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Do you ever wank to your own Pictures? 01,Jan,19 08:36


By Pistonbroke 08,Aug,22 22:35
I heard of her passing just a few minutes before opening your blog. Such a beautiful woman and human being. I’ve always loved her music and that sweet voice. We lose these gems and they never seem to be replaced by newer ones!

By Pistonbroke 07,Aug,22 10:01
I’ve always held that opinion myself. The CIA offed her before she revealed any sordid Kennedy secrets. Then they killed JFK as well.
The Kennedys were corrupt as fuck!

By Pistonbroke 05,Jul,22 20:04
I enjoy mine , it tastes great! Like an appetizer for the main dish!

By Pistonbroke 05,Jan,22 20:18
So do I. Been masturbating since 12 or 13, and these days can spend hours edging and playing on webcam!

By Pistonbroke 27,Nov,21 10:10
I grew up hearing all these songs on the radio. One by one, all the greats we have known are passing. And the sad truth is that we’re right in the middle of them all!

By Pistonbroke 19,Mar,21 09:17
Big Brother is watching. Is there a fine for incorrect answers? So you are a Gay Buddhist who slept with the friar’s wife in the rectory last night. Who’s to know?
(I love the word “Rectory”, sounds so nice and dirty!
I always answer invasive survey questions with answers that I hope fuck up their results somehow.
And if they ask, I use my left hand. Used to be my right, but I need that for my mouse now!
How about a survey for:

“If you eat cheese crisps while surfing porn, does your dick get orange?”

By Pistonbroke 31,Oct,20 16:08
Yes, we seem to be losing so many great names these days; of course it's an indication of our own advancing age that we remember all of these people in their prime - as we were in ours also!
I wonder who the net generations will consider to be their "greats" when they too are old?

By Pistonbroke 07,Oct,20 08:43
I was so jealous of Eddie having that little sweetheart Valerie for his wife. She always did and still does “turn my crank”. Too bad he treated her so badly. For that I will never forgive him. She deserved better. No no tears here.

By Pistonbroke 07,Oct,20 08:40
I’m 68. The legends we are losing all too fast, ( Helen Reddy also) were part of my teen and twenties’s life. A lot of the songs from those golden days of music take me back to a an event, a memory, a girl I was with....
One day we also will be gone. I wonder who the next generations will remember as their classics? I can’t think of many if any at all.

By Pistonbroke 27,Jul,20 11:09
Well, If you love this movie you would best save a copy. It will only be a matter of time before the BLM Nazis will come after it too, as it "presents an inaccurate portrayal of slavery" or some other rewrite history bullshit!

By Pistonbroke 19,Jun,20 08:21
There are few if any entertainers these days who will even be remembered a few years after their fame has faded.
I’m a baby boomer, but have known of her most of my adult life.
The war was a defining period in history, even for those of us born after it.
My dad and 6 uncles were all in the Canadian Forces. All survived, fortunately!

By Pistonbroke 11,May,20 20:39
He taught me the value of " Serenity Now!".

By Pistonbroke 22,Mar,20 13:30
I guess "things" do "cum" better with Coke!

By Pistonbroke 22,Mar,20 13:26
You are so lucky to have had a sex mentor. I sure wish I could have had someone older to teach me!

By Pistonbroke 22,Mar,20 13:25
Around 12 I really didn't know much, but I had been getting boners since about 8. After school instead of doing homework I'd be on my bed playing with my hard little cock.
Progressively I'd reach the point where I thought i was going to piss myself and would stop. One day I went too far and shot a huge load of lovely boy cum all over my chest. The feeling was the best wave of pleasure I'd ever had. After that i couldn't get enough. My poor tender boy dick started to get chafed until I discovered baby oil. Then it was two or three times a day. Never stopped, but now I'm down to 1 every couple of days. They are going to have to put a cupola on my coffin to make room for my hard cock!

By Pistonbroke 17,Oct,19 11:37
64 and still wanking in the woods!

By Pistonbroke 17,Oct,19 11:33
Sure, Bud, give mine a try. Shouldn't be too hard, it's pretty normal all around. I've even seen dicks on the site that I thought were mine until I checked.

By Pistonbroke 14,Oct,19 09:19
Thank you, Kembo! And the same to you and yours from a fellow Canadian!

By Pistonbroke 07,Sep,19 07:42
I have been bi curious for a long time, always felt somewhat self concious about my cock size, even though the women seemed to enjoy it. Posting pics here was my 'coming out" to myself, have had only positive comments and quite enjoy when someone tells me they got excited looking at them.
No I know for sure I'm bi and would love to have a same sex experience.

By Pistonbroke 14,Apr,19 09:20
Wish I had been the neighbor!

By Pistonbroke 14,Apr,19 09:17
On top of a small mountain overlooking a lake while hiking in the bush. Or beside a waterfall on a hiking trail where others might have shown up.

By Pistonbroke 14,Apr,19 09:07
Must have been all that talk about the "second cumming" got you going!

By Pistonbroke 14,Apr,19 09:01

By Pistonbroke 13,Mar,19 06:55
And I love how they named it a "RECT ORY". Coincidence? I think not!

By Pistonbroke 13,Mar,19 06:52
He doesn't need to masturbate. He's to busy fucking the country to need to!

By Pistonbroke 13,Mar,19 06:43
We didn't "find out" how the catholic priests "behaved". We've all known it for hundreds of years. It was the power of the catholic church over the state that prevented the priests and nuns from being brought to justice. And not much has changed.

By Pistonbroke 11,Jan,19 09:41
So lame when someone starts a topic then removes their picture! RETARD,

By Pistonbroke 11,Jan,19 09:39
Wow! You people really DON'T have a life, do you!

By Pistonbroke 11,Jan,19 09:32

By Pistonbroke 11,Jan,19 09:28
Always love a good release!

By Pistonbroke 11,Jan,19 09:21
Yes, lots of times. I get hotter wanking to pics of a guy I am corresponding with than to that of a random. Even hotter when I hook up with them on a webcam site for a mutual jerk and filthy talk!

By Pistonbroke 11,Jan,19 09:17
I'm usually imagining I'm in the scene, playing with everyone else there, regardless of genders!

By Pistonbroke 06,Jan,19 14:49
Well, thanks for your input, guys. I guess that the fact we find our own bodies sexy and appealing to ourselves is probably a positive, and an incentive to keep ourselves in good shape. (And yes I do need to lose a few kilos too!)

By Pistonbroke 01,Jan,19 08:57
No, it doesn't. That would be outcest , not ****.

By Pistonbroke 01,Jan,19 08:53
Likely got kicked out of the trailer for fucking his sister!

By Pistonbroke 01,Jan,19 08:47
This is my happiest place on earth: a hot sunny day by the lake at my very private camp.
[deleted image]

By Pistonbroke 01,Jan,19 08:41
You mean someone still lives in Detroit? I thought it was abandoned!

By Pistonbroke 04,May,18 06:07
That's why they have so many "Alter Boys"; they need alternate bums while the others heal up!

By Pistonbroke 09,Jul,17 11:25
Started shaving 6 years ago and likely won't go back to hairy. I love the look and feel of smoothness, both in myself and others on this site. My wife prefers my smooth self too.

And now:

By Pistonbroke 09,Jul,17 11:10
I'm a grower, not a shower, usually can hit 6" if full on hard- otherwise 5 or less,much less if totally soft!
[deleted image]

By Pistonbroke 09,Jul,17 11:02
Just relaxing in the sun!
[deleted image]

By Pistonbroke 03,Jul,17 10:27
NO! I am a big foreskin fan, but to me it is a sign of poor hygiene; would never play with a cock that was not freshly washed and properly clean. I'm cut, (unfortunately) so it is easier to stay fresh.

By Pistonbroke 24,May,17 10:36
Daily, sometimes twice!
[deleted image]

By Pistonbroke 24,May,17 10:29

65, bigger and harder than ever!

By Pistonbroke 24,May,17 10:24

By Pistonbroke 24,May,17 10:17

By Pistonbroke 24,May,17 10:16
[deleted image]
Can't keep it in!

By Pistonbroke 09,Dec,16 09:03
I have always wished I wasn't cut; hence my fascination for uncut dicks.

By Pistonbroke 09,Dec,16 09:00
I always get hard in the shower

By Pistonbroke 11,Mar,09 17:22
Apparently from the comments the boyz like my big shiny head! What do u all think? Cum on, talk dirty to me!