 20:29
I have been edging for years, sometimes as much as an hour before I shoot a larrge amopunt of cum. Sometimes I can hit my face and I only have a six inch dick.

By #220845 11,Oct,12 13:57
I've done it since I was a very young boy. Though I thought I was the only one who did it.

By slipper [Ignore] 10,Oct,12 13:56 other posts 
I edge sometimes, but actually I prefer to just stay VERY turned-on for an extended time, never getting quite close enough to be considered "edging," and without cum leakage, but instead copious and nearly copious precum. Just another pleasurable option.

By #241774 10,Oct,12 13:30
Yeah edge most if the time as well feels great

By #201155 10,Oct,12 12:36
I absolutely love edging, and often spend most of the day doing it instead of working at my computer! The results are sometimes spectacular, as this video might show. The amount of cum I produced surprised even me, and it felt fantastic

[deleted image]

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